Sunday, December 30, 2007

I done got tagged...

I got tagged twice to do this thingy where I like.... say stuff... and like.

Oh fine, here's the directions, it's just easier.

Here's how you play:

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog w/ 10 weird, random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment ("You're It") and to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me back, let me know when you've posted your blog so I can see your answers!

1. I'm right-handed, but do everything but write with my left. Almost ambidextrous. only... not.


3. I have small feet. (ok. Im cheating. I know. I cant help it. Im drawing a blank!)

4. I am deathly afraid of falling. You can see this first-hand while watching me try to cross a parking lot covered in ice on foot. It will take me a ridiculous amount of time to reach my final destination. It's best to not wait. seriously. STOP LOOKING AT ME! I COULD FALL! MUST BE SAFE!

5. I fell a lot as a kid. I mean A LOT. pretty much every single day on the way to school. I bit it.

6. I was afraid of a lot as a kid. I did the slip and slide only once. and it hurt my ass. never again bub. never again. Never hung upside down on the monkey bars, never played much that involved a ball of any kind. I flinch. still do in fact. I dunno how to ride a bike. My brother tried teaching me when I was like I dunno 12--far older than when one usually learns to ride a bike. I was doing well, traveling downhill and a car came. I freaked. I jerked the handle bars, completely forgot about the crazy invention called breaks and my mouth met the curb. Lots of blood. Never again. I also dunno how to roller skate and you can just forget ice skating so dont even ask.

7. In college, I did this photography project with a classmate that involved ice skating. And I got to be the subject rather that the photographer. In my cat in the hat halloween costume. Because the idea of ice skating wasnt enough. I never let go of the side rail. At least we got a fucking A, that's all I have to say.

8. I swam a lot as a kid. I swam from morning til lunch time. Went home to eat. Came back and swam til the street lights came on. I was a freaking fish for several years. I had a killer tan and could do a backflip off the side of the pool. I tried to do it like a couple of years ago. Came quite close to smacking my head on the side. I maybe need to work on my jumping.

9. Elementary school age, was playing blind man with neighbor kids. It's a combination of hide and seek and like marco polo --that involved rocks. (I dunno.) I threw this HUGE rock at this kids forehead. He bled a lot. He looked at me in horror and said "IM GONNA TELL MY MOM" and I said "ok"--cuz what exactly do you say in that situation--with my hands covering my mouth, also horrified. I ran home and told my mom. My mom and dad ran over to their house and then to the store for butterfly bandaids. I cried for a full week. Received no sympathy from either of my parents--and rightly so. He was never mad at me, but he wasnt allowed to talk to me anymore. He moved away eventually. I saw him in high school? Or freshman year of college? BIG ASS SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD. I suck. I STILL have no fucking clue why i did that. I remember thinking when i did it, "haha! I got you!" and then I saw the blood and thought "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt!" Hello stupid. Huge rock. What where you thinking? I'm sorry Joseph :(

10. I like to think of myself as very self-aware. But I'm not usually self-aware until AFTER the fact, so self-aware or not. I'm still an asshole most of the time.

11. I really want to erase #9.

I pick:

1. Jay--cuz I said so.

2. Harmony - cuz, I loves you

3. Cluss - cuz I wanna know more about'cha

4. Teresa - cuz you've been tagged already and haven't done it yet. Shame on you missy ;)

5. Scott - cuz I know you wont do it. But, there's always that chance ;)

6. Tim - cuz you live the life now that I covet. So. Jealous.

7. Everybody else that I know doesnt have a blog. GET WITH THE TIMES PEOPLE. AND MAKE IT SNAPPY. You've got your first entry right here! DO IT.

8. Jen - to take your mind off being preggers and uncomfy :( Also, wanna know more.

9. Santa Claus

10. Tooth Fairy

(I ran out of names :( )

Consider this your tag. I'm a lazy whore.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

and...I'm spent.

So, hi!

Can I just tell you how much this past month has been crazy? My schedule alone has been busy and lacked the time to just sit around and stare at the wall with my mouth hanging open for hours.

I do love to stare at the walls with my mouth hanging open. The drool is a bit of a problem, but hey. There's always a con.


We had guests in our house for 10 days. Yeah... 10.


I musta been on crack when I agreed to that man. Cuz holyyyyyyy crap. I'm one tired little lady now. Since my brother left this morning we have not moved from the couch. We ate leftovers (I know! Me! Leftovers! This is how much I didnt want to move.) I have yet to do the dishes today. We have watched a lot of TV and there has been a lot of staring at the wall.

I am loving every second.

My brother and sister-in-law showed up thursday the 20th, late afternoon--a day late, but hey whatever. They hung out til Saturday morning. Saturday evening, BF's family shows up and did not leave til the 28th. That's like. A LOT. more days than I would recommend. My brother and sister-in-law came back the evening of the 28th and left around one today.

whew. hang on. I need a minute.

Sunday before Xmas his family and I went shopping. yes. shopping! in the mall! Even though I made every goddamn effort to be completely done before they showed up so I wouldnt have to go. Only to be foiled by goddamn obligation. *shakes fist*

I so hate the mall dude.

Then then! THEN! The cooking commenced. Two full days of cooking. Of washing dishes. of running the dishwasher. of wiping down counters. of putting away dishes. of reading recipes. OF GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE YET FUCKING AGAIN.

Actually, we only went three times. What the hell am I whining about.


Dinner was consumed in like 5 seconds flat. so rewarding, isnt it?

I did actually enjoy the time spent with family, no matter how awful I make it sound. I'm leaving out the constant laughter and the late nights playing games, etc. His family really does know how to make a holiday special--and I mean that with absolutely no sarcasm.

Having said that, I sure am glad it's just me and BF again. Hosting people in your house is exhausting.

For new year's we usually rent a cabin and spend the new year with our friends drinking, eating, drinking, playing games, the traditional new years eve midnight mini bonfire with s'mores and champagne.

We arent doing that this year for a couple of reasons: 1. we didnt plan it, 2. we're tired of traveling 3. we're tired of traveling. Hanging in the house for a few days enjoying the silence sounds perfect to me.

AND! I don't have to go back to work til next Thursday. It's bliss. BLISS I TELLS YA.

Merry Belated Christmas/Holiday and Happy New Year Ya'll!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ding! fries are done!

So on my way to Virginia this past trip last week, I made some critical errors not 2 miles from my house. 1. I took the back way that BF insists is better than the way I go, so I figured why not give it a try 2. I went the wrong damn way on 485. Allow me to extrapolate:

I will begin with 2 because I didnt realize the error of #1 until I had performed and fixed #2. So I get towards the exits for the highway and I'm like "shit! is it east or west! west or east! oh no! oh no!" So I immediately text BF, who of course, was unreachable cuz I also tried calling him once he didnt answer my msg in 5 seconds. So I cue up the ol' Navigation system and it tells me to go west. OK! West it is.

I know exactly why I get confused with the east and the west and I would like to blame it on BF. Seriously, he does this every time. He gives me directions and I'm repeating em back in my head "ok west west west west weeeeeeest wicked witch of the west" and then he goes "errr, wait EAST I MEANT EAST" and so I try to erase that memory, which never works. So each time I am like "oh fuck, east or west" my mind says "WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST HA HA AM BRILLIANT! I REMEMBERED!"

So I am driving along and I notice the exit for BFs work--which ha, SO not the right way. So I get off the highway and getting ready to turn around and decide I need verification. So I call my Dad--who btw, I gained my geographically challenged gift from, but hey whatever.

"Dad, I'm an idiot and forgot which way I go on 485. Is it East or West? Do you remember?"

"Wait, what did you say?"

"EAST OR WEST ON 485" (Hi. I have the patience of a goldfish)

"Oh! Uhhh.... east or west...hmmm.... Well east right? cuz you're coming up here right" (he's a brilliant genius too it seems)

"OK, I'm turning around."

"Oh, well where are you?"

"..." seethe. "Im near brad's work, and the Navigation is trying to get me to take 77 which means I gotta take 81 to 66 and I dont wanna do that" (I learned later that, hello stupid, you can catch 85 off of 77)

"oh, yeah you are going the wrong way"

"..." no! ya dont say!-- and I'm not even PMS'ing. Imagine the possibilities.

So anyway, I turn around and I finally get a call from BF

"hey, whats up? Where ya at?"

"Oh, well I got confused about east vs. west so I went west and then passed by your work and figured that was the wrong way." [Passes exit I got on the first time]

"oh. yeah. thats the wrong way"

"yeah [then passes exit I normally get on]. oh shit. ha. and I just realized that the way I took to get on 485 was an exit BEFORE the one I normally get on. I tried your way for the hell of it"

"Uh... why would you do that?"

"Don't think I cant smack you through this phone bub."


"k well, im just now leaving then I guess and just wasted a half hour driving up and down 485."

"ya know ya coulda just taken 77 to 85"

"[lightbulb] oh umm. yeah. I know *cough*"

"uh huh"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ditzville, Population: 1

So BF and I went to Texas for thanksgiving. One of my brothers' was smart. and stayed in Texas.

Where its like warm. and the food is mighty tasty. mmm tacos....

ANYWAY. so theres apparently no direct flight from anyfrigginwherenearus to Austin so we had to fly from here to DFW and then from DFW to Austin. If you ask me, 20 minute flights are about the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, but what do I know.

So we get to the hotel around midnight cuz we just so happened to be traveling the same day that DFW decided to have a nice little power outage, and so we were about two hours behind in our fancy little schedule. Which, I know, isn't as bad as it totally could've been. I still say they should have backup generators for that noise. Planes in the air! They dunno where to go! It's madness!

So at the hotel we're unpacking and getting ready for bed. I go to my purse to pull out my cellphone to charge it up and I'm digging digging--this isn't abnormal for me since I have a gigantor purse and carry a lot of BS in my purse.

Digging, Digging...

Digging, Digging...


digging! digging!



Then I turn the thing over and dump all the crap out. I have that Samsung A727 which is a candy bar phone thats the thickness of 3-4 credit cards so it's not always easy to find right away.

Except this time. I dont find it. Like anywhere.

I immediately check my jean pockets because surely I put it there.

Or OH! I KNOW! Laptop bag! Yes! No. Shit. Suitcase??? No! WTF! I check my sweater (which has no pockets, but hey whatever, it could happen). No! Damnit!

And then I flash to me, on the phone @ DFW airport with my brother giving him the low-down and how we're gonna get in late so I'm calling now so I don't wake you guys up later.


And I sit there and think long and hard about what happened next. I ended the call, BF showed up with dinner (so very hungry by this time, btw).

Phone was in my hand.

Turned to the left to toss it in my purse.

Did I toss it? did it fall in the seam of the chair? Did I stand up and it fell off my lap and I didnt hear it cuz the announcer was busy ending my sense of hearing with her loud ass announcements? Did I eat it?

I remember phone in hand. and then ohhhhhhhhh hamburger! gimme!

shit I get distracted easily.


So BF called the phone and it went straight to voicemail.

"oh yeah, it was dying so I turned it off"

THIS i can remember, but the final destination of my phone? Not so much.

So I'm like "aw shit" and I get online to figure out what I do now. I disable the phone and when I'm logging out, I see the sparkly iPhone--my precious--on the page calling out to me.


What can I say, I'm weak like that.

Two days later, I figured out that i also left my ipod mini on the plane from DFW to AUS.

I am no longer allowed to travel with fancy electronics.

BF still maintains that I did it on purpose. I swear to everything possible to swear to that I didnt....

but ha ha! sqweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I GOT AN iPHONE BITCHES!!!

iPhone purdy.
iPhone so friggin cool.
my precious.

So Cluss, this is why I didnt call. I lost my phone. True story. :(

Also, if anyone see's someone with a pink mini with MY NAME engraved on the back, you know what to do.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The one about the Grocery Store and the .... thriller video? What?

A discussion I just had with BF:

BF: Hey, so what was the plan for dinner?
Me: [Swedish] Meatballs
Me: but I have no noodles :(
BF: that's serious
Me: don't I know it
BF: then we shall do Chinese?
Me: wow you'll do anything to get out of going to the store
BF: Yes


I find myself hating the grocery store more and more lately. I mean once I am there, it's not bad. It's the going and more specifically, going by MYSELF thats asstastic.

Don't ask me why I NEED him there, cuz lord knows he irritates the shit out of me the whole time we are there: "OK done? Are we done? How about now? Done yet? Seriously, let's be done now. Cmon. How about Now?"

And yes, I do have to fight the urge to smack his face off when he does that. But it doesnt stop me from wanting him to be there. Most of the time, I do go by myself cuz he makes this HUGE issue about him accompanying me. He says its cuz he used to have to go with his Mom when he was a kid.

My response: " *blink* Were there like, evil trolls at the store you guys went to or what?"
Him: "Very funny. No, I just don't like it"

Hardly sufficient justification my friend.

The combination of being by myself, and the fact that I inevitably end up seeing no less than 5 couples shopping happily together makes for a moody Tricia, and I end up arriving at home, groceries in tow, in full on bitch mode (more so than usual, I mean--I heard that!). And really, that just makes life harder (for him).

When I was a kid, I LOVED going to the grocery store. I even had names for the different types of shopping--and I'm not even kidding.

There was regular shopping, and there was.....POWER SHOPPING! Genius, No? Power Shopping is the kind where you have to lean over the side of the cart to see where you are going cuz you bought that much stuff.

Yes, I was an odd child. That shouldn't surprise you.

I also thought Kirk Cameron was a greek god (I AM A GOLDEN GOD!) among men. And that my brothers were the most awesomest guys EVAR IN THE WORLD, that my best friend Angel had the coolest cat around, named "Slammer" -- he was a persian with no tail. Wonder how he got his name. My favorite song was Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" and I was deathly afraid of the Thriller video....

Oh look, I went all off topic again.

The bit about my brothers is still totally true though.

I really don't know why I care so much. All I know is.... my teeth grind unconsciously at the thought of having to go shopping for the week. Why can't the stuff just appear in my pantry. Is that an unreasonable request? I don't think so.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So it appears that I suck at this whole blogging thing...

I'm all "I shall start running! "


and then I get the evil cold of Satan and am sick for two weeks.

But hey, I'm better now, thanks for asking.

Still have not gone to the gym yet. What can I say, I am all about the follow through these days.


House is still............gorgeous and not umm....unpacked.

But hey! We have new furnitures! So theres that!


I'm like uh addicted to playing xbox, though I only play puzzle arcade games...

but hey! I did play halo 3 once or twice! That vindicates me! Right?


As you can see, I really have nothing to talk about. I think possibly my brain came out through my nostrils at one point.

No, I'm pretty sure of it. Cuz I stare into space with my mouth hanging open lots more than i used to.

Promise Ill have something next time.

No really.

Friday, September 21, 2007


curious smoke stack
Originally uploaded by Grfxgrl
It's funny how quickly your perspectives change. Like when I first moved to Charlotte, people would talk about "traffic" and I would give them a knowing eye-roll and say "Yeah, you don't know what traffic is you! you! unbelievable traffic not knower!"

Because I enjoy being rude and obnoxious, apparently. Also, very quick on my feet with the name calling.

A month and a half has now passed and I have found myself umm "chilling out," as they say, when it comes to aggression and anger while driving. This became apparent earlier this week, Sunday, when I was driving up here for work. Traffic wasn't bad, people were following the rules of the road, and it was a gorgeous day. Then I passed King's Dominion and people got all STUPID for no apparent reason.

People started breaking hard for no reason--or ok MAYBE there was a cop on the side of the road tagging someone for speeding, but why do we all have to stop and look? Never seen somebody get a ticket? Here's what you do. Get on 95 and go like 120 MPH. I'll bet you will see someone get a ticket then.

and the weaving. Really? Don't you get tired of jockeying for position only to be foiled by somebody driving slow, or as the old folks call it--THE SPEED LIMIT.

Anyway, so it was weird to me to see people change how they drove once we got into this area.

The picture here was taken on my way to work... Traffic... at 0615. (It's Traffic with a capitol "T" because it's ridiculous and therefore requires it.)

That's 6:15 in the A-M. Now, previously, this would have been a normal thing. But I found myself responding to a comment a friend left on this photo and I actually typed "God. I hate this place."

A year ago, I was all "wheeeeeeeeeeee! I love this area!" and "Traffic?! psssssssssssh. dont be a wussy. Leave earlier. It's just how it is. Buck up soldier!"

When I took this picture, I had just said to myself "ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?!?!"

"Friggin." Cuz I am trying not to cuss so much. I'm told that Lady's don't cuss. I'd like to know when this shit happen cuz all the fucking lady's I know cuss god damnit.


Anyway, so now, I am not only a lazy person with unusually small feet and lack of any kind of willpower or sense of direction who cusses like a sailor, I am also a hypocrite. *bow*

It's good to be self-aware in this day and age, no?

Also. No idea what that smoke stack is about. Wonder what was on fire in the hood?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Because I'm amused easily

Because I'm amused easily
Originally uploaded by Grfxgrl Arr!
Avast Ye Mateys!!!!

Hey, let' have another blog post today about Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ok? OK!

and speaking of which, Merry Talk Like A Pirate Day, Survy Dog!

or... something.

Flickr has "Arrrr!" as a language setting, and it's entertainment for days, people. DAYS I tells ya. Or you know... for me anyway.

Exhibit A: Yeah I dunno if this is gonna put the photo above or below or uhh what. Flickr Blogging is hard :(

[Edited to Add: Oh fancy, its to the side all floating. Flickr is all kinds of cool.]

So yeah, anyway. Beware the sea's scourge, ya'll.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

where she makes ANOTHER friggin declaration...

Monday, after work, BF and I went over to the local YMCA and signed our unhealthy butts up for some gooey gym goodness.

It's now thursday, and neither of us have gone yet, cuz that is how we roll.

We rule like that.

Ever since I can remember, running has been a negative in my life. Athletics in general, but running specifically. I never was very good at it. Always the last one in on mile running day AFTER the fat kid. Then I was the fat kid and then... oh nevermind. you get it.

I joined band in middle school to get out of gym so I wouldnt have to run. But, turns out. We still had gym... with our band mates!


THEN I joined pep squad in high school to get out of gym but those bitches made us run too. And then it turned out that you only get a half credit for pep squad a year and they require 1.5 credits of gym for graduation. So my ass was in gym. AFTER ALL THAT. I STILL. ENDED UP IN GYM.


Anyway, sometime in college I started having this dream. Where I was running around a track and in the middle of the track was like a park where all the people that I've known in my lifetime were there waving to me, cheering me on (either that or laughing, who the hell knows for sure). After having this dream for two months straight, I thought "HEY! MAYBE I SHOULD RUN OR SOMETHING!"


so I got a treadmill for christmas. and ran/walked for 2 weeks and then stopped.

and that was that.

cuz, you know, im all about sticking to something. *cough*

ANYWAY. So a friend of mine is starting up this running thing and now im all gun-ho about it. Because I am apparently easily motivated by others actions...this is not a bad thing. SO GUESS WHO IS GONNA START RUNNING!!!!

Don't think I can't hear you laughing!!!

So like tomorrow morning, if BF doesnt turn off the alarm. My ass will be in the gym DYING on a treadmill. And I will do so for many days to come.

I so decree.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On gettin' hitched...

K... how many people went "omg! nfw! wtf!"

cuz omg,wtf nfw. Pigs aren't flying yet.

nonono K & J! They is married!

Congratulations you guys :) It was all so beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon. Call me when you get back and tell me all about it pls/thx.

Love you guys :P

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Da Plane Boss! Da Plane!

Ever since I was ... I dunno... 15, I have wanted a tattoo.

I almost got one when I was 18. I was a freshman in college. My best friend at the time, and roommate finally grew a pair and decided she wanted to be original! and get a tattoo!

Of a Rose!

On her ankle!


I was totally gonna get one too, in the exact same place (omg! twinkies!) but I apparently had not grown a pair just yet and accidentally on purpose left my ID back in our room.


So like, I dunno, 2 years later I was at Virginia tech and I decided I wanted an earring in my cartilage at the top of my ear. So I could be different, JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. and I went back and forth with it. never really having the courage to go and partly cuz i had no friggin clue WHERE to go to get such a thing done. I had heard that the gun hurt far worse so like Claire's Boutique was totally out.


So, a friend of mine, heard about this and draaaaaaaagged me to some tattoo place in downtown blacksburg. I was so nervous about the whole earring thing that I didn't even notice it was a tattoo place. The dude that pieced my ear had everything you could possibly imagine pierced, arms covered in tattoos, etc. He was way hardcore, and made me feel very intimidated.

Anyway, so after the worst noise I have ever heard in my entire life happened. I had a brand new earring in my ear.

Pop! Ew! Voila!

I was told that I wouldn't be able to sleep on that side of my head for quite some time, but I apparently heal quickly or some crap because I never had any issue. I've heard since that some people STILL cant sleep on whatever side they have that earring on, but not me. Cuz I rule and stuff. *prance*

I had a point.... what was it....

Oh! so! I have decided that I want to get a tattoo to commemorate the aging of my body. I mentioned it to my parents when I was staying with them after the moves. My dad scrunched up his nose disapprovingly. My mother said "oh a small one? on your foot? that wouldn't be so bad"


I stood there with my jaw on the floor for 2038420382340 minutes because hello. who are you and what have you done with my ridiculously traditional catholic mother.

Part of the reason I never got a tattoo is because I knew I would upset my parents. And yes. Im still 10. shutup.

But! now! Momma said it was ok!


Oh shit. now I have to go through with this noise. eeps.

So uhh, anyone know of a good tattoo artist in Charlotte?

P.S. Get It? Da Plane Boss! Da Plane! Tattoo! Get It?!!? Bah. You people suck.

P.P.S. That top you are wearing looks spectacular on you btw

Monday, August 27, 2007

hello 30. how are you?!

Jesus Christ dude.

I'm 30.

No seriously, like yesterday. I turned 30.

I gotta say though. it was a total non-event. And I dont mean that because people didnt do anything for it, because they did. I just mean it was like... I dunno... any other birthday?

I don't even think I am upset about the fact that some things are not how I envisioned them in my 10 year old mind TWO DECADES AGO.

JFC.....IM 30.


so anyway, non-event.

seriously im cool. Im not all "IM 3 DECADES OLD NOW HOLY SHIT"


When can you join AARP?! Is it time yet?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

on Parents...

I love my mom and dad with my whole heart, but let me tell you if they hadn't left when they did, I mighta lost my mind. Like for real.

They wanted to come see the house like immediately. Which is cool, cuz I wanted them to see the house... just maybe no immediately as this past weekend.

I lie. I really wanted them to come immediately. I am too psyched about this house man.

*hugs the house*

oh ahem. anyway.

So our weekend was good. They showed up late thursday night--apparently, my Dad can turn a simple 6 hour drive into 12, but whatever. This is why I don't do road trips with them anymore.

We went to an Alison Kraus concert on Friday night, we had Suite seats--which were totally sweet. *snicker*

No seriously, thems were good seats. Couldnt see jack, they looked like little people ants on stage. But they really just stood there and sang and played so it wasn't like we were missing much.

AND THEN we went all around town on Saturday for no real reason. BF drove of course, cuz I still have no idea where anything is... no shock there.

Sunday, we hung out at the house. My mother helped me to finish unpacking the kitchen at her insistence. God bless her though, cuz that would've taken me 15 years to do.

I'm not, how would you say, all that interested in unpacking. I hate unpacking.

This is about the time I felt myself get snippy, and I started to wish Monday morning would hurry the hell up and get here. and I have to tell you, I've never wished for that in my life. Not ever. Seriously... ever.

So Monday morning gets here, and off they go on their 1029384021984 hour trip home. I get a call that we were waiting on, so I call them to let them know. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Mom, the blinds guy called, he's go...

Mom: Hey Trishy! Where are you physically?

Me: ... uhh at home. Where are you?

Mom: [Talking to Dad: Where are we?] We're in laksjdflksajflsk (I don't remember what she said)

Me: Oh, okay. Anyway, the blinds guy calle...

Mom: [Apparently passing a road sign] laksjdflksajflsk! 5 miles!

Me: K. so. uhm. The blinds guy called

Mom: Who?

Me: The blinds guy?

Mom: Oh for the blinds?

Me: .... yes.

Mom: Ok. What did he say?

Me: He said he'd come by on Wednesday between 10 and 11 am.

Mom: Wednesday? Not Thursday?


Me Outside: No Wednesday.

Mom: You sure? I coulda sworn I heard you say...

Me: It's Wednesday. I have it written down. So Wednes...

Mom: This week or next week.

Me inside: #)(@*$)(@#*!)(*$!)(@*$@!)($*!

Me Outside: um, this week. So This Week. On WEDNESDAY between 10 and 11am.

Mom: AM or PM

Me Outside: uh AM, between 10 and 11 AYE EMM.

Mom: 10 or 11, which is it.

Me: No BETWEEN 10 and 11.

Mom: k. He call you, you call him?


Mom: Well you dont have to get snippy about it.

Me Inside: (*U#@)(*)@!(*)(#URI)(#@$R)@(#UR)OUR#)O(#$UT)@(#UT)@(#UT mother of all thats holy for the love of )(*#)%(@*#%)(*%)%*.

Me Outside: ...

and guess what!


shoot me now. just shoot me now.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

oh hi!

How's everyone doing? Good, good.

oh me? I'm ok. North Carolina rules! I mean aside from the fact that I have no idea where anything is really. These are the things I know how to get to all on my own:
  • Harris Teeter--I went today after work and spent $80. Don't ask me what I bought though, cuz I havent a clue. I should maybe make a list next time...
  • Gas Station
  • Chili's
  • Five Guys
  • I think I know how to get the mall--but the mall is evil, so that doesn't count really.
  • *blink*

I know, impressive isn't it? It really is saying a lot that I know that, if you know me, cuz i think I just figured out how to get to Home Depot in the hood before I left.

I have zero sense of direction, lucky for me the car has a navigation system, but our house number is invalid. And if you pull up the map, theres no streets where we are. So I'm SOL. s'cool though cuz, well... I dunno why.

Oh the house? The house is GORGEOUS. Gorgeous and empty. We echo when we talk, which is pretty neat. Having a garage is pretty spiffy too. BF had that epoxy stuff laid so it's all shiny and neato. I will take pics at some point. Whenever I find the damn camera...

Ah yes, unpacking? Yeah, not so much. Almost every box is open though, so I guess thats a good start. *cough*

Working from home is interesting. I just finished my third day of it and it's pretty lonely actually. I feel very separated from everyone and the feeling that I have to work twice as hard in the 8 hours is strong with me. I feel like I can't screw around at all. Like if I miss a instant message from someone at work, ima get fired. So no peeing while on the clock! Paranoia is sweet.



even still man, North Carolina fully rules man. Seriously. Love it! I have a couple of stories, but I can't uhh remember them right now. Check back, I will remember eventually ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

So the other day, I was on the phone with kegOfSunshine and had to stop to get gas because i had 1/4 of a 1/4 of a tank and I was beyond twitchy about it. So I'm on the phone, take out my checkcard, select my gas grade and I stick the thingy in the thingy and flip the thingy that makes it go all by itself while I stand around staring blankly with my mouth hanging open til it clicks. Because clearly, I am too busy to hold it myself.

And then I put my checkcard on top of the car because I didnt have pockets in the dress pants I was wearing, and the holding of the cell phone was obviously the maximum capacity for my hands.


So I'm talkin talkin talkin while these mexican fellers on the other side of the thingy stare at me, all "why this chick hab her mout open like dat esse?" and the thingy clicks. I close my mouth and put the thingy back on the ......... stand thingy and I get in my car.

I get off the phone with kegOfSunshine and I am driving down the road, ecstatic about the lack of traffic for a Monday. And then the hamsters wake up and I go


So I turn around and go back because surely the card would have flown off the car when I first started to drive off.

*blink* what?

At this point all i can think about is the mexican fellers and how those shits stole my credit card! YES! CUZ AM RETARDED! ALSO! Racist against my own half race apparently!

So I get back to the pump I was at, get out of the car and I walk around and look for my card.


So I go over to where I drove out of the gas station. Nothin there.

Then Im like, "well fuck." and get back in my car and drive off. Then I get to the intersection that I recall flying out into to make the light. So I stop, no one is behind me and I take a look around.


but oops not mine :(

Seems I'm not the only moron in the hood ;)

So I get back in the car and proceed to work. I get on my cell phone and call my bank to cancel the card so that those mexican fellers no one can pay for shit with my card. MUH MONEY BITCHES.

So I'm on hold listening to the calming music, and I finally get someone.

"Hi, I just lost my checkcard. I put it on top of my car when I was pumping gas and I drove off without getting it. I just went back and checked and I couldnt find it. So I need to cancel this..."

and my cell phone dies.

ha. ha. HA.

So I get to work, all frazzled because OMG THEY ARE GONNA SPEND ALL MY MONEY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. and I cancel my card. Will be getting new one in 5 to 7 Business Days. yay!

The next day when carpool was getting out of my car, one of the guys goes "hey, is this yours?!"


it was stuck between the rear window and the top of the trunk.


By now its too late to cancel the cancellation, so not only am I having to deal with all the moving crap, but now I gotta make sure that all my auto pay stuff has gotten changed over, lest I get like LATE FEES or somethin.

All because I didn't have any damn pockets in my dress pants that day.



Friday, July 06, 2007

Tick. Tock.

Hey guess what I just realized? ... like 5 minutes ago.


and second... in exactly 16 days, counting today, our sorry little procrastinating asses will be on the road, with our cats knocked out and all our belongings on a truck headed towards North Carolina.

*lip quiver*

So I should some stuff this weekend methinks. Whoever hid June from me--you are officially on my list.

Say, I could really use that blinking trick I dream of Jeanie had right about now. If any of you know how I might get my hands on something like that, please be a doll and let me know.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Make a New Plan Stan

(hop on the bus gus)

Feast your eyes on this bad boy that I like to call "MOVE-A-PALOOZA." Catchy, no?

19th - Leave 2 hours early from work to do whatever is left before packers show up tomorrow morning
20th - Get packed up
21st - Load up truck and travel to NC
22nd- Unload/Begin unpack
23rd- Unpack
24th- Fly up early AM to be in da hood in time for carpet cleaning that is scheduled for early afternoon
25th - Handyman at house to fix a varied list of things
26th- Clean house / Parents get packed up
27th - Parents move in
28th/29th - Stay in VA... no point in traveling 6 hours one-way only to have to return to be at work here for a mandatory something or other.
30th-31st Work in VA; Drive to NC after whateverTheHellMandatory @ work. Probably get to NC around midnight(ish). sweet. Did I mention MANDATORY!?! Yes? Ok. nm then.
1st - Unpack
2nd- Unpack
3rd- back to work.. at home. I know. Only so much sympathy can be surmised from that.

But COME ON. Overall. Thats a busy time dude. Also when I am back up in VA for final stuff on VA house, I'm going to try and do some work. Yes. Cuz I thrive on stress. Also, am an i.d.i.o.t. But that's been established.

Meanwhile BF is gonna be "unpacking" in NC.

uh huh.

Excuse me while I go sob quietly in the corner.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Closing

It is official man. We have a house in Charlotte. With an address and a trash can and everything!

Aside from the BULLSHIT that happened the day of the closing, of which we wont speak of lest I spit venom once again. (And really. I just got that shit under control.)

I'm just being dramatic really. It wasn't that bad. Could've been worse. Like a nuclear bomb coulda dropped or something. *blink*

ANYWAY. so Friday, when the dust settled and i packed the drama queen up in my backpack, we returned to the house. OUR house. and holy moses dude, I am soooooooo excited. The house is GORGEOUS and the neighborhood is like neighborly (I got waved at people! MULTIPLE TIMES! I! KNOW!) and the city is beautiful! and and and and! YAY TO MOVING!

also. it doesnt friggin snow much in Charlotte--so I am told! and God bless America for that cuz, hoooo boy I hate snow.

We still have far to go in our my little "Operation Clean Sweep" mission, but believe you me it will happen. oh yes. Even if I have to throw out all his crap he hasn't needed in the 3 years we have been in the townhouse while he is on travel next week.

I MEAN IT MISTER! Don't test me!

Also, yes. That's right. ON TRAVEL. A WEEK BEFORE WE MOVE. YES. jesus.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ashamed of My Gender

I started watching that show on Lifetime, "Army Wives". It is a good show but it's making me realize what bitches we are. I mean, obviously, I knew this before but I think in this show it just pisses me off and now I feel the need to like. Fill a post with nonsenseTalk about it.

I dunno why this show in particular, and why not Desperate Housewives or like REAL LIFE or something. Who knows what my brain is doing.


Seriously. Ladies. What the fuck? Why do we do it? Why do we have to be so goddamn awful to each other and judge and whisper and JUDGE. How did we learn to be so nasty? WHO THE HELL TAUGHT US THAT AWFUL UP DOWN "you are so worthless" look that we do. Who?

Hey. I'm no saint. I do it too. And I wanna stop. RIGHT NOW PLZ.

I mean, we have to deal with the same bullshit. Men. Work. ... MEN. Why add to it with our own BS? Meanwhile dudes have a united front with their "bros b4 hoes" or whatever the hell.

Seriously, you ever hear a dude talking about another dude the way we do about each other? Unless he is gay, the answer is no.

Let's do this. Next time you find yourself thinking evil thoughts of another female, STOP and SMILE. Instead of thinking negative things about that person, find something positive about her instead. Be nice for once. Deal? Deal.

Fucking Bitches.

oops.. I mean.. I LOVE your shoes! Where did you get them!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

God knows why I do it...

I mean she/he should right? SOMEBODY should know! For the love of .... god? *blink*

I stayed up late-ish for the third day in a row, and I have no sufficient justification for it.

"Late" for this old bag is 11 because my alarm goes off at 0545 (and call me [whatever would make sense right there], but that's goddamn early), and lately we have been dragging our sorry behinds up the stairs very near this witching hour. Last night I noticed that it gets just a bit later with each passing day of the week. Then we sleep in on Saturday, up late Saturday night, sleep in Sunday, up late Sunday (due to sleeping in. like idiots). Up ass early Monday, bed relatively on time Monday night, ass early tuesday, bit laterish tuesday night--You get the idea. Vicious cycle and stuff. OK well just me on the ass early bit. Unless he has meetings or something, that fool isn't getting up until he is good and ready.

This fact makes my teeth itch with jealousy.

A conversation we repeat often:

Him: "wahhhhhhhh I have to get up early tomorrow! wahhhhh"

Me: "and what time is that?"

Him: "like 8 *pout*"

Me: "you realize I will have already been at work for a half hour by that time."

Him: "yes *pout* still. its earllllllllllyyyyy"

Me: "welcome to my world, jackass."

Now, I realize that me comparing my schedule to his is unfair and who gives a shit when I get up and when I am at work. I do it everyday. GET OVER YOURSELF PRINCESS. And I know that when he has to get up at 8? That's akin to say, me having to get up at like. I dunno. 2am? What just irritates the shit out of me is that we go to bed at the same time, every night. I get up to go to work, on average, 3-4 hours before he does. Alright, maybe it's closer to 2-3. Whatever.

So, when I complain about being tired and I see him rolling his eyes, or not quite having the exact level of sympathy for the princess that she requires at that exact moment. She I (wait, which pronoun am I in again?) get pissed! and point out how he gets more sleep than I and how come I'm not allowed to be tired!

He never said that, you understand, but I can twist and contort anything to make it sound in my favor. Also, he never actually rolls his eyes. I perceive him to be doing so, like you know, on the inside.

I realize I am a bitch. It's best if you just accept it too.

Friday, June 15, 2007

the non-smoking life... day 11

"WAIT. DAY 11 ONLY!!?!?!" you say?

Well see it's like this, 5 June was the last day I had a cigarette anywhere near my lips and even though it was surprisingly awful and gave it back after three drags, it counts according to BF. I'd rather be counting from the last day I had an entire cigarette and made the conscious decision to throw away the pack. But, whatever. Semantics. And since quitting smoking is apparently a hobby of mine for 5 years? quite some time now, I suppose it is more correct this way anyway. *cough*

Chantix is an interesting drug I must say. While effective, you really have to like follow their dosing rules *blink*. When I got my prescription from CVS and brought it home, I was very excited to get this mother started! again! for the 293801294801948084108th time! So, I tore into the bag, tossing the rules and regulations of the drug and plowed into the box, opening the first pack and popping my first pill. I did remember something about having to eat before taking it and how a major side-effect is nausea (on every single page of the brochure, nausea is mentioned, so they must be serious) so I made sure I ate something first.

I dunno like... 15-20 minutes later, I felt totally drugged. Like the room was spinning a little, my mouth was dry, I felt my food in my esophagus and the vague sense that I was about to pass out loomed. I chugged water and pee'd a lot that day. I had to cancel going to see Godsmack in concert that night because, call me crazy, but I was thinking maybe passing out at a concert was a bad idea. I could get trampled! I felt so bad for canceling and I'm still totally bummed I missed the concert. Sorry K & J :(

Stupid Chantix.

I really need to come up with some nicknames for you two....hmmm....

Oh hi! Sorry! Anyway, so days passed and my dealings with Chantix improved, sorta. The waves of nausea, passing out feeling, room spinning came and went and by the time I got back from vacation, I thought I had overcome the "getting used to the drug" part.

Not so much. And I've figured out why! Sorta!

Like I said, I never really read the rules and regulations and just basically went off what was printed on the box ("Take After Eating! Drink Water!"), and also the stuff that kegOfSunshine told me. She told me that if I miss a dose, just take it when you remember.

So I thought, "cool, just like birth control pills! This is easy!" I figured if I missed a dose, i'd take it when I remembered and then take my next scheduled dose... like catching up.

I've missed several doses because I am an idiot and can't remember jack. And so I've played my little catch up game, and took 3 doses in one day, after the second dose I always felt like shit for the rest of the day and the 3rd made it worse. So I asked kegOfSunshine if she felt the same things, and like wtf! this drug sucks! And explained to her what I was doing.

she said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! too close! too close!"

and I was all "huh!?"

so I looked it up, and by George, she was right! I bet she read the rules and regulations. Maybe I should try that next time...

"If you miss a dose, use the medication as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and wait until your next regularly scheduled dose. Do not use extra medicine to make up the missed dose."

ohhhhhhhhh. well no friggin wonder! Also, I read some shit about like how you shouldn't take this if you have kidney issues. So now, when I get all dry of the mouth and nauseous I think "OH CRAP MY KIDNEY'S ARE FAILING!!!"

hah. such a retard.

a non-smoking retard *curtsey* ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If only every single day could start out like this...

So I woke up this morning at 0645. Now mind you, 0645 is when I am supposed to be leaving the house. I look at the clock and yawn and stretch, about this time the hamsters awake my brain clicks on ...

"OH SHIT!!!!!"

and I leap out of bed. You'd think as a frequent run-later (whatever, you know what I mean), I would be used to this sort of thing. Not so much. Running around rushing after I just opened my eyes seconds ago is not my ideal way of rising in the morning.

hello, princess.

Anyway, so I somehow sprint out of the house at 0654, and don't even ask me how--I showered, I swear! And off to kegOfSunshine's to commence the carpool.

Now normally, this whole waking up late bs would ruin my entire day. But this is a kegOfSunshine day, and she can make your worst day seem like your best.

I pull up to her house, and she bounces out of the house with her trademark beam of sunshine smile. Which makes me smile. It's entirely impossible not to smile when you see her smile. She gets in the car and off we go. She immediately starts filling me on whatever has gone down since I dropped her off after work the day before--which is always so much! How does that woman fit all this shit into one day? It makes me tired just thinking about it.

A car ride with her contains no less than 22 billion bouts of laughter. Laughter. at 0700 in the morning. who knew?

Anyway, so we get to work and this whole time she has been stressing a little over what she was wearing, and she said in the elevator as I was getting out "Hey! How about you wear my top and I will wear yours!" and I turn around and take a look at what she is wearing and look down at my pants.

We then simultaneously lift our knee to get our pants closer to each others top to assess the matching possibilities... and die laughing.

What? It was funny!

Shit. That was way funnier when it happened. Must be one of those "had to be there" things.

Anyway, love you kegOfSunshine ;)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Don'tchew forgetaboutme

You know that scene in The Breakfast Club where Ally Sheedy draws a picture in black marker on the table and then shakes her hair to get the dandruff out, thus providing "snow" for the drawn scene? Yes you do! Fast forward to like 0:46, you'll see her shaking her head.

Well guess what! I can do that too! Except its from my forehead. No really! I can bow my head slightly and rub my forehead and VOILA! Dead Skin! Snow!

Peeling is cute.

I just thought you should know.

Say, wasn't the lead singer of Simple Minds a red head? Or am i just...OH NO WAIT! that was Simply Red. Nevermind, carry on.


On a completely different topic, got this link from All & Sundry, and I swear it gets funnier the more times you watch it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jekyll rears her bitchy head

or was it Hyde? Which one was the monster? I forget.

ANYWAY. so yeah. the angry smoke-free driver is back *curtsey* I know! I missed you too!

I realized she/he/it/me/whatever was back this morning. On my way to work. TWO FRIGGIN HOURS LATER THAN I ORIGINALLY PLANNED. But! It's not my fault! We were watching House on the DVR and I was so immersed in the whole Will House ask Foreman to stay?! OMG WILL HE!?! Inquiring minds wanna know! I wanna know! That we watched not one, not two but THREE episodes. The second one ended and i gasped and said "is there another!?!" in this sorta high-pitched whispery weird nerdball voice. And praise be the tv gods, there was. So we watched it! Like Dummy's!

Towards the end of the last show, BF said "this show isn't ending is it? Like canceled?!" and I found my toes tingling and my chest grew tight at the thought because SURELY THEY WONT CANCEL THIS ONE TOO. Goddammit. STOP. CANCELING. MY. FAVORITE. SHOWS. Gilmore Girls, I miss you already *sniff*

But they keep stupid shows like "So you think you can dance?" "So you think you can ice skate" "So you think you can be a rockstar?" "So you think you can put your leg behind your head?" or whatever the hell. The cool thing is that they keep coming up with new ones! What's this bullshit about the inventions? Who the hell cares! GIMME GILMORE GIRLS BACK OR THE O.C. EVEN you wretched heathens.

I feel like I've gone off track here...

ah yes, so driving this morning! All irritated at myself that I'm late only not really--just a half hour late for my regular time but I decided that since there was no carpool I was gonna go in at 0600! Why! I DUNNO!

Anyway so I'm on the parkway, trying not to watch the clock that seems to be on friggin fast forward. And I change lanes. The dude in front of me apparently thought of the same thing a half second after I, and I see his signal on, he is in the intersection starting to head over to my new lane. and I think: "This dude is gonna cut me off!"

So I get all prepared to be angry about it. But he sees that I'm in the lane and that continuing to move over would cut me off, so he goes back in the left lane. Which, in all honesty, was the nicest thing another driver can do, NOT cut you off.

So what do i do?

I get pissed off anyway!


I said "go. go! GOOOOOOOOO! FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MF'errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" and I'm waving him over and being a general moron.

He gets over, and waves a thank you in the rear view mirror-- yes the five-fingered kind. not the one fingered kind.

Upon seeing him STILL BEING NICE EVENTHOUGH I WAS JUST A COMPLETE RETARD, the events start to replay in my head and I flash to that time I was taking KegOfSunshine home and had the exact same reaction.

I smiled. cuz it's still funny. in that "dear god was that really me?" kind of way.

Then went: "oh shit. she's back."

So don't piss me off bitches. I'll cut you.

Or you know, call you names behind the safety of my car windows.

P.S. ooooOOOOooooOOOO Intrigue!
But uhh.. keep your speakers off cuz while the opening riff to Bulls on Parade makes me very very happy... not so much on a continuous loop. It's actually straight up annoying (shh! who said that?)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm still alive!

So hey! How ya been!? Have you lost weight? You look *fab*

I just said fab. heh.

An update, for those that care (just pretend you do, it hurts less kthx):
  1. I haven't touched guitar hero (or GH2 if you're nasty--and a big fat nerd *bow*) in over 2 weeks. Medium difficulty pisses me off and I am apparently a big baby on top of being a big fat nerd and will throw a little large tantrum and refuse to touch the game again until it cooperates (read: let's me friggin pass a friggin song). 4 Keys is hard :(

  2. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and got a prescription for Chantix. It's a smoking cessation drug--the only one that has no nicotine in it. Aside from the waves of nausea and the sensation that I could possibly pass out, it's going quite well. I bummed a cigarette from KegOfSunshine this morning--not cuz I really wanted one but cuz I knew she had some (it doesn't make sense, I am well aware of that). I smoked like a 1/3 of it and gave it back to her. It was grody. That's some kind of progress if you ask me man. Also, let's not split hairs about when I may or may have not said I was going to quit "For Real! No Really!" Don't dwell on the past. God.

  3. I'm relocating to Charlotte, NC in like uhhh... just over a month, and let me tell you, there's nothing fun or funny about moving. Unless you find dropping a ton of money on crap and going through your stuff that you should have gotten rid of the last time you moved--I'm talking to you, BF--fun, then yes. It's a total blast! And ho ho! So very very funny. Though, it gives me a reason to make many lists and spreadsheets and that makes my inner nerd grin from ear to ear.

  4. I just came back from vacation. BF and I spent a week in Destin, FL. You guys heard of this place? It's in the panhandle of FL, east of Pensacola (listen to me acting like I know where stuff is). ANYWAY. It's apparently the #1 beach in the U.S. So #1 beach in the US. Yet, I've never heard of it. Why am I always the last to know these things. hmph. Where was I.. oh! So yes! It is indeed beautiful! White Sands, clear(ish) water. And I took my camera! Plugged it in on sunday when we got in to charge up.... and then left it there plugged in. all week. What can I say, I'm *that* good. Don't be jealous.

  5. I have apparently shed my tough Texas skin for good, and am suddenly reminded of how much sunburns suck. The day we went to the beautiful beach, I didn't put anything on before we left. Because ... well I have no idea. I do remember thinking "pffft. I don't really need sunscreen! I don't burn remember! I'll put it on later!" And we went into the water first thing, then came out. It was then time for the application of sunscreen. So I started applying to my arms and noticed that sand was like mixing with it and while I do love a good facial scrub every now and again, it didn't feel nice. So I said screw it, "I won't burn anyway", and just laid out in the sun all exposed and vulnerable. As we were walking back to the hotel, BF said "ohhhhh you are gonna be hurtingggggggg! Look how red you are!" To which I looked down at my skin, and said "pffffft. im not burned it'll be fine." We walked into the hotel room, and I marched right over to the mirror and said "Holy Freckles Batman!" (yes, I really said that.) because I suddenly looked like Pippy Longstocking (or you know, some other character with lots of freckles... work with me here). I jumped in the shower, and this is about the time I realized I was indeed burned. Because I basically took a cold shower and it felt glorious. Normally, I take steaming hot showers and continue to make the water hotter the longer I am in, so this was outside of the norm-- and very much a RED HOT DONTYOUFRICKINTOUCHME Signal. *ahem*

  6. Ouch! Don't touch me! I didn't touch you! That hurt! I put my hand over your skin, no contact was made! That's close enough to touching me! Don't touch me! I'm burned! Hello! It Hurts! Geez.

  7. Yes. I am a baby. So what.

  8. Yay lists!

P.S. I am going to make a concerted effort to NOT disappear for large amounts of time anymore. No, really.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


oh hi! how ya been! Long time no see! How's it going? What's shakin'?


yeah me too.



So BF was out of town all of last week, as usual. Oh! AND will be out of town all of next week and the following week and probably the week after that--have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore his job? No? hmm. wonder why...


So he came home like at 10:30 p.m. from the airport. I am sitting in the living room, tv on, laptop on lap burning the hell out of my leg, because the idea of a "notebook" and not a "lap"top is too hard for me to understand. The front door is a half flight down from the living room. He opens the door and says hello. I say "hi" and stay parked in my seat (i'm so loving, no?).

He says "Hey I've got a present for you!"

Me Inside: Oh shit. what celebratory holiday/special day did I forget this time.
Me Outside: *perk* Present! What is it!

Him: "C'mere and see"

Me: K!
[throws laptop notebook on the couch and runs over]

I get to the stairs and look down to where he is standing. and i gasp! and smile uncontrollably and my eyes get all big! and I grab the box..

Me: REALLY!!?!?!?!

[It's a guitar hero box. yes. i'm this much of a dork]

Me: But! Don't we need an xbox for this!

[He points down to the "computer" he got shipped from his "company"]

[sneaky bastard]

and then this is where i hop around and clap like a little girl

Me: "Let's hook it up!"

Him: "We got anything to eat?!"

Me Inside: W. T. F. no eating! who has time to eat! it's time for play! now! now! now!

Me Outside: [Goes over to fridge and looks around] hmm. pizza?!"

Him: K

so he eats, and as I wait impatiently for him to finish, I open the guitar hero box like it's christmas morning. Only, for whatever reason, I treat it like its a box made out of the thinnest glass and is ultra delicate (yeah, I dunno.) and I'm all reading every piece of paper that comes out of the box and I attach the strap to the guitar and put it on me and mess with the keys and wonder what stuff is, and then I go back to the book and figure it out. all the while with this HUGE stupid grin on my face.

Me: K. so... done yet!?

Him: [chewing] uh ... uh huh [more chewing].. sure.

So he hooks it up.

and then I play. and then he plays. and then he goes to bed.

I'm sorry but HOW can you go to bed at a time like this, i mean really!

I stay up til 0330 mastering Heart Shaped Box, to show my appreciation of said gift.

... and when I say master I mean I got to the end without getting boo'd off stage

babysteps *cough*

My band's name is "Flip Flop" cuz I'm so creative and couldn't think of a name to save my life and then I looked down at my foot which was adorned with a flip flop and well.


cept it always says "Flip Flo" cuz I guess theres a max character limit but I don't remember any mention of that. Then again, it was 2 in the morning and I just wanted to hurry and play in "career mode".

Odd though, cuz I've always fancied myself a patient person.

So far, I've played every single night. I now have all 35 of my songs available to me, and I got to Killing in the Name last night. As you can imagine, I was very stoked about that. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was gonna be. Then again, I am on EASY.

Also, my left hand is all "wtf are you doing woman!" and sore.


I came *this* close to buying Dance Dance Revolution at Game Stop on Sunday. I currently have 3 or 4 on my "watch list" on E-bay.

hi. I'm a nerd. nice to meetcha ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That's some good drivin' right there

As the sun rose yesterday, my tired ass was pulling out of my parking space and headed to KegOfSunshine's house to commence the carpooling goodness, as I do most days. I'm driving by my neighbors spots and notice that the old jallopy buick has a very big dent in the trunk. Like it hit something very round and sturdy. smack in the middle of the trunk area. and I went "ha. that sucks"

["Ha." not cuz im a heartless bitch (ah pipedown you) but because these people are honkers. Like 5am on a Saturday or 12am on a Wednesday, they pull up to their house and honk for whoever to come out! this instant! OR THEY WILL HONK AGAIN! Why can't these fools use their cell phone or like! I dunno! GET OUT OF THE CAR AND OPEN THEIR DOOR AND GO "HEY IM HERE LETS GO!" And it's never a single "beep" its more of a "beep. beepbeepbeepbeepBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! BEEEEEEEEEEEP! and they wait 2 seconds for whoever to leap out of the house and when they dont (two seconds later) it's "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEP BEEEP BEEP"

I often threaten to BF that I'm gonna go out there and unhook their horn--or you know, whatever it takes to disable that bitch.

Also stealers! See, it's like this: HOA decided that we needed actual trash receptacles to put our trash out in due to all the critters gettin' in to stuff. Which, duh. So one day, we each got a shiny new trash can delivered to our front porch. Well, except us, of course. So we called and they delivered another. A couple of days later our neighbor on the end caught us outside and said "Hey! I have your trashcan!" Apparently he pulled ours in to his backyard with his, to be nice. Very sweet no? So then we had two trash cans which was kinda cool but we really dont produce that much trash. Somehow it ended up that I put a birthday candle on one of the trash can lids and sorta left it there for several days in the hot sun. So it melted on to the top of the can. Last year, when we came back from OBX vacation. Said trashcan was gone off our deck. OFF OUR DECK. (We need a goddamn fence. with a lock!) We see this trashcan every Sunday sitting out in front of Honker's house (f'ing neighbors man.). Either they melted the same yellow stripey curvey candle in the same exact place I did. or they are stealers! I say Stealers!]

Man, I can get sidetracked easily. Sorry! Anyway!

So I'm driving down my little street after work the same day and I notice Mr. Honker/Stealer is outside wrestling with the trunk. and you know, I'm already sorta hating this dude. I mean god. stealing a trash can! The horror! But seriously, the honking!? that shit has to stop.

Holy crap I'm doing it again!


So I get out of my car and decide to walk over and talk to him and be like neighborly.

Me (Inside): "You stole my trashcan butthole."
Me (Outside): "Oh NO! What Happened!"

Then he mumbles something about his wife in broken english

Me: "I'm sorry?"

Mr. Honker/Stealer: "My wife. She trying to get out. and hit tree *points*"

Me (Inside): "What fucking tree dude"
Me (Outside): "Oh no! Is she ok?! Is everyone Ok?!"

and then I thought maybe this was Saturday when we got that twilight zone snowfall. (P.S. WTF was THAT shit. wasnt it like 70 degrees 3 days prior!?)

Mr. Honker/Stealer: "Yeah she fine. Yesterday, my Wife was trying to get out and she couldn't find brake and she hit tree *points*"

Me (Inside): "K maybe not the snow. and also WHAT FRIGGIN TREE DUDE!?!"
Me (Outside): "Oh no!"

Mr. Honker/Stealer: "I trying to get trunk open to get stuff out" he says while using a hammer and trying to rip the metal open"

Me (Inside): "Sha right dude!"
Me (Outside): [looks down at pile of tail light shards and pieces of metal on the ground] "oh hehe yeah. doesnt look like thats gonna happen."

Mr. Honker/Stealer: "I gonna have to rip off [mumble mumble]"

Me: *blink* "Well I am glad everyone is ok, lemme know if I can help"

Mr. Honker/Stealer: "OK Thank you!"

and I walk away.

Lemme break this down for you in photos (oh I uhh just took the photos and there is apparently a tree on the other side of the street...go figure. Also! I was able to find what tree he was talking about):

all far from the street no?
Tree, 3 feet IN from curb.

tree behind the mailbox
'Nother Tree. 4 feet in from curb BEHIND mailbox.

other side of street
area behind our parking area (aka other side of street)

see any trees here?! Alright, alright there's a tree there. My mistake.

oh this one
Oh, this one? The same one from the first pic? Thats like 3 feet back from the curb? That's some skill right there. So. up AND over the curb? and 3 feet back? awesome. Also. notice in the first pic, its not even leaning at all. It's not that big of a tree either! Also, note the relationship between car and said tree (better seen in first pic). Where the heck was she parked? and how the hell? I don't get it.

HEEEEE. I took this while strolling back from "checking the mail." Plate blurred out to protect the honker/stealers innocent. (yeah. im not bitter.)

and this one taken on the way to "check the mail." I'm so sneaky.

Now tell me how fast you gotta be going to get that big of a dent from a tree?! That shit takes some skill man!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Problem Solved!

Last night I picked up BF from the airport, we had a very late dinner and headed home. Shortly after our arrival, I marched directly upstairs to bed because it was all late (for me, anyway). I went up to bed by myself because well, I dont work 24/7, and didn't need to check my email or whatever the hell he was doing on his laptop (()*&#)($*)#@(*$#)@(*$#@) ahem.

Anyway, so he finally came up and I was about 1/4 of the way off to dreamy dreamland. And he starts talking to me as if I am fully awake, and I answer cuz, well, the dude is never here man. It's rare that I get to have conversations in bed with him right next to me.

The conversation drops off it does when one participant can barely keep her eyelids open. And I guess he fell asleep quicker than I because the next thing I hear is a very loud and all too familiar


See the BF doesn't snore. oh no. what he does is like a spontaneous LOUD ASS moan type thing. Which is cool most of the time...when I am already asleep.... because I can sleep through just about anything. However, I was not asleep just yet and when in this particularly fragile state of half asleep half awake, it scares the ever-loving crap out of me.

Since my life is pure comedy, the sirens of ambulances! and firetrucks! and police cars! followed soon thereafter. I swear it was like 40jillion of those bastards. One right after another after another. With an occassional "HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNHHHHHHHPFPFPFT" thrown in there with fine comedic timing.

I'm not even kidding.

So I'm laying there, trying very hard to fall asleep while at the same time waiting all apprehensively for the next "HUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNPFPFPTPFPTPFPT" to rip me back to consciousness.

These moan-type-things age me a year or two each time they occur. That shit catches you off guard man, and there is no pattern to it. There is no way to tell when the next one will scare the ever living bejesus out of me. It is very much like the story over at that she just told about a visiting doggy that just barks spontaneously for no reason. eerily so.

So after like, I dunno, 30 minutes of this. I sit up and swing my feet to the floor and sigh because DAMNIT IM ANNOYED I WANNA SLEEP TOO WAHHHHHHHHH.

this wakes him up inexplicably...

... not the moaning. ... no, me ... SIGHING wakes him up. (wtf?)

"[semi-conscious] what's the matter? *yawn* am i making noise again?!"

"Yes. Yes you are. and I can't fall asleep *whine*"

"You want earplugs? I have some under the bed?"

"What!?!?" [Did he just say earplugs!?!]

"You want earplugs? I have some under the bed?"

[Yep. he sure did]

and eventhough " what the fu...." is flying through my head, I answer "Yes!" emphatically.

"OK, grab my little silver box from under the bed"

So I get on my knees to retrieve the box--all the while wondering to myself why the hell he has earplugs under the bed--and plop it on the bed. He wrestles around with the box and is all "I can't see where...they...are..."

Because I'm the Queen bitch, I sit there for a minute refusing to turn the light on because, in my head, this was a nice punishment for keeping the PRINCESS awake.

and then I give and turn on the light.

and I'm staring at a .....gun case (again...whaaaaa?) and he is fumbling around with the like thing that holds the ear plugs.

So then he shows me how they work. He closes the box.

At once, I shove them in my ear and I hear...absolutely nothing! Then I turn off the light and fall back into bed. I hear a muffled something and say "WHAT" and realize how loud that probably was. I took one out and start laughing and say "what" again and he laughs a little and says "nothing, nothing" and I shove it back in my ear. And I swear I felt like I fell asleep immediately.

I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm clock because I guess I was worried I was not going to hear the alarm clock.

What with the GUN SHOOTING EAR PLUGS ALL UP IN MY EARS ALL NIGHT blocking out all sounds of life, surely you can imagine why I would worry.

And dude, while the amount of sleep was small, I shit you not--that was probably the best quality sleep I have gotten in quite some time.

KegOfSunshine told me there was a mean thunderstorm last night. But I didn't hear it *happy sigh*

Hope he doesn't plan on taking these bitches away from me.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Forward Motion Commences!

Before I say anything, I just have to point out this: love this.


So, after I got sick... I got better (like people do) and then sorta...


...all forward positive motion.?!

Indeed, in some instances, I even took a million steps back. Case in point: I have smoked for the past 2.5 weeks.

Yes, yes. Get the disppointed looks over with. Trust me, I am just as disappointed.

2nd case. I have yet to set foot in the gym since the Strepapolooza of '07 *sigh*

3rd case. My eating is all not healthy. Im drinking like, several sodas a day. Eating like junk (but man so tasty). It's all making me feel awful though. Which leads me to the 4th case where it is spilling over into my homelife (aka clutterathon '05-'07).

See the deal is when we moved into this house, it was stuck somewhere in the 70's where the basement was all wood paneling, and while very groovy baby yeah! we weren't down with it. So we tore it down. put up drywall. painted. put trim on the walls, painted trim, and laid down new carpet--all in like 2 years time (heh).

And by "we" I mean not really me...or the BF, for that matter. I think I painted... a little. Alright, I will admit--he did way more than I did.

But we did leave it alone for like ... I DUNNO... A YEAR give or take. We ended up paying people to finish it because. well. we succcccccccccckkkkk.

What? Why are you looking at me like that!

We like to take our time, dude. There's no need to rush the shit. Where's the fire!?!


So now, basically I've reached my breaking point. I'm tired of the stacked up boxes in the office, in the basement powder room (yes, you heard me right), in the storage space underneath the stairs. The stacks of like SHIT everywhere cuz we have nowhere to put anything cuz all the storage is being used for like... I dunno what is even IN those boxes. But we keep moving them back and forth and making stacks on the dining room table of stuff to be filed, put away "whenever the office gets done." It's been our mantra since we moved in and IM SO OVER IT.

and hey! what killer timing too! Because we just got the carpet laid in the basement--today! So now! We can move stuff from the office to the newly carpeted area! Put cabinets in the office! And then! It's operation clean-sweep minus the tv camera's!

and maybe chill out on the exclamation marks for a while.

This has done great things for my morale. Forward motion! after 2 years! Yay!

"a while" is a relative amount of time, apparently.

So as my first step, I have smoked my last cigarette. for real. this time no indiscretions. swear.


I understand how you can possibly, maybe not like...completely believe me. But I ask you to give me one more chance.

hey how about that bad sentence structure too while we are pointing out things.

P.S. JM: I mailed your stuff. don't faint ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back from the dead

So I've just spent the past 4 days in bed. In bed with strep. I don't recall ever having strep in my whole life, and let me tell you what. I totally made up for that in the past 4 days.

So on Monday I was feeling like sludge. all tired and dragging. I had the vague sense of a scratchy throat but I just ignored it because. Well I have this hypochondriacal (heh) side to me where if someone mentions that they have a cold or someone in my car pool announces that he thinks he has strep, I'm all "hmmm *clears throat and swallows hard* my throat is a little scratchy all of a sudden too! *blink*" and 6 times out of 10 it ends up being nothing.

but haha! not this time!

Tuesday I felt worseish. But I was still brushing it off because HELLO HOW COULD YOU HAVE POSSIBLY GOTTEN STREP FROM HIM.

And then I woke up Wednesday and my throat felt like it was closing up on me. My ear was screaming in pain. and it hurt like a mother to swallow. So I called in sick. My dear fellow carpool people called me later that day to see how i was doing and if I was going to the Doctor, which, I hadn't at that point. I told them I was gonna "sleep it off"

Hi! I'm an idiot, nice to meetcha!

So i went to urgent care to get swabbed and/or find out what the hell was wrong with me. No strep. Just a cold.

But *blink* I'm not sneezing, or coughing much... how the..?? This is when the Dr. told me I could just have a cold in my throat.


So ok blah, I'm not sick. all this shit is in my head. I will be going to work tomorrow! I will!

Then I woke up Thursday and my throat situation was far worse. So I called in again. and made a doctor appointment after I woke up. I went to a new Doctor. An actual doctor! I know! Look at me! Being all...whatever the word is? (Damnit, am I the only one who draws a blank (ha ha) mid-sentence? Tell me I am not.)

I tested positive for strep. He said it like I had just gotten in to Harvard or something. "Hey! You tested positive!"

Yeah. wooohooo.

and then he sat down with his laptop in the exam room and proceeded to type and simultaneously tell me that he was giving me a script for antibiotics and for Lidocaine for the throat pain.

and I said "ok" and held out my hand for the prescription.

he continued staring at his screen and said "Should be ready at your CVS by the time you get there"

How friggin awesome is that? I don't have to sit there and look all extra pathetic so they will fill my prescriptions faster. Hi-tech doctors rock!

Oh, so lemme give you a little insight into Tricia Strep:
  1. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. ColdHotColdHotColdHotColdHot and then lots of sweating. I literally woke up in the middle of the night and I felt sweat dripping down my face.

  2. Complete and utter exhaustion.

  3. Stomach issues. and I'll just leave it at that

  4. Huge ass razor blades stuck in my throat. It hurt to cough, to swallow, to talk, to yawn, to open my mouth, to sneeze! HOOLLLLLLLLLLY SHIT ON A STICK SNEEZING HURT

I know, you are so jealous right.

Hey next time I say something about how it would be nice to have a day off when someone mentions being/getting sick. Smack me. Smack me hard. I'm a complete idiot if I ever.

Today, I am feeling betterish. I'm still very tired. But now is the time for decontamination! Must wash sheets! Must change toothbrush! Must wash dishes!

Btw. How the hell does a kitchen get so friggin dirty when it's just me here? And I'm spending most of my time comatose in my bed? How?

I blame the cats. Little cute furry balls of terror.

This decontamination process is going way slower than I would prefer as I am having to like rest in between chores. Who breaks a sweat putting away dishes? WHO?

Also. Can I just say how much it f'ing blows to be at home alone AND sick? BF has had a horrible schedule as of late. He was in CA for a week came home Saturday, left ass early on Sunday for a team-outing--A CRUISE TO THE BAHAMAS($#)(*@#)(*$%. Came back from cruise Thursday night, left at 4am Friday morning. Will return like, never.

I'm kidding. I think it is like Thursday now? They keep adding days. Poor guy is gonna be a wreck when he comes home.

But. the shit still went to the Bahamas. WITHOUT ME. so theres only so much sensitivity I can muster.

ah, im just playing.


Tomorrow is work. and I gotta admit how excited I am at the prospect of NOT being in my house....even if it is work. I happen to love my job most days, so theres also that bonus.

Also, JM, I haven't uhhh mailed your magazines yet. *hides* I uhh... well ... Ya see it's like this. I'm a sufferer of a chronic disease. It's called THE LAZY. I vow to do it this week. I pinky swear.

or like... next week. Ha. I'm kidding!

I think.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

6 months Bitches!

Sunday was officially six months since I quit smoking.

and while I have had a handful of indiscretions...It fucking counts dude. IT. FUCKING. COUNTS.

Seriously, don't piss me off man, I'll chew your hand off. Hell I'd figure out a way to smoke your hand.

... Hey, did I mention how bad I suddenly want a goddamn cigarette...Came on strong on Sunday and all I can come up with is that it is 6 months. BF, of course, scoffed at the idea that my subconscious could possibly know that it is 6 months. This is where we started arguing. about nothing. CUZ I HAVE A SHORT TEMPER RIGHT NOW DUE TO ME FIENING LIKE A...


well like an addict :(

*sigh* Longing, thy name is Philip Morris. I hate you by the way Phil. Hate.

but uhm, can i bum a smoke? I was only kidding just then. NoNoNo. Who said hate!?! Don't be crazy. I luvs you. No really... <3.

Seriously. gimme a cigarette.

I'm not afraid to use violence, ya know. I row now. Im totally badass *flex*

*twitch* I can get through this *twitch*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's funny how perspectives change...

Earlier, in January, when it got cold finally (or dammit! depending on your outlook), it was like 30s and 40s and I was all brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold.

no wait. i was all: "FUCK! IT'S COLD!"

and then it went all Antarctica on me and was like 10 degrees, and with wind chill was below zero.

and yeah. now THAT'S fucking cold.

On Saturday, I stepped outside to see how cold it was and I left without a coat cuz it felt warm! I got in my car and started the ignition. The car said it was 37 degrees.

*blink* say what?


They are calling for more snow this week.

Mild winter my ass. hmph.

P.S. I will stop bitching about the cold, when it like stops. being cold. FORTHELOVEOFGOD PLEASE STOP!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Inspiration leads to pain

One of our carpoolers pooled money with his family over the holidays and decided to do a biggest loser sort of competition in which the winner would win the money. He dropped out of carpool (bastard) so that he could modify his schedule to fit in working out.

I saw him yesterday morning, and he looks awesome. No more tummy, his face is slimming down and wow. just wow. Such progress in a month. So I talked to him for a bit and asked him some questions. I walked away from our conversation thinking "sheewwwt. I could do that!"

and then I ordered a breakfast burrito from the downstairs deli and thought about it some more.

Later that day, it occurred to me that maybe I needed something fun to keep me going. KegOfSunshine had, coincidently, asked me early that same morning if I wanted to go to a hip hop class with her and her roommate at Bally's. I would have to pay $8 since I am not a member. I got to thinking that, eventhough that sounds way fun, it seems silly to me to pay $8 to go to a gym that I am not a member of, when I pay $40/month for a Gold's membership I haven't used in a few months long ass time.

So I went to my gym's website to see what the dilly-o. I clicked on the various classes and they seemed fun enough but were just so ... I dunno...ordinary. Maybe, perhaps not fun enough to keep me going (this was probably my lazy side talking me out of it already), and then I saw "Fit Row" and I read the description:
This total body exercise will burn calories and sculpt muscle in a non-impact workout that is safe and effective for all fitness levels. . Learn the power of being in the rowing zone on our new rowing machines.

I mean that sounds like perfection. "rowing zone"--that just sounds all kinds of harcore! I can be hardcore! and also! NEW MACHINES! I like New!

So I spent the afternoon watching the minutes tick by til it was home time so I could go to the gym! I was that excited!

So I went early to get a machine in the back (heh) and I sat down next to this girl. I asked her if she had taken this class before, she said yes. To which I said "OK so, how do you do it?"

And holy mother she schooled me on ALL that is rowing. Indeed, it was extremely helpful but I had a hard time keeping my eyeballs from rolling to the back of my head. I was sitting on her right, to my right was another machine and then a mirrored wall. As she talked to me, and I was smiling and nodding, I noticed she would steal a glance of herself in the mirror. So I started to screw with her, nonchalantly moving back and forth. When I moved a little forward, she would look behind my head. and When I moved back she would look in front of my head. It took all I had in me not to crack more than a smile. About 3/4 of the way into her soliloquy on all things crew and rowing, I stopped listening and just counted the times she looked in the mirror.

22 people. TWENTY. TWO.


Anyway so class started and the instructor was nice and seemed to know her stuff (since, ya know. IM SO EDUCATED NOW) and off we went. We started with the warm-up where she showed us proper technique--Legs, Body, Arms, Arms, Body, Legs. Keeping up is gonna be hard enough, now I have to worry about technique???

Then we moved on to some drills. Beginning of drill one, I looked at the timer, 12:27

oh shit. im so screwed.

Then I thought maybe I should stop paying attention to the timer and focus on my form! my technique! must focus!


5 minutes later...

*pant*fuck.*pant* this is hard *pant*

Then we stopped for water, praise God.

and then she said "ok. when you are ready, just start paddling and that will let me know we are ready to move on."

at which point everyone grabbed their paddles and started rowing

and i thought "damnit. you fit people" and shook my fist in my head.

Then we started what she called a "Pyramid"

basically you start out paddling for 1 stroke then you do a rev up stroke, then you hit it as hard as you can for 1 stroke, then paddle for 10 seconds, then paddle for 2 strokes, rev up stroke, hit it hard for 2 strokes... til you got to 10.

Stroke 8 on Rep #10 is when the paddle...

...flew out of my hands...

... and slammed into the wheel...

heh. oopsy.

Some people looked back, most were focused on being hardcore. I love those hardcore people for not adding to my embarrassment.

Anyway. then we did like weight lifting with the paddle, some more drills, then up to do squats then down again for drills.

and then, blissful stretching.

and then it was ovah.

HA HA! Holy shit! I made it through!

Aside from my legs feeling like jello and being able to feel every single muscle in my back, I felt fabulous.

I got my shake from the juice bar and walked outta there victorious!

[cue the rocky anthem]

Man. I felt so good last night.

Today. not so much *wince*

holy crap my body hurts. Im sore in the weirdest places. But thats ok dude, I went to the gym and I worked. I worked hard. and I have the soreness to prove it.

Thank you mr. carpool man and other friends who are beginning/in their quest to get fit and healthy. You all have inspired me to follow in your footsteps.

Now, just to keep with it. hmm..

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free Hugs!

First of all, this is friggin awesome.

and second, I immediately thought of my little kegOfSunshine and her ability to squeeze love right into you with her hugs ;)

hey sunshine, let's go do this!

also, thanks to BT for showin me this.

God, this makes me all smiley and weepy.

anyone else get teary? no? yeah me either *cough*

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fuck! It's Cold!

I actually tried other words and phrases for the title...

"It's Friggin Cold!", which... meh.

"HOLY COLD BATMAN" completely overused by the Author if you ask me

"HOLY MOTHER ITS COLD"... not bad not bad

but I mean. "FUCK! It's Cold!" its...its perfection, sorry.

also, "FUCK! It's Cold Bitches!" also works but slightly over the top, no?


I have to say that I was probably one of the few who was not complaining when it was like, I dunno SIXTY FIVE DEGREES IN JANUARY. God, that was indeed blissful I must say. And Christmas? at 50 something degrees? WHATS WRONG WITH THAT? Seems perfectly normal to me.

But now. The whiners have won, and it is FUCK.ING. COLD. OUTSIDE! Man. I even have to wear a goddamn coat.

That right there is the worst part. I hate coats. I hate driving while wearing a coat. However, a coat does keep me warm so... there's that.

Lately, I have been having this weird body temperature control issue where IM COLD ALL THE DAMN TIME. Like teeth chattering cold.

Monday, when I came home from work. I sat down in my coat, gloves and scarf ... AND WAS COLD. I sat like that for a good while. Mind you, I was INSIDE the house...ya know... where the heater is on!

Right now, I have my space heater ON my desk FACING ME. It could possibly melt my right side of my face and probably my shoulder. But I? right now? IM COLD STILL. Yet? My ear might melt off. Seriously, I touched my ear and my earrings burnt my hand.

Oh. Speaking of hands. I am developing a bowling callouse on my left thumb.

How sexy am I now? *prance*

I saw this on another blog (haha! a mommyblog too!) and I am totally buying one right now.

So back to me being cold. (cuz really, it is such an interesting topic) I have been going through this routine with my space heater at work. Where I'm all hovering around it, chattering my teeth until I go... hey! I should try some coffee or somethin'! Then I brave the cold hallways and acquire hot chocolate (because I change my mind. I'm allowed.) and then I sit back down and cup both hands around the steaming cup of chocolatey goodness and blow on it and take sips and burn the crap out of my tongue. But! It's ok! It is for a greater cause than my ability to taste! Once I am done, I start doing a bit of work and then I realize...


Then 10 minutes later.

MOTHERF(#*)$)#@(*$)@ NOW ITS COLD.

.... All. Day. Long.

and no, I am not anemic.

I've discussed this with a few people and they sorta look at me like I have no eyebrows and then go "well, maybe you are getting sick?!?"

which! aha! people! don't you know! I AM NOT GETTING SICK THIS WINTER! NO WAY! NO HOW! NUH UH NOT ME! NO SIR!

NO REALLY! I made a pact with myself even! And! The last time I called in sick was September. SEPTEMBER! I cannot break this streak of mine. I will not allow it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I gotta go get my coffee hot chocolate and get this party started.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Proof that I am on the wrong friggin coast...

So a friend mentioned that Rage Against the Machine was gonna reunite for some concert, and I was all "pffffffft. I'll believe when I see it."

and lo!
Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Cochella
[cue the angels singing]

(I'm also a day late on this but hey. I was snowed in! heh)

But. Guess where that is? Califrickinfornia!

man. *pout*

well there's bound to be some CD's cut from it and BELIEVE YOU ME they will end up in my hot little hands.

I hope anyway.

oh!oh! there will be a DVD!


though, hey! I dont see RATM in the "performers include" list. wtf?!

wow, check that lineup. Hey uhhh... anyone wanna go to Cali?


I'm only half kidding.

P.S. I do so enjoy incomplete sentences.


So, yesterday, ya know when it was all like OMG ICEY!!! EEEK!... You remember?

I stayed my ass at home, tyvm *bow*

However, most everybody else at work? Went to work. So I feel slightly like a dumbass but I am not letting it affect me... much *cough*

Earlier this morning, I saw that my boss called me. So I quickly applied my make-up and straightened myself out as if I gotten to work that way (pshaw!) and scurried over to her office. Turns out she just wanted to have mexican with me. BTW? Have I mentioned ever my love and simultaneous snobbery of mexican food? Like it has to be a certain kind of mexican for me to even consider it. But I could probably eat mexican every single stinkin day of my life. And I pretty much did when I was in San Antonio *happy sigh*


oh right! So anyway, we talked a little and I was all "yeah sorry, Im a wussy when it comes to ice" As if I havent been working here for the last decade and she has no idea who I am.

and she was all "yeah hehe, I pretty much expect it from you, [team member], and [other team member]... and that's ok! It is all about what you are comfortable with!"

dude, did she just backhand me?

maybe it was the "yeah, I pretty much expect that from you" bit that made me all "WTF!" and fidgety.

I know she didn't mean it the way I took it, but well I am a girl and I overthink things.

oh so! back to the ice.

So yesterday, BF and I went outside to shovel stuff. (i.e., he shovels and I tilt my head and go "but! what about over here? *points*). What? Okokok. I helped him clean off my car. god.


Ice scares me and it was everywhere! *sniffle*

Anyway. So I made him put down some sand where I would be walking the next morning cuz I knew the stuff that was now water was gonna refreeze--the thing I hate most about winter and virginia is the flippin ice. So I sorta made this big deal about it. I was all stressy last night about slipping and being a general moron.

This morning, I carefully walk to my car and guess what. I didn't slip! not once! I'd like to say it was because of my insistence with the sand. But I am guessing it really wasn't as bad as it was in my head.

Driving on my street however? Let's just say skating is fun! Was fine once I got off our street though. So glad we are paying for people to clear our snow. They do such a fine job. *cough*

I'd say I'm gonna move back to San Antonio, but! IT SNOWS THERE TOO NOW.

friggin el nino.