Tuesday, May 08, 2007


oh hi! how ya been! Long time no see! How's it going? What's shakin'?


yeah me too.



So BF was out of town all of last week, as usual. Oh! AND will be out of town all of next week and the following week and probably the week after that--have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore his job? No? hmm. wonder why...


So he came home like at 10:30 p.m. from the airport. I am sitting in the living room, tv on, laptop on lap burning the hell out of my leg, because the idea of a "notebook" and not a "lap"top is too hard for me to understand. The front door is a half flight down from the living room. He opens the door and says hello. I say "hi" and stay parked in my seat (i'm so loving, no?).

He says "Hey I've got a present for you!"

Me Inside: Oh shit. what celebratory holiday/special day did I forget this time.
Me Outside: *perk* Present! What is it!

Him: "C'mere and see"

Me: K!
[throws laptop notebook on the couch and runs over]

I get to the stairs and look down to where he is standing. and i gasp! and smile uncontrollably and my eyes get all big! and I grab the box..

Me: REALLY!!?!?!?!

[It's a guitar hero box. yes. i'm this much of a dork]

Me: But! Don't we need an xbox for this!

[He points down to the "computer" he got shipped from his "company"]

[sneaky bastard]

and then this is where i hop around and clap like a little girl

Me: "Let's hook it up!"

Him: "We got anything to eat?!"

Me Inside: W. T. F. no eating! who has time to eat! it's time for play! now! now! now!

Me Outside: [Goes over to fridge and looks around] hmm. pizza?!"

Him: K

so he eats, and as I wait impatiently for him to finish, I open the guitar hero box like it's christmas morning. Only, for whatever reason, I treat it like its a box made out of the thinnest glass and is ultra delicate (yeah, I dunno.) and I'm all reading every piece of paper that comes out of the box and I attach the strap to the guitar and put it on me and mess with the keys and wonder what stuff is, and then I go back to the book and figure it out. all the while with this HUGE stupid grin on my face.

Me: K. so... done yet!?

Him: [chewing] uh ... uh huh [more chewing].. sure.

So he hooks it up.

and then I play. and then he plays. and then he goes to bed.

I'm sorry but HOW can you go to bed at a time like this, i mean really!

I stay up til 0330 mastering Heart Shaped Box, to show my appreciation of said gift.

... and when I say master I mean I got to the end without getting boo'd off stage

babysteps *cough*

My band's name is "Flip Flop" cuz I'm so creative and couldn't think of a name to save my life and then I looked down at my foot which was adorned with a flip flop and well.


cept it always says "Flip Flo" cuz I guess theres a max character limit but I don't remember any mention of that. Then again, it was 2 in the morning and I just wanted to hurry and play in "career mode".

Odd though, cuz I've always fancied myself a patient person.

So far, I've played every single night. I now have all 35 of my songs available to me, and I got to Killing in the Name last night. As you can imagine, I was very stoked about that. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was gonna be. Then again, I am on EASY.

Also, my left hand is all "wtf are you doing woman!" and sore.


I came *this* close to buying Dance Dance Revolution at Game Stop on Sunday. I currently have 3 or 4 on my "watch list" on E-bay.

hi. I'm a nerd. nice to meetcha ;)