Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ditzville, Population: 1

So BF and I went to Texas for thanksgiving. One of my brothers' was smart. and stayed in Texas.

Where its like warm. and the food is mighty tasty. mmm tacos....

ANYWAY. so theres apparently no direct flight from anyfrigginwherenearus to Austin so we had to fly from here to DFW and then from DFW to Austin. If you ask me, 20 minute flights are about the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, but what do I know.

So we get to the hotel around midnight cuz we just so happened to be traveling the same day that DFW decided to have a nice little power outage, and so we were about two hours behind in our fancy little schedule. Which, I know, isn't as bad as it totally could've been. I still say they should have backup generators for that noise. Planes in the air! They dunno where to go! It's madness!

So at the hotel we're unpacking and getting ready for bed. I go to my purse to pull out my cellphone to charge it up and I'm digging digging--this isn't abnormal for me since I have a gigantor purse and carry a lot of BS in my purse.

Digging, Digging...

Digging, Digging...


digging! digging!



Then I turn the thing over and dump all the crap out. I have that Samsung A727 which is a candy bar phone thats the thickness of 3-4 credit cards so it's not always easy to find right away.

Except this time. I dont find it. Like anywhere.

I immediately check my jean pockets because surely I put it there.

Or OH! I KNOW! Laptop bag! Yes! No. Shit. Suitcase??? No! WTF! I check my sweater (which has no pockets, but hey whatever, it could happen). No! Damnit!

And then I flash to me, on the phone @ DFW airport with my brother giving him the low-down and how we're gonna get in late so I'm calling now so I don't wake you guys up later.


And I sit there and think long and hard about what happened next. I ended the call, BF showed up with dinner (so very hungry by this time, btw).

Phone was in my hand.

Turned to the left to toss it in my purse.

Did I toss it? did it fall in the seam of the chair? Did I stand up and it fell off my lap and I didnt hear it cuz the announcer was busy ending my sense of hearing with her loud ass announcements? Did I eat it?

I remember phone in hand. and then ohhhhhhhhh hamburger! gimme!

shit I get distracted easily.


So BF called the phone and it went straight to voicemail.

"oh yeah, it was dying so I turned it off"

THIS i can remember, but the final destination of my phone? Not so much.

So I'm like "aw shit" and I get online to figure out what I do now. I disable the phone and when I'm logging out, I see the sparkly iPhone--my precious--on the page calling out to me.


What can I say, I'm weak like that.

Two days later, I figured out that i also left my ipod mini on the plane from DFW to AUS.

I am no longer allowed to travel with fancy electronics.

BF still maintains that I did it on purpose. I swear to everything possible to swear to that I didnt....

but ha ha! sqweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I GOT AN iPHONE BITCHES!!!

iPhone purdy.
iPhone so friggin cool.
my precious.

So Cluss, this is why I didnt call. I lost my phone. True story. :(

Also, if anyone see's someone with a pink mini with MY NAME engraved on the back, you know what to do.