Sunday, December 30, 2007

I done got tagged...

I got tagged twice to do this thingy where I like.... say stuff... and like.

Oh fine, here's the directions, it's just easier.

Here's how you play:

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog w/ 10 weird, random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment ("You're It") and to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me back, let me know when you've posted your blog so I can see your answers!

1. I'm right-handed, but do everything but write with my left. Almost ambidextrous. only... not.


3. I have small feet. (ok. Im cheating. I know. I cant help it. Im drawing a blank!)

4. I am deathly afraid of falling. You can see this first-hand while watching me try to cross a parking lot covered in ice on foot. It will take me a ridiculous amount of time to reach my final destination. It's best to not wait. seriously. STOP LOOKING AT ME! I COULD FALL! MUST BE SAFE!

5. I fell a lot as a kid. I mean A LOT. pretty much every single day on the way to school. I bit it.

6. I was afraid of a lot as a kid. I did the slip and slide only once. and it hurt my ass. never again bub. never again. Never hung upside down on the monkey bars, never played much that involved a ball of any kind. I flinch. still do in fact. I dunno how to ride a bike. My brother tried teaching me when I was like I dunno 12--far older than when one usually learns to ride a bike. I was doing well, traveling downhill and a car came. I freaked. I jerked the handle bars, completely forgot about the crazy invention called breaks and my mouth met the curb. Lots of blood. Never again. I also dunno how to roller skate and you can just forget ice skating so dont even ask.

7. In college, I did this photography project with a classmate that involved ice skating. And I got to be the subject rather that the photographer. In my cat in the hat halloween costume. Because the idea of ice skating wasnt enough. I never let go of the side rail. At least we got a fucking A, that's all I have to say.

8. I swam a lot as a kid. I swam from morning til lunch time. Went home to eat. Came back and swam til the street lights came on. I was a freaking fish for several years. I had a killer tan and could do a backflip off the side of the pool. I tried to do it like a couple of years ago. Came quite close to smacking my head on the side. I maybe need to work on my jumping.

9. Elementary school age, was playing blind man with neighbor kids. It's a combination of hide and seek and like marco polo --that involved rocks. (I dunno.) I threw this HUGE rock at this kids forehead. He bled a lot. He looked at me in horror and said "IM GONNA TELL MY MOM" and I said "ok"--cuz what exactly do you say in that situation--with my hands covering my mouth, also horrified. I ran home and told my mom. My mom and dad ran over to their house and then to the store for butterfly bandaids. I cried for a full week. Received no sympathy from either of my parents--and rightly so. He was never mad at me, but he wasnt allowed to talk to me anymore. He moved away eventually. I saw him in high school? Or freshman year of college? BIG ASS SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD. I suck. I STILL have no fucking clue why i did that. I remember thinking when i did it, "haha! I got you!" and then I saw the blood and thought "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt!" Hello stupid. Huge rock. What where you thinking? I'm sorry Joseph :(

10. I like to think of myself as very self-aware. But I'm not usually self-aware until AFTER the fact, so self-aware or not. I'm still an asshole most of the time.

11. I really want to erase #9.

I pick:

1. Jay--cuz I said so.

2. Harmony - cuz, I loves you

3. Cluss - cuz I wanna know more about'cha

4. Teresa - cuz you've been tagged already and haven't done it yet. Shame on you missy ;)

5. Scott - cuz I know you wont do it. But, there's always that chance ;)

6. Tim - cuz you live the life now that I covet. So. Jealous.

7. Everybody else that I know doesnt have a blog. GET WITH THE TIMES PEOPLE. AND MAKE IT SNAPPY. You've got your first entry right here! DO IT.

8. Jen - to take your mind off being preggers and uncomfy :( Also, wanna know more.

9. Santa Claus

10. Tooth Fairy

(I ran out of names :( )

Consider this your tag. I'm a lazy whore.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

and...I'm spent.

So, hi!

Can I just tell you how much this past month has been crazy? My schedule alone has been busy and lacked the time to just sit around and stare at the wall with my mouth hanging open for hours.

I do love to stare at the walls with my mouth hanging open. The drool is a bit of a problem, but hey. There's always a con.


We had guests in our house for 10 days. Yeah... 10.


I musta been on crack when I agreed to that man. Cuz holyyyyyyy crap. I'm one tired little lady now. Since my brother left this morning we have not moved from the couch. We ate leftovers (I know! Me! Leftovers! This is how much I didnt want to move.) I have yet to do the dishes today. We have watched a lot of TV and there has been a lot of staring at the wall.

I am loving every second.

My brother and sister-in-law showed up thursday the 20th, late afternoon--a day late, but hey whatever. They hung out til Saturday morning. Saturday evening, BF's family shows up and did not leave til the 28th. That's like. A LOT. more days than I would recommend. My brother and sister-in-law came back the evening of the 28th and left around one today.

whew. hang on. I need a minute.

Sunday before Xmas his family and I went shopping. yes. shopping! in the mall! Even though I made every goddamn effort to be completely done before they showed up so I wouldnt have to go. Only to be foiled by goddamn obligation. *shakes fist*

I so hate the mall dude.

Then then! THEN! The cooking commenced. Two full days of cooking. Of washing dishes. of running the dishwasher. of wiping down counters. of putting away dishes. of reading recipes. OF GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE YET FUCKING AGAIN.

Actually, we only went three times. What the hell am I whining about.


Dinner was consumed in like 5 seconds flat. so rewarding, isnt it?

I did actually enjoy the time spent with family, no matter how awful I make it sound. I'm leaving out the constant laughter and the late nights playing games, etc. His family really does know how to make a holiday special--and I mean that with absolutely no sarcasm.

Having said that, I sure am glad it's just me and BF again. Hosting people in your house is exhausting.

For new year's we usually rent a cabin and spend the new year with our friends drinking, eating, drinking, playing games, the traditional new years eve midnight mini bonfire with s'mores and champagne.

We arent doing that this year for a couple of reasons: 1. we didnt plan it, 2. we're tired of traveling 3. we're tired of traveling. Hanging in the house for a few days enjoying the silence sounds perfect to me.

AND! I don't have to go back to work til next Thursday. It's bliss. BLISS I TELLS YA.

Merry Belated Christmas/Holiday and Happy New Year Ya'll!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ding! fries are done!

So on my way to Virginia this past trip last week, I made some critical errors not 2 miles from my house. 1. I took the back way that BF insists is better than the way I go, so I figured why not give it a try 2. I went the wrong damn way on 485. Allow me to extrapolate:

I will begin with 2 because I didnt realize the error of #1 until I had performed and fixed #2. So I get towards the exits for the highway and I'm like "shit! is it east or west! west or east! oh no! oh no!" So I immediately text BF, who of course, was unreachable cuz I also tried calling him once he didnt answer my msg in 5 seconds. So I cue up the ol' Navigation system and it tells me to go west. OK! West it is.

I know exactly why I get confused with the east and the west and I would like to blame it on BF. Seriously, he does this every time. He gives me directions and I'm repeating em back in my head "ok west west west west weeeeeeest wicked witch of the west" and then he goes "errr, wait EAST I MEANT EAST" and so I try to erase that memory, which never works. So each time I am like "oh fuck, east or west" my mind says "WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST HA HA AM BRILLIANT! I REMEMBERED!"

So I am driving along and I notice the exit for BFs work--which ha, SO not the right way. So I get off the highway and getting ready to turn around and decide I need verification. So I call my Dad--who btw, I gained my geographically challenged gift from, but hey whatever.

"Dad, I'm an idiot and forgot which way I go on 485. Is it East or West? Do you remember?"

"Wait, what did you say?"

"EAST OR WEST ON 485" (Hi. I have the patience of a goldfish)

"Oh! Uhhh.... east or west...hmmm.... Well east right? cuz you're coming up here right" (he's a brilliant genius too it seems)

"OK, I'm turning around."

"Oh, well where are you?"

"..." seethe. "Im near brad's work, and the Navigation is trying to get me to take 77 which means I gotta take 81 to 66 and I dont wanna do that" (I learned later that, hello stupid, you can catch 85 off of 77)

"oh, yeah you are going the wrong way"

"..." no! ya dont say!-- and I'm not even PMS'ing. Imagine the possibilities.

So anyway, I turn around and I finally get a call from BF

"hey, whats up? Where ya at?"

"Oh, well I got confused about east vs. west so I went west and then passed by your work and figured that was the wrong way." [Passes exit I got on the first time]

"oh. yeah. thats the wrong way"

"yeah [then passes exit I normally get on]. oh shit. ha. and I just realized that the way I took to get on 485 was an exit BEFORE the one I normally get on. I tried your way for the hell of it"

"Uh... why would you do that?"

"Don't think I cant smack you through this phone bub."


"k well, im just now leaving then I guess and just wasted a half hour driving up and down 485."

"ya know ya coulda just taken 77 to 85"

"[lightbulb] oh umm. yeah. I know *cough*"

"uh huh"