Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back from the dead

So I've just spent the past 4 days in bed. In bed with strep. I don't recall ever having strep in my whole life, and let me tell you what. I totally made up for that in the past 4 days.

So on Monday I was feeling like sludge. all tired and dragging. I had the vague sense of a scratchy throat but I just ignored it because. Well I have this hypochondriacal (heh) side to me where if someone mentions that they have a cold or someone in my car pool announces that he thinks he has strep, I'm all "hmmm *clears throat and swallows hard* my throat is a little scratchy all of a sudden too! *blink*" and 6 times out of 10 it ends up being nothing.

but haha! not this time!

Tuesday I felt worseish. But I was still brushing it off because HELLO HOW COULD YOU HAVE POSSIBLY GOTTEN STREP FROM HIM.

And then I woke up Wednesday and my throat felt like it was closing up on me. My ear was screaming in pain. and it hurt like a mother to swallow. So I called in sick. My dear fellow carpool people called me later that day to see how i was doing and if I was going to the Doctor, which, I hadn't at that point. I told them I was gonna "sleep it off"

Hi! I'm an idiot, nice to meetcha!

So i went to urgent care to get swabbed and/or find out what the hell was wrong with me. No strep. Just a cold.

But *blink* I'm not sneezing, or coughing much... how the..?? This is when the Dr. told me I could just have a cold in my throat.


So ok blah, I'm not sick. all this shit is in my head. I will be going to work tomorrow! I will!

Then I woke up Thursday and my throat situation was far worse. So I called in again. and made a doctor appointment after I woke up. I went to a new Doctor. An actual doctor! I know! Look at me! Being all...whatever the word is? (Damnit, am I the only one who draws a blank (ha ha) mid-sentence? Tell me I am not.)

I tested positive for strep. He said it like I had just gotten in to Harvard or something. "Hey! You tested positive!"

Yeah. wooohooo.

and then he sat down with his laptop in the exam room and proceeded to type and simultaneously tell me that he was giving me a script for antibiotics and for Lidocaine for the throat pain.

and I said "ok" and held out my hand for the prescription.

he continued staring at his screen and said "Should be ready at your CVS by the time you get there"

How friggin awesome is that? I don't have to sit there and look all extra pathetic so they will fill my prescriptions faster. Hi-tech doctors rock!

Oh, so lemme give you a little insight into Tricia Strep:
  1. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. ColdHotColdHotColdHotColdHot and then lots of sweating. I literally woke up in the middle of the night and I felt sweat dripping down my face.

  2. Complete and utter exhaustion.

  3. Stomach issues. and I'll just leave it at that

  4. Huge ass razor blades stuck in my throat. It hurt to cough, to swallow, to talk, to yawn, to open my mouth, to sneeze! HOOLLLLLLLLLLY SHIT ON A STICK SNEEZING HURT

I know, you are so jealous right.

Hey next time I say something about how it would be nice to have a day off when someone mentions being/getting sick. Smack me. Smack me hard. I'm a complete idiot if I ever.

Today, I am feeling betterish. I'm still very tired. But now is the time for decontamination! Must wash sheets! Must change toothbrush! Must wash dishes!

Btw. How the hell does a kitchen get so friggin dirty when it's just me here? And I'm spending most of my time comatose in my bed? How?

I blame the cats. Little cute furry balls of terror.

This decontamination process is going way slower than I would prefer as I am having to like rest in between chores. Who breaks a sweat putting away dishes? WHO?

Also. Can I just say how much it f'ing blows to be at home alone AND sick? BF has had a horrible schedule as of late. He was in CA for a week came home Saturday, left ass early on Sunday for a team-outing--A CRUISE TO THE BAHAMAS($#)(*@#)(*$%. Came back from cruise Thursday night, left at 4am Friday morning. Will return like, never.

I'm kidding. I think it is like Thursday now? They keep adding days. Poor guy is gonna be a wreck when he comes home.

But. the shit still went to the Bahamas. WITHOUT ME. so theres only so much sensitivity I can muster.

ah, im just playing.


Tomorrow is work. and I gotta admit how excited I am at the prospect of NOT being in my house....even if it is work. I happen to love my job most days, so theres also that bonus.

Also, JM, I haven't uhhh mailed your magazines yet. *hides* I uhh... well ... Ya see it's like this. I'm a sufferer of a chronic disease. It's called THE LAZY. I vow to do it this week. I pinky swear.

or like... next week. Ha. I'm kidding!

I think.