Monday, July 21, 2008

For real, for real?

So, OK I am not going to make another declaration. Because I lack follow-through--I feel like I've said this before--and dont uh.. you know FOLLOW THROUGH on the shit I say I'm gonna do. And really, how many posts can you people read before you start rolling your eyes and saying "sure Trish, sure. Uh huh"

I realize you all already do this. Lets just go with the theory that you dont k?

ANYWAY...So instead, Im gonna say...

I'm gonna do some shit, OK? And you may or may not see a change in me in the coming weeks and that will be because I may or may not have followed through.

See so either way, I did what I said I was gonna do. Whether its what I meant to do, or what my lazy ass ENDED UP DOING, isnt the point. Cuz I covered my bases see. Im brilliant, I know.

Anyway, whatever. We'll see I guess. I'd just like to say though that I have been quite successful with the not smoking bit. I cant even remember when I quit now, it's been that long. Now, I will admit that I have bummed once or twice from people I know who still smoke, but it's usually on the rare occasion when I have an alcoholic beverage in my hand. And please, before you say anything. Shut-up. I love you though, kisses.

Since when does "occasion" have only one S? That looks so wrong to me.

By the way, may I just say: The number of people I know who still smoke? Decreasing. Fast. Who the hell am I gonna bum from now dammit?!


Seriously? Dammit is spelled "Dammit" and not "Damnit"??? SINCE WHEN?

The spell checker is blowing my mind, it's obviously time for sleepy. xo

Sunday, July 20, 2008


On the way back to the hotel last week, after visting J&K and their new bundle of precious, we may or may not have had this conversation (I say may or may not because I am not entirely sure I wasn't dreaming this because W-T-F. OVER.):

Me: Man, I am soooooo not ready for all that! Did you even see me? His neck was all wobbly! I coulda like, broken his neck for pete's sake! I had NO idea what I was doing. OMG, sooooooooooooo not ready. Are you ready? You're not ready, right?

BF: [longer than OK pause]

Me: [Possibly shrieking, I can't be sure] YOU'RE READY FOR KIDS!?!?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME!?!?

BF: Well I...

Me: [Definitely shrieking now I am pretty positive, because WHAT THE F!] SERIOUSLY!!!!????!!!????

BF: I dunno... I just...

Me: [Mild Hyperventilating]

BF: I mean if we DID start, it wouldnt be...

Me: [Yes, definitely shrieking] W..Wa..WAIIITTTT A MINUTE

BF: What?

Me: Aren't you skipping a step here mister?

BF: ...


BF: Oh... yeah. Well sure.


BF: Yeah but, you're definitely not ready though huh.

Me: [Brain exploding]