Sunday, July 20, 2008


On the way back to the hotel last week, after visting J&K and their new bundle of precious, we may or may not have had this conversation (I say may or may not because I am not entirely sure I wasn't dreaming this because W-T-F. OVER.):

Me: Man, I am soooooo not ready for all that! Did you even see me? His neck was all wobbly! I coulda like, broken his neck for pete's sake! I had NO idea what I was doing. OMG, sooooooooooooo not ready. Are you ready? You're not ready, right?

BF: [longer than OK pause]

Me: [Possibly shrieking, I can't be sure] YOU'RE READY FOR KIDS!?!?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME!?!?

BF: Well I...

Me: [Definitely shrieking now I am pretty positive, because WHAT THE F!] SERIOUSLY!!!!????!!!????

BF: I dunno... I just...

Me: [Mild Hyperventilating]

BF: I mean if we DID start, it wouldnt be...

Me: [Yes, definitely shrieking] W..Wa..WAIIITTTT A MINUTE

BF: What?

Me: Aren't you skipping a step here mister?

BF: ...


BF: Oh... yeah. Well sure.


BF: Yeah but, you're definitely not ready though huh.

Me: [Brain exploding]

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  1. This exchange would make my brain scatter 'round me as well. Don't. get. it.

    Btw, I'm scared of breaking babies too but I want one to cooh back at me, smile and make me feel like I'm not as selfish or useless as I fear I am. Bad reasoning?