Friday, July 21, 2006

I didnt even have to use my A.K., I got to say was (IS) a good day

ahhh ice cube...

Anyway lots of things about today are fantastico, I will enumerate, however one is no more important than the other.

  1. Sweet sweet chiropractic goodness. Now, eventhough the shoulder is still throbbing and when I stop typing my pink sorta uh keeps moving, I feel as though I am on the road to recovery and that is a blessed thought *happy sigh*

  2. I got to wear jeans today. Sure, I have to pay $3 to wear the jeans but, so friggin what. I.GET.TO.WEAR.JEANS. If it was free, sure that'd be sweeter, but I live in reality and this is plenty sweet for me :)

  3. I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT! *giggle* Yes, alright it is with the dude I live with and YES FINE its with the dude I have spent the last decade with but HOLY CRAP! We are gonna like GET DRESSED UP! AND GO EAT AT RUTH'S CHRIS! I MIGHT EVEN WEAR A SKIRT! And, alright fine, his work is paying for it in appreciation for significant others who put up with all the BS, but hey! We are going to a place with like CLOTH NAPKINS! And it is no one's birthday! sweet.

  4. CAR.POOL. and it's not my week to drive. and it's not my week next week either! oh happy day!

  5. I dont feel overly vile and ugly today, though I am sure I do look it. I am ignorning it!


  7. Our dryer just might get fixed today! So our dryer died like 3 weeks ago. I stayed home last friday so that the repairman could come fix the silly thing (this is the second time since we purchased the sucker in 04) but, of course, he didnt have the part in the truck. Cuz, ya know, why bother carrying parts in a repair truck? That'd be silly. So the part is to be shipped to our house and then we are to call the feller on his cell and he will come over and finish the fixin'. So I call him yesterday cuz WTF NO PART YET!?!?! and left a message for him to call me back with perhaps some tracking information or maybe who I can talk to instead to find status of said part. No call, but we did get a call from GE confirming our appointment for today. Which means 1 of 2 things:

    1. He got the part and made the appointment,

    2. He made the appointment last week when he ordered the part and he is going to come over and we will have no part. We'll see how it goes but wouldnt that be cool if it was #1?

  8. I am still exhausted, but I got an actual good nights sleep last night. (Bless you sleepy time tea) and I've got 7.5 hours left in my work day. sweet.

  9. I am eating oatmeal for breakfast like a good girl, finally.



Monday, July 17, 2006

She turns a corner . . .

A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with my mom over the phone. I had her on speaker phone and the tv was muted. The BF sat silently as I tried desperately to end the phone call, then she said "sssssoooooooo, when are you two going to get engaged?" She has no idea I have her on speakerphone. My stomach drops, my teeth start grinding and I try not to make eye-contact with him and just look at the floor. I stick my foot out and start wiggling my toes in admiration of a fairly new pedicure when I say something like "Mom, there are some things that we need to work on. I want to marry into a relationship that is solid and good. Give it time." She said "Well I am so proud to hear you say that" and something else I cannot remember. Then we get off the phone.

I beam with pride and smile at him and say "so, how was that?"

he said "very good! Listen I have to tell you something...K and J are engaged."

my heart stops beating for a second and I immediately tear up and smile uncontrollably.

"WHAT!?!?!ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!OMG THATS SO GREAT!!!WAIT I GOTTA CALL HER [pick up phone and start dialing] WHEN!?!?! OMG!"

she picks up and I start gushing about how excited I am for her and what does the ring look like and how did he do it, etc. etc.

A while into the conversation she goes "I wasn't ignoring you, the BF told me not to tell you."

I look up at him and he is obviously avoiding eye-contact, peering deliberately at his laptop screen.

"oh, uh...why"

"well cuz he wasnt sure how you were gonna react and he wanted to find the right moment to tell you"


and then i immediately flashback to all the other times all of other friends have gotten engaged and how I blow it all out of proportion and end up yelling and crying.

a little hurt and a little embarrased, i say "ah yeah...I guess that makes sense."

It hurts a little that I couldnt be immediately told the greatest news ever (short of my own engagement of course) because I am a raging bitch and make it all about me. me! ME! But I know it's my own fault. That also makes me a little sad and ashamed of myself.

Here's where I make it about me (but, seriously, in a good way): I am proud of my reaction to her engagement, it makes me feel like maybe, just maybe I am growing up some. I like that I did not make it about me or say "TICK TOCK DAMNIT WTF?" I like that I was genuinely happy for the girl that for so many years has shared the pain and frustration and self-hatred over being the last to get married. and the fact that we have both been dating our BFs since before most of these other people even KNEW their wives/husbands. and well, general angst.

I am now alone in my little angsty club. But thats ok. Knowing that she is now engaged leaves me with the satisfaction of knowing that yes, someday, it will happen.

Congrats K, I love you and am so happy for you.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

of Tantrums and Retardness

When I first heard about the slight possibility of moving to Virginia, I thought "K, ya'll have a good time, I'll be here if you need me!" Since I was living in the dorm, my parents left for Virginia without me. Sweet jesus, can you smell the freedom? *sniff* I sure can!

And with said newfound freedom! I shall! Not go to class! Ever!

Which is pretty ironic since I had perfect attendance in high school up until my senior year when my mom let me take "senior skip day." Yeah, I was that girl. I did pretty average in high school too. Nothing extraordinary. Took some honors classes. but oh my! never the "GT" classes! GT = Gifted and Talented. Honored I am, yet Gifted and Talented? not so much. I graduated in the middle of my class since the first half had all 4.0's and above. I would go to the overachiever school...

oops, where was I...?

Right so, Spring break came along and I got to go to Virginia! Yay! Cold! freezing! omfg its still snowing? Virginia. I, being the ultimate spoiled brat, was not a happy camper cuz everyone else was going to the beach (eeps! bathing suit!) or something similar. Which meant that where ever they were going they were sure to return with a nice tan/sunburn. I, on the other hand, would return with frost bite. I was sure of it.

Spring break ended up being alright since I was still absolutely sure that there was no way in hell that I was moving here. Seriously? its friggin MARCH and it's still cold? F. that.

Yes well, remember "freedom! I shall!. . ."

Fail the semester!

Nice work Trish!

So, I was forced to move with no hope of return upon the end of my 4 month vacation freshman spring semester.

man o man, the drama queen emerged with a verocity I had yet seen. I cried! I yelled! I cried! I stomped around! I was rude and hateful!

Then I got my grades! and hid in my room!

and that was that. for weeks I was a mopey little spoiled brat who should have been smacked quite a few times. I cried silently in my room. I talked to my friends back in TX on the phone scheming on how I could get back there. Having no money and no job though was not helping the plans. I WROTE SAD POETRY, people! I mean how old was I again? 18? Really? Act like it, ya retard! Always taking the victim role when it is my own damn fault. Interesting.

This is right about the time that I met the bf and everything changed...

---To Be Continued---