Thursday, March 18, 2010

The thing about quitting smoking...

is that you gain weight--or, I did at least. I am hovering around a number that makes me want to collapse on the floor and die, but hey, at least I'm not smoking right?

sigh. (also, 146 days! Suck it nicotine!)

I cant seem to get in to the swing of any kind of healthy regime either. Which is JUST SUPER. I workout for like a week, maybe a day and then im all "soreeeeeee wahhhhhhhhh" and "tiredddddddddd wah" and well. You get the idea.

I know in my head that if I want to make a change and lose the weight I gained I need to get off my flabby ass and make myself do it and keep pushing myself until I want to do it. And really, what's so hard about that? Well... everything apparently. Basically I'm this fat sack of fail. Cool, huh?

And apparently I am also very whiney and feel awfully sorry for myself too.

Anyway... other than that! Things are really really awesome. Like, really.

Having BF home has been just really fantastic. It's like we live together and stuff! And I'M ENGAGED *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* STILL! Turns out, it wasnt a dream! So, thats also awesome.

I find lately that we do a lot of laughing. Even though we are in a bit of a stressful time ... twitch... we seem to be making it through and I am so very proud of us for that.

I do have some plans for doin' some things that will aid me in my weightloss endeavors, since I can't seem to get it together on my own. Remember when I was doing Medi-weightloss and I lost a bunch of weight? I'm gonna do that again, except with a different organization. I start April 7th. Wish me luck :)