Saturday, August 02, 2008

Snappy Title

Some updates in list form! Yay!
  • Got my hair cut today, and it looks suspiciously like Posh Spice I just realized. Well, Posh Spice with a double-chin. It's way cute, I assure you

  • I've lost 7 lbs!

  • My hairstylist is pregnant!

  • I am not! (Not that there was a concern, I'm just saying...)

  • My hairstylist said my hair felt thicker!

  • Got FREE ASPRIN at CVS today!

  • What? I did.

  • Really crazy, overwhelmingly busy at work.

  • My dreams lately are about doing work. And I actually solved an issue once, no lie

  • Need more handsome stranger dreams, if you know what I am saying--and I think that you do. Ahem

  • Got a wii fit! My wii fit age was 43 when I started. Is now 38, 7 days later. How bout them apples?

  • General volume of energy is optimal, even though I stopped taking the iron supplements over a month ago. I uhh... sorta decided I was done. I dunno know why. Perhaps it was all the jacking up of my tummy that I was done with. Need to go to get bloodwork done to verify I am all okie dokie.

  • Rediscovered Grilled vegetables. Mother of all deliciousness they are tasty! I'm even eating the occassional grilled red pepper! Seriously!

  • Still refusing to use proper grammar when blogging

  • Mad Men is my new favorite show

How are you guys?