Saturday, August 02, 2008

Snappy Title

Some updates in list form! Yay!
  • Got my hair cut today, and it looks suspiciously like Posh Spice I just realized. Well, Posh Spice with a double-chin. It's way cute, I assure you

  • I've lost 7 lbs!

  • My hairstylist is pregnant!

  • I am not! (Not that there was a concern, I'm just saying...)

  • My hairstylist said my hair felt thicker!

  • Got FREE ASPRIN at CVS today!

  • What? I did.

  • Really crazy, overwhelmingly busy at work.

  • My dreams lately are about doing work. And I actually solved an issue once, no lie

  • Need more handsome stranger dreams, if you know what I am saying--and I think that you do. Ahem

  • Got a wii fit! My wii fit age was 43 when I started. Is now 38, 7 days later. How bout them apples?

  • General volume of energy is optimal, even though I stopped taking the iron supplements over a month ago. I uhh... sorta decided I was done. I dunno know why. Perhaps it was all the jacking up of my tummy that I was done with. Need to go to get bloodwork done to verify I am all okie dokie.

  • Rediscovered Grilled vegetables. Mother of all deliciousness they are tasty! I'm even eating the occassional grilled red pepper! Seriously!

  • Still refusing to use proper grammar when blogging

  • Mad Men is my new favorite show

How are you guys?


  1. In respective order:

    OHHH, pics of the haircut please? Somewhere? MySpace? Sumpin? Must see.

    Congratulations! How?

    (skipping a couple)

    What are you doing to thicken your hair? Fine haired folks would like some tips please!

    (skipping some)

    Tell us about the Wii Fit. What programs are on there, and do you do it daily now? Fun?

    What grilled veggies are worthy of this excitement?

    You're such a tease with the stuff you delve out.


  2. Will take pic soonish.

    eating more salads & meal replacement shakes--warning! stay AWAY from the chocolate flavor... so so SO very yucktastic. And less of the yummy stuff, like Arby's. I <3 Arby's *sniff*

    I think the hair thickening is due to the iron supplements? That's the only thing I've changed. I do use a mousse that gives some nice volume, but I dont remember what the name of it is, I shall get back to you with infos.

    I've done the Wii Fit only twice so far. Work's been nuts, and the boy has been home so if there is any gaming going on, you best believe its gonna be halo. Butthead. Those two times, I've done the fit test, hula hooped (which is harder than you think), table tilt (wherein you shift your weight thus tilting the table and your mii is a ball that you have to get in the hole... its fun! I've skiied--badly. I tried the running bit heh...I hate running. I haven't done the yoga yet. I wanna do it when butthead isnt watching me, cuz I really dont need to be made fun of as I struggle to stay in a pose, knowwhatimsayin?

    Grilled Vegetables: Squash, Zucchini, Red Peppers. Douse 'em in olive oil, sprinkle lemmon pepper and a pinch of garlic salt. So so tasty. We did broccolli once, in lemon juice, garlic salt and let it marinate for 20 minutes, grilled for 5. Tree bits were a little torched but, I like torched.

    Oh oh! Flank Steak! Marinate it in a cup of lime juice, 2 tbsps minced garlic, tsp each salt and pepper. Let marinate for 2 hours. Grill each side 7-8 minutes. It is the most fantastic thing evar. Ever ever.

    Ha, i'm no tease missy ;)