Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Da Plane Boss! Da Plane!

Ever since I was ... I dunno... 15, I have wanted a tattoo.

I almost got one when I was 18. I was a freshman in college. My best friend at the time, and roommate finally grew a pair and decided she wanted to be original! and get a tattoo!

Of a Rose!

On her ankle!


I was totally gonna get one too, in the exact same place (omg! twinkies!) but I apparently had not grown a pair just yet and accidentally on purpose left my ID back in our room.


So like, I dunno, 2 years later I was at Virginia tech and I decided I wanted an earring in my cartilage at the top of my ear. So I could be different, JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. and I went back and forth with it. never really having the courage to go and partly cuz i had no friggin clue WHERE to go to get such a thing done. I had heard that the gun hurt far worse so like Claire's Boutique was totally out.


So, a friend of mine, heard about this and draaaaaaaagged me to some tattoo place in downtown blacksburg. I was so nervous about the whole earring thing that I didn't even notice it was a tattoo place. The dude that pieced my ear had everything you could possibly imagine pierced, arms covered in tattoos, etc. He was way hardcore, and made me feel very intimidated.

Anyway, so after the worst noise I have ever heard in my entire life happened. I had a brand new earring in my ear.

Pop! Ew! Voila!

I was told that I wouldn't be able to sleep on that side of my head for quite some time, but I apparently heal quickly or some crap because I never had any issue. I've heard since that some people STILL cant sleep on whatever side they have that earring on, but not me. Cuz I rule and stuff. *prance*

I had a point.... what was it....

Oh! so! I have decided that I want to get a tattoo to commemorate the aging of my body. I mentioned it to my parents when I was staying with them after the moves. My dad scrunched up his nose disapprovingly. My mother said "oh a small one? on your foot? that wouldn't be so bad"


I stood there with my jaw on the floor for 2038420382340 minutes because hello. who are you and what have you done with my ridiculously traditional catholic mother.

Part of the reason I never got a tattoo is because I knew I would upset my parents. And yes. Im still 10. shutup.

But! now! Momma said it was ok!


Oh shit. now I have to go through with this noise. eeps.

So uhh, anyone know of a good tattoo artist in Charlotte?

P.S. Get It? Da Plane Boss! Da Plane! Tattoo! Get It?!!? Bah. You people suck.

P.P.S. That top you are wearing looks spectacular on you btw

Monday, August 27, 2007

hello 30. how are you?!

Jesus Christ dude.

I'm 30.

No seriously, like yesterday. I turned 30.

I gotta say though. it was a total non-event. And I dont mean that because people didnt do anything for it, because they did. I just mean it was like... I dunno... any other birthday?

I don't even think I am upset about the fact that some things are not how I envisioned them in my 10 year old mind TWO DECADES AGO.

JFC.....IM 30.


so anyway, non-event.

seriously im cool. Im not all "IM 3 DECADES OLD NOW HOLY SHIT"


When can you join AARP?! Is it time yet?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

on Parents...

I love my mom and dad with my whole heart, but let me tell you if they hadn't left when they did, I mighta lost my mind. Like for real.

They wanted to come see the house like immediately. Which is cool, cuz I wanted them to see the house... just maybe no immediately as this past weekend.

I lie. I really wanted them to come immediately. I am too psyched about this house man.

*hugs the house*

oh ahem. anyway.

So our weekend was good. They showed up late thursday night--apparently, my Dad can turn a simple 6 hour drive into 12, but whatever. This is why I don't do road trips with them anymore.

We went to an Alison Kraus concert on Friday night, we had Suite seats--which were totally sweet. *snicker*

No seriously, thems were good seats. Couldnt see jack, they looked like little people ants on stage. But they really just stood there and sang and played so it wasn't like we were missing much.

AND THEN we went all around town on Saturday for no real reason. BF drove of course, cuz I still have no idea where anything is... no shock there.

Sunday, we hung out at the house. My mother helped me to finish unpacking the kitchen at her insistence. God bless her though, cuz that would've taken me 15 years to do.

I'm not, how would you say, all that interested in unpacking. I hate unpacking.

This is about the time I felt myself get snippy, and I started to wish Monday morning would hurry the hell up and get here. and I have to tell you, I've never wished for that in my life. Not ever. Seriously... ever.

So Monday morning gets here, and off they go on their 1029384021984 hour trip home. I get a call that we were waiting on, so I call them to let them know. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Mom, the blinds guy called, he's go...

Mom: Hey Trishy! Where are you physically?

Me: ... uhh at home. Where are you?

Mom: [Talking to Dad: Where are we?] We're in laksjdflksajflsk (I don't remember what she said)

Me: Oh, okay. Anyway, the blinds guy calle...

Mom: [Apparently passing a road sign] laksjdflksajflsk! 5 miles!

Me: K. so. uhm. The blinds guy called

Mom: Who?

Me: The blinds guy?

Mom: Oh for the blinds?

Me: .... yes.

Mom: Ok. What did he say?

Me: He said he'd come by on Wednesday between 10 and 11 am.

Mom: Wednesday? Not Thursday?


Me Outside: No Wednesday.

Mom: You sure? I coulda sworn I heard you say...

Me: It's Wednesday. I have it written down. So Wednes...

Mom: This week or next week.

Me inside: #)(@*$)(@#*!)(*$!)(@*$@!)($*!

Me Outside: um, this week. So This Week. On WEDNESDAY between 10 and 11am.

Mom: AM or PM

Me Outside: uh AM, between 10 and 11 AYE EMM.

Mom: 10 or 11, which is it.

Me: No BETWEEN 10 and 11.

Mom: k. He call you, you call him?


Mom: Well you dont have to get snippy about it.

Me Inside: (*U#@)(*)@!(*)(#URI)(#@$R)@(#UR)OUR#)O(#$UT)@(#UT)@(#UT mother of all thats holy for the love of )(*#)%(@*#%)(*%)%*.

Me Outside: ...

and guess what!


shoot me now. just shoot me now.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

oh hi!

How's everyone doing? Good, good.

oh me? I'm ok. North Carolina rules! I mean aside from the fact that I have no idea where anything is really. These are the things I know how to get to all on my own:
  • Harris Teeter--I went today after work and spent $80. Don't ask me what I bought though, cuz I havent a clue. I should maybe make a list next time...
  • Gas Station
  • Chili's
  • Five Guys
  • I think I know how to get the mall--but the mall is evil, so that doesn't count really.
  • *blink*

I know, impressive isn't it? It really is saying a lot that I know that, if you know me, cuz i think I just figured out how to get to Home Depot in the hood before I left.

I have zero sense of direction, lucky for me the car has a navigation system, but our house number is invalid. And if you pull up the map, theres no streets where we are. So I'm SOL. s'cool though cuz, well... I dunno why.

Oh the house? The house is GORGEOUS. Gorgeous and empty. We echo when we talk, which is pretty neat. Having a garage is pretty spiffy too. BF had that epoxy stuff laid so it's all shiny and neato. I will take pics at some point. Whenever I find the damn camera...

Ah yes, unpacking? Yeah, not so much. Almost every box is open though, so I guess thats a good start. *cough*

Working from home is interesting. I just finished my third day of it and it's pretty lonely actually. I feel very separated from everyone and the feeling that I have to work twice as hard in the 8 hours is strong with me. I feel like I can't screw around at all. Like if I miss a instant message from someone at work, ima get fired. So no peeing while on the clock! Paranoia is sweet.



even still man, North Carolina fully rules man. Seriously. Love it! I have a couple of stories, but I can't uhh remember them right now. Check back, I will remember eventually ;)