Tuesday, August 21, 2007

on Parents...

I love my mom and dad with my whole heart, but let me tell you if they hadn't left when they did, I mighta lost my mind. Like for real.

They wanted to come see the house like immediately. Which is cool, cuz I wanted them to see the house... just maybe no immediately as this past weekend.

I lie. I really wanted them to come immediately. I am too psyched about this house man.

*hugs the house*

oh ahem. anyway.

So our weekend was good. They showed up late thursday night--apparently, my Dad can turn a simple 6 hour drive into 12, but whatever. This is why I don't do road trips with them anymore.

We went to an Alison Kraus concert on Friday night, we had Suite seats--which were totally sweet. *snicker*

No seriously, thems were good seats. Couldnt see jack, they looked like little people ants on stage. But they really just stood there and sang and played so it wasn't like we were missing much.

AND THEN we went all around town on Saturday for no real reason. BF drove of course, cuz I still have no idea where anything is... no shock there.

Sunday, we hung out at the house. My mother helped me to finish unpacking the kitchen at her insistence. God bless her though, cuz that would've taken me 15 years to do.

I'm not, how would you say, all that interested in unpacking. I hate unpacking.

This is about the time I felt myself get snippy, and I started to wish Monday morning would hurry the hell up and get here. and I have to tell you, I've never wished for that in my life. Not ever. Seriously... ever.

So Monday morning gets here, and off they go on their 1029384021984 hour trip home. I get a call that we were waiting on, so I call them to let them know. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Mom, the blinds guy called, he's go...

Mom: Hey Trishy! Where are you physically?

Me: ... uhh at home. Where are you?

Mom: [Talking to Dad: Where are we?] We're in laksjdflksajflsk (I don't remember what she said)

Me: Oh, okay. Anyway, the blinds guy calle...

Mom: [Apparently passing a road sign] laksjdflksajflsk! 5 miles!

Me: K. so. uhm. The blinds guy called

Mom: Who?

Me: The blinds guy?

Mom: Oh for the blinds?

Me: .... yes.

Mom: Ok. What did he say?

Me: He said he'd come by on Wednesday between 10 and 11 am.

Mom: Wednesday? Not Thursday?


Me Outside: No Wednesday.

Mom: You sure? I coulda sworn I heard you say...

Me: It's Wednesday. I have it written down. So Wednes...

Mom: This week or next week.

Me inside: #)(@*$)(@#*!)(*$!)(@*$@!)($*!

Me Outside: um, this week. So This Week. On WEDNESDAY between 10 and 11am.

Mom: AM or PM

Me Outside: uh AM, between 10 and 11 AYE EMM.

Mom: 10 or 11, which is it.

Me: No BETWEEN 10 and 11.

Mom: k. He call you, you call him?


Mom: Well you dont have to get snippy about it.

Me Inside: (*U#@)(*)@!(*)(#URI)(#@$R)@(#UR)OUR#)O(#$UT)@(#UT)@(#UT mother of all thats holy for the love of )(*#)%(@*#%)(*%)%*.

Me Outside: ...

and guess what!


shoot me now. just shoot me now.

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