Tuesday, August 07, 2007

oh hi!

How's everyone doing? Good, good.

oh me? I'm ok. North Carolina rules! I mean aside from the fact that I have no idea where anything is really. These are the things I know how to get to all on my own:
  • Harris Teeter--I went today after work and spent $80. Don't ask me what I bought though, cuz I havent a clue. I should maybe make a list next time...
  • Gas Station
  • Chili's
  • Five Guys
  • I think I know how to get the mall--but the mall is evil, so that doesn't count really.
  • *blink*

I know, impressive isn't it? It really is saying a lot that I know that, if you know me, cuz i think I just figured out how to get to Home Depot in the hood before I left.

I have zero sense of direction, lucky for me the car has a navigation system, but our house number is invalid. And if you pull up the map, theres no streets where we are. So I'm SOL. s'cool though cuz, well... I dunno why.

Oh the house? The house is GORGEOUS. Gorgeous and empty. We echo when we talk, which is pretty neat. Having a garage is pretty spiffy too. BF had that epoxy stuff laid so it's all shiny and neato. I will take pics at some point. Whenever I find the damn camera...

Ah yes, unpacking? Yeah, not so much. Almost every box is open though, so I guess thats a good start. *cough*

Working from home is interesting. I just finished my third day of it and it's pretty lonely actually. I feel very separated from everyone and the feeling that I have to work twice as hard in the 8 hours is strong with me. I feel like I can't screw around at all. Like if I miss a instant message from someone at work, ima get fired. So no peeing while on the clock! Paranoia is sweet.



even still man, North Carolina fully rules man. Seriously. Love it! I have a couple of stories, but I can't uhh remember them right now. Check back, I will remember eventually ;)


  1. only thing you need to know is where the costco is.

  2. MISSSIN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost called you last night while I was walking...but then I realized, I didn't have my phone, DUH!!!! It is lonely here w/o You!! I will REALLY miss you today for the staff meeting!!!

  3. your house is like a stephen king novel! it's there but not ooOOooOOOooo
    i'd be the same way if i could work from home, but man the sweet sweet freedom of working in jammies. HEAVEN

  4. i def like NC. we drive down that way a few times per year. i dont know if its just the route we use, but people seem friendlier and the landscape is better.