Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Nutshell. Let me give it to you.

This year has been fast and furious. Seems like as you age, time starts to move at warp speed. There are moments in time this year that I want to remember, forever. Those times where you can hear yourself breathe and no one is around except you and the person who makes your entire world, your entire world. Don't get me wrong, this year hasn't really been all that action packed, but man o man. I have loved this year. Every last second of it.

I've learned that what's steadfastly important to you is minor and trivial to the next guy. That what you believe, if proven false can shake you to your core, and that I can, in fact, hold a grudge.

Long-run-on sentences are still my specialty, and I will always make up my own words. Consistency is comforting, what can I say.

I am 73 days in to what appears to be my new, for real for real, smoke-free life. I got a new job after almost 12 years of working for the same place. Being the new kid in school is the same as it ever was, awkward and self-doubting and ... awesome.

And eventhough I am still bitter about the why's and wherefore's of why a new job. It's been good. Really, really good.

I am engaged, and I cannot stop smiling, its been just over a month now and I am still wearing the dopey smile and floating on air.

Our families and felines are well. BF is currently unemployed but I've got high hopes for 2010. Not sure how it could top 2009, but if life has shown me anything, the element of surprise is never ending.