Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surprising the un-surprisable. hmph.

Today is BF's b-day. BF is one of those low-key kinda guys, one of those like laid back "hey whatever man" kinda dudes that is pretty much cool with whatever, whenever, however and with whoever.

And that works out for us, cuz I'm more of the um...EXACT OPPOSITE.


I mean. hey dude, happy birfday! for really!

He's also the type of dude that never really wants a big to-do over him, or like occasions that involve all eyes on him. Birthdays being one of those occasions. So I try to squeeze in surprises where I can. Dinner at home, and like playing halo. It doesn't leave much for a girl to work with.

I asked him like a week ago what kinda cake he wanted. Did he want want one from the grocery store, or did he want me to make one?

Without hesitation, he said "Yeah! Harris Teeter cake!"

and while that sort of initially stung because, WTF he doesnt want ME to make him a cake? He wants a store-bought-stranger-made-cake? *blink* WTF! (Look at that. I made HIS birthday cake about me! I RULE at this!)

However, I will concede that the cake we bought for his Mom while his family was here (her bday is new years eve), was INCREDIBLE. so ok. fine. harris teeter it is.

he thought for a minute and said "or ooooooooo! a ice cream cake!"

cuz he's 5 apparently.

I didn't really react towards either suggestion (on the outside) cuz I was thinking this would be my chance to slide a bit of a surprise in there somehow.

Ice cream cake! When he's expecting Harris Teeter cake!


Anyway, so I decide to go with a Coldstone Creamery cake, and while im choosing his cake online (what? go to the store? please people.) I found a specialty cake that used his favorite flavor but was combined with red velvet cake. And I didnt know whether he liked that type of cake, so I had to ask him if he likes red velvet cake.


Me: Do you like red velvet cake?
Him: Yes.

and that was it! So I thought... OK cool. He's gonna play nice and not question.

He gets home from work later and I swear the first thing out of his mouth was:

"So red velvet birthday cake eh?"

"shhh. you'll find out later"

so a day passes or so. He comes into the office where Im working and spies a flyer for cakes, coincidentally, on my desk.

He says "Baby Kakes?!"

I look in the direction he is looking "Oh. yeah. was in the mailbox." I pick it up and hand it to him.

"Do they by chance have...red velvet cake??? OH LOOK THEY DO"

I smile because "HA HA I WIN I WIN"

So today rolls around. and the poop decides to work from home.

I offer to pick up lunch since I have to go get his cake. and I apparently offered it up a little too fast because once I said it, he was all suspicious face, "you offered that up awfully fast"

oh shit. "oh. what do you mean! its your birthday! god! what do you mean!"

and ok. a litttle too much. but whatever. MUST. SURPRISE. HIM.

he says "ok well if you are gonna pick up the cake, ill call in the order for lunch after you leave"


"just order it now dude."

cuz coldstone is right next to where i was picking up lunch.

Im growing tired of this story...

Anyway point is. he guessed it. before I could surprise him. shithead.

not that im the brilliant genius when it comes to hiding things either. but DAMNIT!


and lets not even discuss his present which is currently on his way here. BECAUSE HE GUESSED THAT TOO.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. i wanted to surprise him with something. It's just not possible with suspicious face though *sigh*

did you get that? *I* wanted to surprise him.

again. about me.



Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This message brought to you by the letter "L" for laundry.

Previous Evening: Set my alarm for 0930 so I would wake up at a reasonable hour...I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven, I told Bill that if Sandra is going to listen to her headphones while she's filing then I should be able to listen to the radio while I'm collating so I don't see why I should have to turn down the radio because I enjoy listening at a reasonable vol...


oh hi!

Right so, I set my alarm for 0930 so we can get up at a reasonable hour our asses to the gym and also so that when I get up for work/gym thursday morning it wont hurt so bad.

0922: Call from my Dad, regarding some bill that got sent to the townhouse by mistake that was due in two days, and granted, I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN. But JFC Dad :( why so early.

0930: Hit Snooze.

I musta done this ummmmmmmmmmm a lot. Cuz the next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes and squinting at the clock. 12:02. I rub my eyes because surely.....

sonofa.... :(

We both casually avoid mention of the gym and proceed with the rest of our day.


I call out from the shower "Hey! we could go to the gym after lunch after we digest! Like at 3 or so?!"

His response: "Yup, sure could."

Go to Olive Garden for Soup, Salad and Breadsticks lunch. God that lunch rocks.

We also got the Alfredo dipping sauce. Shhh don't tell.


As soon as I walk in the door, I switch out the laundry and march upstairs. I spend a long time folding and putting away like 4 loads of laundry. We were back-logged from when our company was here. When I finally got around to maybe doing some laundry when they were here, they had hijacked the machines. *sigh*

and then, you know, I took like 3 days off from life to stare at the wall.

I've since done 2 more loads and I do believe that I have 2 more left in the hamper. It's like it never ends. Halp :(

Completed upstairs duty. Came down folded another load. Switched out laundry.

and then I took time out for recess.

I ripped open Dance Dance Revolution Universe (i heard that) and played for a while (p.s. I'm not that good...yet. But I will be, beleeee it.)

Then I played GH3 and unlocked Tom Morello and kicked his ass. woo woo!

Dinner at outback with some friends.

Back home, laundry folding, switching out laundry.

BF scooped litter and emptied the dishwasher. *faints*

Was a super super day, and I think I'm actually looking forward to working tomorrow... I think.

I'm leaving those last two loads for tomorrow cuz jimmmney christmas people! It's only two of us! How the HELL!

We somehow missed the gym though. No idea how that happened. *whistles* We shall try again tomorrow. All we can do is continue to try right? Until we do? WE HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS DAMNIT GET OFF MY ASS.

love you :)

Monthly count:
Gym = 0
Cigarettes = 8 (I stopped yesterday--oh shutup. I know I know)
Salads consumed = 2
Sodas consumed = 0
Sweet tea's consumed = 5 :( Goddamn I love sweet tea. This will be hard. K, you are my inspiration on this one. Keep it goin'!!!
Vitamins consumed = 0; I knew I was forgetting something. shoot.
8 glasses of water/day consumption met= 0
Pounds lost/gained = not sure yet. Gotta go to gym to weigh myself. ORRRRRRRRR I could go buy a scale. But this excuse works better for me.

K. Im stopping there cuz thats really enough to keep up with already.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolutions...

1. Realize that I don't bounce back as quickly as I used to after a night of drinking. Turn it down a notch please Tricia. God.

2. Quit Smoking (gotta keep those hobbies alive!)

3. Go to the Gym enough times that I cant count it on my one hand....in one year. (God, I suck) Lose weight. Get comfy in my skin again.

4. Read more--and not on an LCD screen.

5. Pay attention to the news even though I could really care less. It's just so negative. Bringing a sister down.

6. Make a concerted effort to finish unpacking the house. We made quite a large dent before all our company showed up, but it's not quite done yet.

7. Stop making excuses. Just do it already. Whatever "it" may be.

8. Be more self-aware before and during, and less after the fact, ok asshole? thx.

9. Be a better friend.

10. Get jeans that fit. M'fing Old Navy jeans are just retarded. They fit super for the first, I dunno 5 seconds, and then slowly begin to head south with each step I take, and I'm pulling them up all day long. Super irritating.

I lead a pretty blessed life if all I have to complain about are some crappy jeans though, eh? ;)

What are ya'lls resolutions?