Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tips to Prevent PMS

I saw these words in my inbox and thought "yes! finally! *fistpump*" and eagerly clicked the link. I figured I'd read some things I already know, like avoid caffeine, avoid foods high in sodium, exercise, drink water, etc. But I figured surely, since they bothered to take the time to send out an email, they would have a few new kernels of wisdom.

Right? Well, here's their wisdom.

Because doctors are not exactly sure what causes PMS, there is no way to prevent it. However, you may be able to alleviate some PMS symptoms by leading a healthier lifestyle.


Monday, April 28, 2008

In search of new ankles...

I totally bit it on the way to my car from the grocery store. I was pushing the cart along, overflowing with stuff, iPhone in hand. Because, I don't know, I fancy myself as someone important. Who could receive a call at any second! Must be ready!

The goal for the grocery store was to acquire umm, hamburger meat I think, I left with over $100 of stuff (P.S. its creepy how fast that happens).

I slipped on the word "Stop" painted on the concrete in my worn out crocks flip-flops. It had just rained, one of those monsoon rains that downpours for 5 minutes and disappears. And I guess the combination of the wet ground, no doubt mixed with oil, the slickness of the white paint and the fact that my shoes no longer had tread = Tricia fall down, go boom.

Or you know, the fact that I am a complete klutz, could have had something to do with it.

I slipped, twisted my ankle. Grasped my phone and the handle bar of the grocery cart and somehow fell to my knees, never letting go. I heard the familiar pop that I've heard more than enough times that I have lost count.

There was a woman in front of me emptying her cart into the back of her SUV. She gasped, and said "Are you OK?!"

Still kneeling in the middle of the parking lot, still grasping handle bar and phone, I wince "um.. yeah i think so"

and then I proceed to walk to the side of the road ON MY KNEES. STILL PUSHING THE CART. STILL WITH PHONE IN HAND (my precious). I think I did this because I have twisted/sprained my ankle enough to know that I cannot always put weight on it immediately, and walking on my knees was my solution.

Vaguely graceful, no?

I'm OK now, the popping always happens. And with me and my sad little ankles, the popping means nothing. They pop when I take my first steps out of bed every morning. They pop when I take my first steps after sitting for a time. It's a normal thing. It's sore and I'm kinda limpy, but that's more probably due to the fact that I am a big fat baby. Wah.

I really need to get cracking on those strengthening exercises. Somebody remind me tomorrow.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's high time we had a list

  1. Going to San Francisco in a week for a conference and I'm twitchy about it. Being by myself. All by myself. In a city I've never been to makes me twitchy. wah.

  2. Taebo Bootcamp Elite, Mission 1: Make Tricia's Body Ooze Pain--Accomplished. *wince*

  3. Blackberry knows when its medication, even if you switched to ointment to be rubbed on the inside of the ears. It's equally terrifying. And don't you even dare come near me human. I WILL CUT YOU.

  4. Bought a pink laptop bag from ebags that is just darling. Part of the cost was donated to Susan B. Komen Foundation. I am a fantastic human.

  5. Spent ummm... A LOT at the grocery store yesterday afternoon. Then, had Chinese for dinner. I R BRAT.

  6. Made kick-ass dinner tonight to make up for it. Karma restored.

  7. Any chance I can drop 10lbs between now and the time I get on the plane next Monday? NO? WATCH ME.

  8. WHAT IN THE SAM HELL DO I PACK TO GO TO THIS PLACE. I keep hearing its windy and chilly, but nice and warm during the day. But seriously, chilly. Chilly for whom? Normal warm-blooded humans, or me? hmmm? ANSWERS PEOPLE. I NEED THEM.

  9. So uh, hey. Anyone wanna hang in San Francisco next week with me? It'll be loads of fun!

  10. C'mon :(

Monday, April 07, 2008

Thank You Detroit!

So I was a good girl and put my tax refund in my savings account and declared to only use it when absolutely necessary.

And then I caved and used some of it to buy Rockband at Target. Woopsy.

When we were putting it together, I unwrapped the drum sticks and smiled. I had an instant flashback to me laying on my bed coloring and my brother playing drums on the back of my thigh. Or my stomach, or my arm--whatever was available or made the best sound I guess. I could smell the house and I could hear him "ratta tat tat brtrrtrtrtrtrtrtrt"ing. So weird how random objects will take you back in time and that time will be so vivid. I miss hanging out with my brothers.

Vocals and Guitar I pretty much have down but MAN do I feel ridiculous trying to play the drums, arms all flailing about and leg stomping and stammering at all the wrong times. I've never felt so out of rhythm in my entire life.

I love this game with my whole heart! Seriously!

Anyway, gotta run! I've got a drum kit to master.