Monday, April 07, 2008

Thank You Detroit!

So I was a good girl and put my tax refund in my savings account and declared to only use it when absolutely necessary.

And then I caved and used some of it to buy Rockband at Target. Woopsy.

When we were putting it together, I unwrapped the drum sticks and smiled. I had an instant flashback to me laying on my bed coloring and my brother playing drums on the back of my thigh. Or my stomach, or my arm--whatever was available or made the best sound I guess. I could smell the house and I could hear him "ratta tat tat brtrrtrtrtrtrtrtrt"ing. So weird how random objects will take you back in time and that time will be so vivid. I miss hanging out with my brothers.

Vocals and Guitar I pretty much have down but MAN do I feel ridiculous trying to play the drums, arms all flailing about and leg stomping and stammering at all the wrong times. I've never felt so out of rhythm in my entire life.

I love this game with my whole heart! Seriously!

Anyway, gotta run! I've got a drum kit to master.


  1. ENVY!!!!!

    Have you and BF both played together or is this more of a solo one-woman-band kinda thing? Cool!

    Yo quiero!!!

  2. Well it's a bit of both. When I can pry the xbox away from him when he is here to stop the incessant Halo playing, we have a band called "The Pewps"

    We're so cute.

    And when he is gone, I play lots more, and my character name is "Tricia Vicious" heeeeeeeee!

    Get it dude, we can play online all geeky-like! It'll rule!

  3. Noooooooooo Clussy, don't do it!!! Then you and Cowboy will neva leave the house ;)

    PS...Princess, I love you!!!

  4. leaving the house is overated anyways ;)

    loveyoutoo sunshine!!