Monday, April 14, 2008

It's high time we had a list

  1. Going to San Francisco in a week for a conference and I'm twitchy about it. Being by myself. All by myself. In a city I've never been to makes me twitchy. wah.

  2. Taebo Bootcamp Elite, Mission 1: Make Tricia's Body Ooze Pain--Accomplished. *wince*

  3. Blackberry knows when its medication, even if you switched to ointment to be rubbed on the inside of the ears. It's equally terrifying. And don't you even dare come near me human. I WILL CUT YOU.

  4. Bought a pink laptop bag from ebags that is just darling. Part of the cost was donated to Susan B. Komen Foundation. I am a fantastic human.

  5. Spent ummm... A LOT at the grocery store yesterday afternoon. Then, had Chinese for dinner. I R BRAT.

  6. Made kick-ass dinner tonight to make up for it. Karma restored.

  7. Any chance I can drop 10lbs between now and the time I get on the plane next Monday? NO? WATCH ME.

  8. WHAT IN THE SAM HELL DO I PACK TO GO TO THIS PLACE. I keep hearing its windy and chilly, but nice and warm during the day. But seriously, chilly. Chilly for whom? Normal warm-blooded humans, or me? hmmm? ANSWERS PEOPLE. I NEED THEM.

  9. So uh, hey. Anyone wanna hang in San Francisco next week with me? It'll be loads of fun!

  10. C'mon :(


  1. You can do it, the 10lbs, I believe in you!!! EXERCISE!!! Eat good foods!!! and I wish, wish wish wish wish I could come hang with you for a week, you will be fine though, I know it and you can always CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Exercising!!!

  2. Wow, 10lbs is no joke but if you are intense, it can happen.

    Yo Quiero This site is cool! Seriously, I've wanted this bag for years. I may have to get it. One day. :-)

    San Fran is gorgeous! I've gone there 2 or 3 times and I loved it (aside from the fact that I was visiting a family that didn't like me... but I digress) and yes, it's brisk in the evenings but just bring a wind breaker. If you like seafood, you'll love the Pier. I think it's Pier 10 or something? Yums to fresh seafood!

    What was the fab dinner btw? Is there a recipe to be shared?

  3. Thank you sunshine, my personal motivator!

    Cluss: ahhh.. thank you for infoz..that helps. Pier 10 huh... Ima have to write that down. Im not big on seafood, fish-wise, but I like me some crab and shrimps.

    Fab Dinner =
    Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin (one of those pre-marinated things in the meat section)

    Roasted Potatoes: Dice up like 8 New potatoes, Use the grill mates packet, drizzle over top in non-greased pyrex pan. stir so all potatoes are covered in tastyness. 45-50 minutes in 375 degree oven.

    Corn on the Cob

    Lettuce Wedge Salad: Easiest friggin salad in the world to make. And I'm not even a blue cheese fan. Pop the thingy in the bottom of a head of lettuce out and clean lettuce. Cut into 4 sections (or "wedge"). Place on Plate. Drizzle blue cheese dressing on. (I bought that T. Marzetti brand that hangs out in the produce section), sprinkle diced tomatoes on top, add a dash of ground black pepper, and drizzle a little balsalmic vinegarette (or balsalmic glaze, if you can find it).

    Was really really good. My favorite part was the salad. I think partly cuz it just looked so damn pretty.

    Probably not a meal that will help me in my 10lb quest though, now that I think about it. Curses! *shakes fist*

  4. iono if you wince at the slightest bit of cold like me, but i was FRIGID when i was in sanfrannysisco. it is purty tho. (purty cold har har)