Monday, April 28, 2008

In search of new ankles...

I totally bit it on the way to my car from the grocery store. I was pushing the cart along, overflowing with stuff, iPhone in hand. Because, I don't know, I fancy myself as someone important. Who could receive a call at any second! Must be ready!

The goal for the grocery store was to acquire umm, hamburger meat I think, I left with over $100 of stuff (P.S. its creepy how fast that happens).

I slipped on the word "Stop" painted on the concrete in my worn out crocks flip-flops. It had just rained, one of those monsoon rains that downpours for 5 minutes and disappears. And I guess the combination of the wet ground, no doubt mixed with oil, the slickness of the white paint and the fact that my shoes no longer had tread = Tricia fall down, go boom.

Or you know, the fact that I am a complete klutz, could have had something to do with it.

I slipped, twisted my ankle. Grasped my phone and the handle bar of the grocery cart and somehow fell to my knees, never letting go. I heard the familiar pop that I've heard more than enough times that I have lost count.

There was a woman in front of me emptying her cart into the back of her SUV. She gasped, and said "Are you OK?!"

Still kneeling in the middle of the parking lot, still grasping handle bar and phone, I wince "um.. yeah i think so"

and then I proceed to walk to the side of the road ON MY KNEES. STILL PUSHING THE CART. STILL WITH PHONE IN HAND (my precious). I think I did this because I have twisted/sprained my ankle enough to know that I cannot always put weight on it immediately, and walking on my knees was my solution.

Vaguely graceful, no?

I'm OK now, the popping always happens. And with me and my sad little ankles, the popping means nothing. They pop when I take my first steps out of bed every morning. They pop when I take my first steps after sitting for a time. It's a normal thing. It's sore and I'm kinda limpy, but that's more probably due to the fact that I am a big fat baby. Wah.

I really need to get cracking on those strengthening exercises. Somebody remind me tomorrow.


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH baby!!! I am sorry!! I am sure Cluss will respond that's why crocs are "Bad"!!! ;) I can't wait to take all my pairs to TX and where them EVERYWHERE we go!!! LOL

    Soooo, DO YOUR EXERCISES, strengthen them ANKLES!! ;) can't wait to see you, miss you much!

    Hope you are still feeling okay this AM.

    PS my doc says the popping is from tendanitis (sp). I pop all over, my ankles, hips and shoulders. OHH my wrists too. I wonder how can I have such a thing, ALLLLLLL over my BODY!!!!!!! HUMPH!!! find out what yours is!!


    and the groceries are out of control!!! MY GOODNESS!!

  2. You were wearing Crocs? Oh dear. This epidemic has spread farther than I initially feared.

    Harms, are you really wearing Crocs all over TX? Those are not hiking shoes Missy.

    Do your strengthening exercises please.

    And tendinitis? Really? Because I crack all over too actually and that sounds kinda serious. Did the Dr. Say some sort of supplement should be taken for that? Glucosamine?

  3. Cluss, you obviously have not seen nor stepped into a croc flip-flop. So incredibly comfy and not at all ugly. Seriously. I wear the Capri's

    Status Update on Clumsy Ass: Ankle does not hurt. Area on top and side of foot does. BF says I pulled some tendons or something. This just all means that I can't jump around in front of my TV and sweat. I'm both upset and not so upset about it. I'm toying with the idea of trying to workout anyway tonight, and just hopping on the good leg for the cardio bits. Good idea? Bad idea?

    Miss you too my kegOfSunshine!!! Can't wait for two weeks to get here!

  4. You know what has made my ankles super tough. . . exercising in heels. No I'm not a Mariah Carey wanna be! Dance class + plastic heels = strong enough ankles for pretty shoes and not falling down :)

    I'm with Claudia on the Croc thing. . .YUCK!! Get yourself a pair of Reefs if you want real flip flops!

  5. Why ya'll gotta hate on my flip flops ;)


  6. Our very own "grape lady"! Did you do the "Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" as you were crawling to your car?