Friday, September 21, 2007


curious smoke stack
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It's funny how quickly your perspectives change. Like when I first moved to Charlotte, people would talk about "traffic" and I would give them a knowing eye-roll and say "Yeah, you don't know what traffic is you! you! unbelievable traffic not knower!"

Because I enjoy being rude and obnoxious, apparently. Also, very quick on my feet with the name calling.

A month and a half has now passed and I have found myself umm "chilling out," as they say, when it comes to aggression and anger while driving. This became apparent earlier this week, Sunday, when I was driving up here for work. Traffic wasn't bad, people were following the rules of the road, and it was a gorgeous day. Then I passed King's Dominion and people got all STUPID for no apparent reason.

People started breaking hard for no reason--or ok MAYBE there was a cop on the side of the road tagging someone for speeding, but why do we all have to stop and look? Never seen somebody get a ticket? Here's what you do. Get on 95 and go like 120 MPH. I'll bet you will see someone get a ticket then.

and the weaving. Really? Don't you get tired of jockeying for position only to be foiled by somebody driving slow, or as the old folks call it--THE SPEED LIMIT.

Anyway, so it was weird to me to see people change how they drove once we got into this area.

The picture here was taken on my way to work... Traffic... at 0615. (It's Traffic with a capitol "T" because it's ridiculous and therefore requires it.)

That's 6:15 in the A-M. Now, previously, this would have been a normal thing. But I found myself responding to a comment a friend left on this photo and I actually typed "God. I hate this place."

A year ago, I was all "wheeeeeeeeeeee! I love this area!" and "Traffic?! psssssssssssh. dont be a wussy. Leave earlier. It's just how it is. Buck up soldier!"

When I took this picture, I had just said to myself "ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?!?!"

"Friggin." Cuz I am trying not to cuss so much. I'm told that Lady's don't cuss. I'd like to know when this shit happen cuz all the fucking lady's I know cuss god damnit.


Anyway, so now, I am not only a lazy person with unusually small feet and lack of any kind of willpower or sense of direction who cusses like a sailor, I am also a hypocrite. *bow*

It's good to be self-aware in this day and age, no?

Also. No idea what that smoke stack is about. Wonder what was on fire in the hood?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Because I'm amused easily

Because I'm amused easily
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Avast Ye Mateys!!!!

Hey, let' have another blog post today about Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ok? OK!

and speaking of which, Merry Talk Like A Pirate Day, Survy Dog!

or... something.

Flickr has "Arrrr!" as a language setting, and it's entertainment for days, people. DAYS I tells ya. Or you know... for me anyway.

Exhibit A: Yeah I dunno if this is gonna put the photo above or below or uhh what. Flickr Blogging is hard :(

[Edited to Add: Oh fancy, its to the side all floating. Flickr is all kinds of cool.]

So yeah, anyway. Beware the sea's scourge, ya'll.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

where she makes ANOTHER friggin declaration...

Monday, after work, BF and I went over to the local YMCA and signed our unhealthy butts up for some gooey gym goodness.

It's now thursday, and neither of us have gone yet, cuz that is how we roll.

We rule like that.

Ever since I can remember, running has been a negative in my life. Athletics in general, but running specifically. I never was very good at it. Always the last one in on mile running day AFTER the fat kid. Then I was the fat kid and then... oh nevermind. you get it.

I joined band in middle school to get out of gym so I wouldnt have to run. But, turns out. We still had gym... with our band mates!


THEN I joined pep squad in high school to get out of gym but those bitches made us run too. And then it turned out that you only get a half credit for pep squad a year and they require 1.5 credits of gym for graduation. So my ass was in gym. AFTER ALL THAT. I STILL. ENDED UP IN GYM.


Anyway, sometime in college I started having this dream. Where I was running around a track and in the middle of the track was like a park where all the people that I've known in my lifetime were there waving to me, cheering me on (either that or laughing, who the hell knows for sure). After having this dream for two months straight, I thought "HEY! MAYBE I SHOULD RUN OR SOMETHING!"


so I got a treadmill for christmas. and ran/walked for 2 weeks and then stopped.

and that was that.

cuz, you know, im all about sticking to something. *cough*

ANYWAY. So a friend of mine is starting up this running thing and now im all gun-ho about it. Because I am apparently easily motivated by others actions...this is not a bad thing. SO GUESS WHO IS GONNA START RUNNING!!!!

Don't think I can't hear you laughing!!!

So like tomorrow morning, if BF doesnt turn off the alarm. My ass will be in the gym DYING on a treadmill. And I will do so for many days to come.

I so decree.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On gettin' hitched...

K... how many people went "omg! nfw! wtf!"

cuz omg,wtf nfw. Pigs aren't flying yet.

nonono K & J! They is married!

Congratulations you guys :) It was all so beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon. Call me when you get back and tell me all about it pls/thx.

Love you guys :P