Friday, April 21, 2006

Attack! of the Amazon Women!

So the other Im at the deli downstairs in my office building buying something bad for me, no doubt (I can't remember), and I see this girl. She's about my age but she is like NINE FEET TALL. Well ok, maybe not 9, but holy crap she was tall! She was also...umm...thick, I guess? Like she was a big woman, in every way.

So fast forward to today, and I see the girl again while I am waiting for the elevator and she is with another Nine foot tall girl. Only, this girl was taller than her! If thats possible!

The friend/co-worker was in a sparkly top and black jeans with wet, long, really long hair. She looked like she was ready to go to 'da club, she also looked like Xena. It's like 1 in the afternoon and Im thinking...did she just get to work? (or did she just get off her night job? heh. oops. who said that?)

Anyway, so up we go in the elevator. All 3 of us. Now, I do not claim to be tiny by any stretch of the imagination. But im part spanish, and therefore, quite short. Wait. I know what you are thinking but...spanish women are short people! Look at my mom! I tower (ok, maybe not TOWER, but im totally taller) over her and im like 5'3-ish. Anyway, so I'm standing there and I haven't felt that short in a really, really, REALLY long time. I mean, I felt like I was 2 feet tall in that elevator. I swear I was face to face with their knee caps.

I couldn't look at them in the eye cuz
I couldn't see that far up
I felt if I looked at it directly in the eye, it'd squash me like a bug
I was so friggin intimidated! I admit it!

ok ok, I am exaggerating some...they're 8 feet tall. heh, I dunno they are tall womenz and HOLY MOLEY, I didnt know they grew 'em that big!

When they got off the elevator I noticed Xena was wearing like 5 inch stilletto heels...For the love of god, why? Oh! and, speaking of bugs, a flying bug of some sort (mosquito perhaps) flew in my face when they got off.

I wonder if it was in the wet hair?

wooo...catty aren't we Tricia *meow*

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Feh! Bah! SONOFA

erm. I suck.

I lasted FIVE measley hours before I messaged my friend:

Me: Need.
Me: Smoke.
Me: Now.
Me: *twitch*
Her: deep breaths????
Me: I'll give you deep breaths!

heh. nice huh.

fast forward to 3:20 when I was leaving work.

I stopped. at the deli downstairs. and. bought. AFrigginPackOfCigarettes.

guh. where'd that willpower go?

I can't even bring myself to go to the gym. Which I need desperately. So...I should go.

Yeah, uh not gonna happen.

Tomorrow is another day, no?

Current Score--> Tricia: 0, Nicotine: 2

rar. damnit Tricia.

"Smokkaaaaay" has left the building!*

I have just finished my last cigarette...for good.

No, seriously.

Hush up, It's gonna work this time.

Ugh. it better work.

I've smoked "officially" since I was 17. I came home from school one day and my mom was at the dining room table. I put my backpack down and sat down with her for our daily rundown of the days events. My dad came up behind me and put an ashtray in front of me. He said "next time, use it." (doh, busted) And that was that.

No one could really say anything I guess. At that time all 3 of my brothers and my father all smoked. My poor mom had to deal with a smokey house for years and years.

When I was younger, I used to complain about how the smoke would stink up my hair. I would announce anytime anyone lit up that they were taking 7 years off their life and "ewww smoking is grody."

and then I started smoking. Ironic, isn't it?

anyway so 11 years of's time to close that chapter before I kill myself for real. Everyone in my family has quit. EVERYONE. so, damnit I've got willpower in the ol' genes!

This is the perfect time to quit cuz we are going to visit some friends of ours who got married recently. Her mom and his dad have both passed in recent years due to cancer. She gives me the evil stare when I smoke in front of her. And since we are staying at their house during our visit, I'd just rather avoid the uncomfyness of it all.

I am NOT looking forward to the moodiness, and the exhaustion, and the holyMotherOfGodBackYouEvilGirlBackISayMOODINESS. I know my boyfriend sure isn't. Poor guy. He has gone through this with me countless times. He is usually quite a trooper. There has been once or twice where he said "GOD! Go smoke already!" hehe...I crossed the line there I suppose. Oopsy.

I am, however, looking forward to not being stinky and not being worried about when I will be able to have my next cigarette, and no more $40/carton...geesh.

I am going to try to control my moods by taking my aggression out on gym equipment. I gotta keep my appetite in check, cuz if past try's (and there have been many) are any indication, I become eatingEverythingInSightMonsterGirl (rar!).

ugh. pleaseworkpleaseworkpleaseworkpleaseworkpleasework. IcandothisIcandothisIcandothisIcandothis.

* My boyfriend calls me "smoookkaaaay" like from the movie Friday. He thinks it's funny. I find it kinda offensive. Time to give me a new nickname love ;D

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

11 Reasons I shoulda stayed home today. . .

  1. Get out of bed right about the time I am supposed to be leaving the house.
  2. Have outfit on that took me an HOUR to decide on last night--and it ain't even cute.
  3. Head to car, realize I dont have my badge for work. Head back to door, realize I put my keys away in the black hole that is my purse. Put purse on ground to commence digging. Umm, Tricia it's friggin PITCH BLACK OUT HERE. Pick purse up, head to car. Walk to drivers side door. Oh wait I need cigarettes. Head to trunk. Wait no I dont. Head back to drivers side. SH...YES I DO. Head back to trunk. Open trunk grab cigarettes (I keep my carton in there. I dont wanna hear it). Close trunk. DANGIT. There was light in the trunk I coulda searched for keys. Open trunk back up. Oh I could just start the car and look while sitting in lit car. Close trunk. I wonder where my badge is...I didnt see it on the table. Unlock car. Bingo! Badge hanging innocently on rear-view mirror. Bastard badge. Time wasted=Im guessing 5 to 10 minutes. I musta looked stupid walking back and forth like that. Good thing no one was up yet!
  4. I have pantyhose! But still no makeup. So beware--don't look at me or you will turn to stone. Believe it.
  5. On the drive to work, had my window down (smoking...shut it) and I heard this strange sound, like scurrying or something? Then I hit a bump! Looked in my rearview mirror. Yep, I hit some kinda ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size--Princess Bride...geez watch a movie every now and again, k? GAWSH!...Napoleon--wait, seriously ya don't know?). The dude behind me hit him/her too. Poor thing.
  6. Driving along feeling all guility that I just hit something and worrying about my karma, I notice my backway to work is all. friggin. backed.up.
  7. bah. 95N. grrr.
  8. (this is about the time I realized I forgot my makeup yet again)
  9. Lovely sinus(ish) headache rearing its ugly head.
  10. Was gonna wear heels to dress up the outfit but decided against it. I feel all dumpy now.
(Silver lining, Tricia) But its beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful outside though ain't it? (Good girl)

Monday, April 10, 2006

In your head, in your head Zombie Zombie

eh! eh! Eh! oh!


I feel like a walking zombie today. And I left my makeup at home so I probably look like one too.

I slept this weekend--oh MAN did I sleep. Mini coma, perhaps? Now I'm in the I'veSleptTooMuchHaze that I can't seem to shake yet.

I was late to work today, why? CUZ I WAS SLEEPIN'

good gravy.

I have no pantyhose either. Im breakin' the law!

*yawn* so...slee...p...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[insert coffee drip]

So this weekend (when I wasnt sleeping) found out that YET ANOTHER friend of ours is getting ready to pop the question to his girlfriend. Also, a friend of a friend got married this weekend. Another friend is preggers again... la la la...everyone moving on with life except for la la.

Seriously, im gonna get violent soon.

Guess being the last one's to get married ain't so bad? Right? RIGHT!?!?!

meh, I'm happy. Honestly, I am truly happy. I need to stop the whining. After all, happy is what everyone wants. and me? I GOTS IT PUNKS!

i still wanna be hitched though *sniffle*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I spy with my little eye. . .

a glimpse of my future baby...

*headbangs while making "metal hand gesture"*

it's like they read my mind!

rock on lil' one!

Easy there love, I am not hinting at a thing. Start breathing again. ;)