Tuesday, April 11, 2006

11 Reasons I shoulda stayed home today. . .

  1. Get out of bed right about the time I am supposed to be leaving the house.
  2. Have outfit on that took me an HOUR to decide on last night--and it ain't even cute.
  3. Head to car, realize I dont have my badge for work. Head back to door, realize I put my keys away in the black hole that is my purse. Put purse on ground to commence digging. Umm, Tricia it's friggin PITCH BLACK OUT HERE. Pick purse up, head to car. Walk to drivers side door. Oh wait I need cigarettes. Head to trunk. Wait no I dont. Head back to drivers side. SH...YES I DO. Head back to trunk. Open trunk grab cigarettes (I keep my carton in there. I dont wanna hear it). Close trunk. DANGIT. There was light in the trunk I coulda searched for keys. Open trunk back up. Oh I could just start the car and look while sitting in lit car. Close trunk. I wonder where my badge is...I didnt see it on the table. Unlock car. Bingo! Badge hanging innocently on rear-view mirror. Bastard badge. Time wasted=Im guessing 5 to 10 minutes. I musta looked stupid walking back and forth like that. Good thing no one was up yet!
  4. I have pantyhose! But still no makeup. So beware--don't look at me or you will turn to stone. Believe it.
  5. On the drive to work, had my window down (smoking...shut it) and I heard this strange sound, like scurrying or something? Then I hit a bump! Looked in my rearview mirror. Yep, I hit some kinda ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size--Princess Bride...geez watch a movie every now and again, k? GAWSH!...Napoleon--wait, seriously ya don't know?). The dude behind me hit him/her too. Poor thing.
  6. Driving along feeling all guility that I just hit something and worrying about my karma, I notice my backway to work is all. friggin. backed.up.
  7. bah. 95N. grrr.
  8. (this is about the time I realized I forgot my makeup yet again)
  9. Lovely sinus(ish) headache rearing its ugly head.
  10. Was gonna wear heels to dress up the outfit but decided against it. I feel all dumpy now.
(Silver lining, Tricia) But its beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful outside though ain't it? (Good girl)

1 comment:

  1. You are so freaking funny!!! I am glad you came to work, I would have been sad this morning w/o you! You look fine w/ or w/o makeup!

    I saw back up this am on the bridge and was so glad I was heading towards 95, got here in about 15 minutes, YEAH!!! Take 95 this week, cause spring break there is no traffic, or it's real light anyway.

    So proud of you for findind the silver lining :) (oh and you don't have to make up hours or use leave, that's another one)