Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Feh! Bah! SONOFA

erm. I suck.

I lasted FIVE measley hours before I messaged my friend:

Me: Need.
Me: Smoke.
Me: Now.
Me: *twitch*
Her: deep breaths????
Me: I'll give you deep breaths!

heh. nice huh.

fast forward to 3:20 when I was leaving work.

I stopped. at the deli downstairs. and. bought. AFrigginPackOfCigarettes.

guh. where'd that willpower go?

I can't even bring myself to go to the gym. Which I need desperately. So...I should go.

Yeah, uh not gonna happen.

Tomorrow is another day, no?

Current Score--> Tricia: 0, Nicotine: 2

rar. damnit Tricia.


  1. You are so funny!!!! We are doing good now though right, on the right track and making it!!!!:)

    How long can we keep it up I ask you, how long. I am wanting one so bad, but I am staying strong!!

  2. say it with me: FOR-EVAH.


    (it's not working, just kiddin)