Monday, July 27, 2009


So uh.....woopsies!

Hi! How are you guys?

So blah blah I havent written in a while. Let's just fast-forward to now.

Some issues I am have lately (awww yeahhhhhhhhh list time!)
  • Cannot have lunch with co-workers without trying to reach for my straw with my open maw unsuccessfully. If I'm feeling especially... uhh whatever. I stick my straw up my nose. Who says I'm not professional.
  • Cannot workout on a regular. I know, old news...moving on..
  • Cannot not yell it a blog post.
  • Wait.. cannot not? What the hell?
  • Still cannot mention work, lest I be dooced. And who needs that?
  • Though, I guarantee you my work stories are a hoot.
  • Cannot stand BF's job still. Hate. With the teeth of a thousand uhm... sharks!
  • yes, Sharks. Thats it.
  • Cannot deal with the creepy crawlers outside the house. Heebie Jeebies 24/7. No lie
  • Cannot go to bed before midnight ever. It's a very big problem at 6am when the alarm clock goes off. I realized today that I need to just get my lazy ass up regardless. This was riiiiight about the same time I sorta kinda not really but kinda got in trouble for being late. Woops.
  • I just talked about work didnt i.
  • Cannot keep to my own rules. JESUS TRISH.
  • Cannot ever remember to bring my glasses home from work so I can like, you know, SEE at home.
  • Cannot ever remember much really.
  • Cannot believe I bought fabric to make curtains for the ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR. OH MY HELL. Way to baby step into it weirdo.
  • Cannot keep my sorry ass off of facebook. Geeez. Like I needed more time suck activities.
  • Cannot believe the crazy car accident my parent got into. Mom fractured her hand and the car is totaled. Dad is ok. No worries though, cuz they got another car. But geez dude. Totally shattered the whole "my parents are invincible" thing I had in my head. Should take about another month to get that repaired though ;)
  • Cannot believe I got hit. While I was stopped. IN A DRIVE-THRU. More on this and others later.
  • Cannot believe how much BF and I have rallied together over the last 8 months. It makes me feel very secure in living the rest of my life with him. awwwwwwwww
  • Cannot wait til he gets on his damn knee already. What!
  • Cannot believe the heart that lives within BF.
  • Cannot possibly have a better life.
  • No, really.