Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving Day...

So I'm starting this diet thing and I've decided to publish it on my facebook (haaaaahaaaaaaaaa shit.)

see ya over there :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Before I go all happy clown on a list, I just want to point out that this is the very first year in just under 15 years that I have not had to list quitting smoking as a resolution!

And you know why? Because I kicked that motherf'ers ASS man! *flex* and woot! and *trumpet* and *cartwheel* and *kazoo* and *parade* and *confetti* an.....

what? *grin*

So this year, I resolve to:
  1. Read more. And when I say read more, I mean read at all. Beyond the internet/magazine article, I havent read much since I graduated college.
  2. Lose weight. Oh god, I know right? But this whole quitting smoking thing sort of sent me into this whole Im not going to worry about anything else but not smoking and thus shoved mostly everything i could find into my food hole. This appears to have worked because ha! I NO SMOKEY! but damn if my belly isnt hanging over my jeans. it's not a cute look, i assure you. I am at my heaviest ever, and I am sorry to say that is HEAVIER than the LAST TIME I SAID I WAS AT MY HEAVIEST OMFG. So yeah. Lose weight. stat.
  3. Start taking more pride in myself. I've been lazy lately and not really bothering to do my hair or my nails or bothering to look nice. That's the downfall (and trust me, this is the ONLY one) to being able to wear whatever you want to work. If you wanna frump out, you can! I've been riding the frump train for far too long.
And...... that's it. Because If I know me, and I believe I do, in order for me to accomplish any kind of resolutions they need to be small and attainable. Sister gets overwhelmed pretty fast I've noticed.

Let's do this 2011!