Friday, April 21, 2006

Attack! of the Amazon Women!

So the other Im at the deli downstairs in my office building buying something bad for me, no doubt (I can't remember), and I see this girl. She's about my age but she is like NINE FEET TALL. Well ok, maybe not 9, but holy crap she was tall! She was also...umm...thick, I guess? Like she was a big woman, in every way.

So fast forward to today, and I see the girl again while I am waiting for the elevator and she is with another Nine foot tall girl. Only, this girl was taller than her! If thats possible!

The friend/co-worker was in a sparkly top and black jeans with wet, long, really long hair. She looked like she was ready to go to 'da club, she also looked like Xena. It's like 1 in the afternoon and Im thinking...did she just get to work? (or did she just get off her night job? heh. oops. who said that?)

Anyway, so up we go in the elevator. All 3 of us. Now, I do not claim to be tiny by any stretch of the imagination. But im part spanish, and therefore, quite short. Wait. I know what you are thinking but...spanish women are short people! Look at my mom! I tower (ok, maybe not TOWER, but im totally taller) over her and im like 5'3-ish. Anyway, so I'm standing there and I haven't felt that short in a really, really, REALLY long time. I mean, I felt like I was 2 feet tall in that elevator. I swear I was face to face with their knee caps.

I couldn't look at them in the eye cuz
I couldn't see that far up
I felt if I looked at it directly in the eye, it'd squash me like a bug
I was so friggin intimidated! I admit it!

ok ok, I am exaggerating some...they're 8 feet tall. heh, I dunno they are tall womenz and HOLY MOLEY, I didnt know they grew 'em that big!

When they got off the elevator I noticed Xena was wearing like 5 inch stilletto heels...For the love of god, why? Oh! and, speaking of bugs, a flying bug of some sort (mosquito perhaps) flew in my face when they got off.

I wonder if it was in the wet hair?

wooo...catty aren't we Tricia *meow*


  1. Did I see these crazy women and what floor are they on??? I think I saw one of them when I was with you, no?!

  2. yah, i think so???

    skeery though...eeps!