Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Missed me didntcha?

hmm ok maybe not ;)

I went to Phoenix, AZ for 5 nights for some visiting and hanging out with friends. It was nice. It was hot. It was nice and hot. BUT it was a dry heat see, not humid like here, so it was completely bearable.

Im still smoke-free thankyouverymuch. ok ok OK, I did smoke one while I was drinking...
but but but
it did gross me out!

Plus the fact that I only smoked one is totally impressive cuz normally when I have quit and I am drinking and I decide I must smoke I never Ever stop at one (or ten). This time though was different, this time I chose to sloooooow dowwwwwn the drinking instead so that I didnt get super tipsy/drunk and had full control over myself. oh and to not piss off the boyfriend. and actually now that I think about it, I doubt he knew about the one. woopsy. But you gotta admit, I was stealthy!

and by george it worked!

Anyway, so AZ was interesting. Very weird to see like 7 foot cactus (cactii?) where trees would normally be, I kept thinking of those fake backdrops to plays n stuff. Lots of "rock lawns." Which I would totally love, but only cuz im lazy, not cuz it's pretty (at all).

ohhhhhhhh on the excruciatingly long plane ride over (ok, 4.5 hours aint all that bad but it's the longest i've ever been on!) the lady sittin next to me taught me the ways of the sudoku--and holy hell I love this game!

no, hehe, im totally serious. I even went to walgreens while in AZ and bought not one but TWO sudoku puzzle books. anytime we were just sitting around watching tv or whatever, my nose was in my puzzle book.

I shit you not, I was solving sudoku puzzles in my sleep last night.

no, seriously.

I started with the sudoku puzzles in the airline mag, then I moved on to a Sudoku puzzle my friend found in the newspaper when I was apparently twitchy about it. I never solved that was a 5 star one people! I forgot to bring it home with me.

It's still bothering me that I won't be able to solve it. Perhaps I could have her mail it to me?

You think im kidding, but im so not.

and it's not a good thing that I found web sudoku...


  1. I want to play!!! I love games!! and.... I missed you VERY much and I am so proud of you for how you handled the whole smoking thing. It's fun when we quit together huh!!! Stay strong sista! Oh, did you see the new fruit nicorette, hummmmmm!!!!

  2. ohhh man sudoku is addictive! My nose has been in the puzzle book everynight before bed since I've been home ;)

    Yah, I think it's really the reason we are both being so successful this time. Power to the GIRLPEOPLE *flex*

    whats this? fruit nicorette? hmm, must go check it out! is it yummy?