Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I heart carpooling *happy sigh*

okokok so it's only the first day of it but SWEET JESUS I LOVE IT ALREADY!

I Didn't spend forever in barely moving traffic on 95, we saw an accident seconds after it happened and I didnt get all paranoid about getting hit like I normally do, cuz HA I WASNT DRIVING WHEEEEEEEE!

I am a tad neurotic (and those that know me...shoosh! ;P ) about locking my car so im, ya know, sorta worried about whether I locked my car or not--"OH SHIT DID I LOCK MY CAR? WAIT! I did I did! phew. NO WAIT DID I????"-- yeah uh huh sorta worried.

Also, cuz I didnt drive and I didnt have to sit in traffic forever, this translates into me being in an actual happy mood right when I get to work instead of it taking me an hour to get over myself and then get in the good mood, like usual. Who'da thought?

Im also only slightly worried about my car being parked at a place where cd's got stolen out of a car. gasp! My CD's NONONONO! only kidding *cough* here... love you harmsmony *mua*

I hope we can carpool tomorrow too, woot!


  1. Love you too!!! I HEART carpooling also, how wonderful was it to get here in 20 minutes this morning and feeling good when you come in to work, as opposed to needing to get motivated to be happy is the BEST!!!!

  2. Wait, You need motivation to get happy? Really, eternal sunshine girl? ;)