Thursday, May 25, 2006

If the TV died, I wouldn't cry. . . AT ALL.

I've been in this weird mood lately...

all kinda depressed and

listenin to mellowish music and

thinking about life! and omg!WhatDoIDo! meh. and

every chance I get the damn TV gets turned off

off pls.

die tv die.

all we do is watch tv. we waste hours lazing in front of the tv doing nothing of course cuz! omg! we gotta make room for the new stuff coming!

Is it possible to burn out on TV, cuz dude, I totally am. I never thought this would happen.



Like, right now, the season finale of Lost is being watched and OMG!I. DONT. CARE. I have laptop in lap, headphones on. I say "huh?!" a lot cuz the boyfriend is in denial of me having said headphones on.

70's show finale on now. Hey btw, should I admit out loud that I just figured out (or OK boyfriend told me, fine. FINE.) that Fes's name stands for...

wait for it...


*faint* I KNOW!

how the hell did i not get that?

1 comment:

  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I didn't know that either about FES and I was wondering just the other night, what is that short for, DUH!! They say it all the time, how did we miss it?

    I haven't been in to TV either, but not by choice the homework has taken over, two more weeks and I am DONE!!!