Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TINA! Come Get Your Ham!

GOSH!! (I...dunno...I thought it was funny)

So, I have started an entry every day since my last posting.

I click on new entry and then


hey so, my blog's name isn't that far off after all huh?

oh and also?

Dear Man driving VW bugbeetle (whatever it is!) this morning,

Sweet sweet fellow, I realize that you got up on time, and you have your morning coffee and all is right with the world, and whenever you get to work is when you get to work. But--and trust me when I say this--this is not the case for everyone.

It really is imperative that you drive faster than this.



Traffic? Meh. I understand the complacency, but...seriously? Reading the newspaper? Is that not a steering wheel in front of you? You are letting all the goobers in because you are not paying attention!

Yes love, we are merging, true. But that really doesn't mean you need to let the ENTIRE lane in.


Oh and? Your hair looks beauuuuutiful, stop primping! You Self-centeredPieceof0w8eut90w84eut0o9wiutfgo0weu9g!


Ticked off Chick behind you

P.S. You car is for girls. It comes with a flower. A. FLOWER.

UPDATE: ok,the car comes with a vase for a flower. semantics. ITS STILL FOR A FLOWER! YOU GIRL!

ok I feel all better now.


  1. Ummmm, rough morning on 1-2-3? Isn't it easier now that it has opened up, can't you go around now??? I haven't been on it yet, but my neighbor said it has been so much better this week.

    Wishing you a happier ride home with NO STUPID drivers or non-drivers for that matter.

  2. ya, it is better, but you still gotta merge to get on bridge. not two lanes yet goin towards hooes :(

  3. Ohhhhhh, I thought about going that way this am, but there were way toooo many cars for me (uh, cause 95 has no cars, LOL)