Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Literal Boy Strikes Again!

OK, I don't know if this is all guys or just my guy but...

the dude can never discuss a ever.

Like if I were to say "what if you lived on the moon, what kinda job would you have?" (and no, Im not usually random like that) to which he would respond with "but I dont live on the moon"

"yeah but, say you did"

"well I cant though, cuz I don't"


I bring this up cuz we had one of those moments towards the end of our Phoenix trip. I was really feeling like we were totally disrupting their lives cuz we didnt rent a car. To protect the innocent, I will call them "Goose" and "Carol" (Ya know, Tom Cruise's pal on Top Gun and his wife (meg ryan)...cuz he is a fighter pilot and she's...well she is his wife). So Goose told us not to, that they had two cars and it would be fine. So we didn't.

Well, 1. we (ok, maybe just I) forgot that you cant just take off 5 days from the Air Force at the drop of a hat...cuz it doesnt work like that. And 2.when you get visitors during finals, you still have to study and take your tests, no way around that! We (I) had no idea "Carol" had finals during the time we were there, I would have insisted on a reschedule of our trip.

So the "working it out" ended up being us taking "Carol" to and from school every day. Which wasn't a big deal on our part, but, that had to be so not convenient for her.

So Im trying to explain this to my boyfriend (I have yet to come up with a code name for him)...

"Let's say the shoe was on the other foot and Goose asked you if he should rent a car, you would totally say "yeah no! dont rent a car! we've got two cars! we can work it out!" yet when it came down to it, it didnt really work out because I ended up having to work and so did you...see what i mean?"

to which he responded:

"No, cuz we have three cars."

*raises eyebrow*


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    i call my kid goose sometimes. he can't do a hypothetical either ;)


    (HI TAWISH!!!!)