Friday, May 05, 2006


Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! (yay!yay!yay!YAY!*highpitchedwhistle*)

heh days like this I miss San Antonio.

Up here in politico-land its just another day. In San Antonio, it'd be another story. I hear mariachi's singing in the background, I see those big paper flowers, bright colors everywhere, awesome food, guacamole on my shirt (sonofa if I cant not spill on myself), happy drinking people. ohhh also fiesta week is coming soon!!! or did it pass already? damnit, see I've been gone too long!

CRAP! I did miss it!!!!


alright so anyway, it's also one of my brothers' birthday! How cool is that? Being born on cinco de mayo. I mean really. AND growing up in san antonio where everyone is celebrating your birthday!!! very nice. Course, I highly doubt my mom was all excited about it being cinco de mayo that fateful day.

oh wait, he was born in Germany on an Army base...

well nevermind then!

ah... fiesta week. Note to self: must schedule vacation during this time and go to san antonio NEXT YEAR. hmph.

oh pssssst. btw. today is 2--COUNT EM: UNO, DOS--weeks of non-smoker life. *bow*


  1. Feliz Cinco de Mayo Chica!!! Sorry you can't be at home, shooting off guns into the hair, having cigar in mouth and guzzling tequila straight from bottle at home. Hopefully, you'll at least get a margarita in tonight and celebrate DC style?

    Congrats on not smoking. that's huge. Please encourage toof'less chica to keep keeping on w/the battle against tar lungs as well.

    Have a great weekend! Oh, and see you at the Gala next week?

  2. hahah toof'less chica..too funny.

    I should tell you that we are doing a really good job of being supportive of each other and reminding each other of the bad stuff when the other is having a weak moment--which is oh so very helpful.

    Ima make tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans for dinner--thats how im celebrating. Im a wild one ;)

    Naw, not goin to the gala this year...