Monday, May 08, 2006

All signs point to GO THE EFF HOME!

So, im still pissed off about nothing. Which is always pleasant. The highlight of my day thus far has to be. . .

It's 1:30, I leave work at 3:00 and I figured it was about time for lunch. For whatever reason, I am not real hungry today, usually im starving by 11:00. Anyway so I go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich from the stuff I brought in. I refill my water bottle and I go back to my desk. I unscrew the water bottle, open my Crystal Light Raspberry Ice (red, very red) on the go packet and pour it in. screw back on bottletop. Shakey shakey. "OH SHIT" I say outloud as red stuff drips off me and the WHITE WALL behind me. I didnt close the pop-top.


Yeah, me.

So I go to the bathroom, wet some towels, grab some dry ones, wipe off the red stuff that is dripping (yeah, no shit--how the hell??!?!?!) out of my hair onto my neck. pat down the rest of my WHITEfrickin blouse, and hurry back to the wall. This stuff stains! Holy hell, it stains my kitchen counters at home all the time. Walking back to my desk I plot how I will get off what I can and then bring in one of those Mr. Clean Erasers tomorrow morning and fix it all. I sit down and commence cleaning. IT ALL COMES OFF! whew. Trust me if you knew why I would be freaking out, you'd be whew'n too.

So yeah, but the blouse is a goner im sure.

Guh, can I go home now?

btw, you will notice that this is being posted at 2pm. I mean, who doesn't think "oh I totally gotta blog this!" RIGHT AFTER something happens to them?
....No? Just Me?


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    *applauds* hahaha

  2. whatever, blondie