Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Because I'm amused easily

Because I'm amused easily
Originally uploaded by Grfxgrl Arr!
Avast Ye Mateys!!!!

Hey, let' have another blog post today about Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ok? OK!

and speaking of which, Merry Talk Like A Pirate Day, Survy Dog!

or... something.

Flickr has "Arrrr!" as a language setting, and it's entertainment for days, people. DAYS I tells ya. Or you know... for me anyway.

Exhibit A: Yeah I dunno if this is gonna put the photo above or below or uhh what. Flickr Blogging is hard :(

[Edited to Add: Oh fancy, its to the side all floating. Flickr is all kinds of cool.]

So yeah, anyway. Beware the sea's scourge, ya'll.

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