Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Da Plane Boss! Da Plane!

Ever since I was ... I dunno... 15, I have wanted a tattoo.

I almost got one when I was 18. I was a freshman in college. My best friend at the time, and roommate finally grew a pair and decided she wanted to be original! and get a tattoo!

Of a Rose!

On her ankle!


I was totally gonna get one too, in the exact same place (omg! twinkies!) but I apparently had not grown a pair just yet and accidentally on purpose left my ID back in our room.


So like, I dunno, 2 years later I was at Virginia tech and I decided I wanted an earring in my cartilage at the top of my ear. So I could be different, JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. and I went back and forth with it. never really having the courage to go and partly cuz i had no friggin clue WHERE to go to get such a thing done. I had heard that the gun hurt far worse so like Claire's Boutique was totally out.


So, a friend of mine, heard about this and draaaaaaaagged me to some tattoo place in downtown blacksburg. I was so nervous about the whole earring thing that I didn't even notice it was a tattoo place. The dude that pieced my ear had everything you could possibly imagine pierced, arms covered in tattoos, etc. He was way hardcore, and made me feel very intimidated.

Anyway, so after the worst noise I have ever heard in my entire life happened. I had a brand new earring in my ear.

Pop! Ew! Voila!

I was told that I wouldn't be able to sleep on that side of my head for quite some time, but I apparently heal quickly or some crap because I never had any issue. I've heard since that some people STILL cant sleep on whatever side they have that earring on, but not me. Cuz I rule and stuff. *prance*

I had a point.... what was it....

Oh! so! I have decided that I want to get a tattoo to commemorate the aging of my body. I mentioned it to my parents when I was staying with them after the moves. My dad scrunched up his nose disapprovingly. My mother said "oh a small one? on your foot? that wouldn't be so bad"


I stood there with my jaw on the floor for 2038420382340 minutes because hello. who are you and what have you done with my ridiculously traditional catholic mother.

Part of the reason I never got a tattoo is because I knew I would upset my parents. And yes. Im still 10. shutup.

But! now! Momma said it was ok!


Oh shit. now I have to go through with this noise. eeps.

So uhh, anyone know of a good tattoo artist in Charlotte?

P.S. Get It? Da Plane Boss! Da Plane! Tattoo! Get It?!!? Bah. You people suck.

P.P.S. That top you are wearing looks spectacular on you btw


  1. Sooooooooooooo funny, I was talking to my Mom two night ago about getting a tat and she freaked on me, I was shocked!!! So, there you go, how ironic, I never thought she would be so anti tats and she was and your mom thinks it's okay, what is going on in the world today???!!!

  2. ha thats pretty funny.

    it's funny how people change as they get older. My mom is all slack and laid back now and yours is...

    well she hasnt changed that much but still... WORK WITH ME HERE.


  3. Interesting that you bring this up cuz I was talking to Sean about getting a tat (just don't know of what yet) and he thought it'd be cool if it meant something to me but my Mom... ooof, she cringes at the reference and would FLIP_OUT. So I'd have to tell her after the fact. Damn, if I had more time, I'd say, 'Harms let's make a road trip down to NC and have us a ladies tat session'. :-/ What are you going to get a tat of? Harms, what would you get one of?

  4. aww dont tease me with roadtrips :(

    I'm not exactly positive. It is going to be small and I want it to mean something to me.

    Im not getting anything big because A. Im a big whiney baby and B. If only I know about it, thats good enough for me. It being FOR me and all.

    I thought about a star, but I noticed that K's sister has that on her foot and I dont wanna appear as though I'm copying.

    I think harms should get a sun with a big smile, but that could be cheesy.

    or like PERFECT. heh

  5. I have NO idea what I want, my issue too!!! I know Beebs wants to get one too. I thought about tricia and tyra in arabic or something spiritual, but I want little, something very little too. My Mom keeps reminding me, "What are you gonna do when you are my age!!!! YUCK"

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh I wish we had time for a road trip to NC!!!

  6. I'm right there w/both of you regarding something little that just means something to me (not like the tazmanian devil on my breast or something random like that) and I REALLY like the idea of you (Harms) doing something symbolic of your daughters in arabic. That'd be so cool!

    Hmm.... Now I need to narrow down a haircut/color AND what tattoo to get... things to do.

    (scared of the pain too, btw)

  7. i drew a picture of a weird little star uhm, thingy, thing, and they copied it and zizzed it on my arm for me. drawl something, they can fix pretty much anything up and make it work. if they can't, they suck, and don't get it done there.
    anyhow, my POINT was, a wee little something you drew yerself would make it all special n whatnot..

  8. oh riiiight, I remember your star thingy thing!

    Why doesnt Eddie Izzard tour for cripes sake. I've almost got dressed to kill memorized. Brad is not interested, however, if he were to tour.

    How did I get on Eddie Izzard? OH! Thingy thing!

    Anyway, anyway. Where'd you get yours done?!

  9. down in the great burg of yorkytown, back in "the day." somewhere skanky looking offa 17, down there, don't remember the name - they didn't kill me so i thought they rocked.
    also, eddie izzard is my HERO. i saw him on his SEXIE tour and i had to keep clapping my hands over my mouth to keep from constantly screaming, "EDDIE PLEASE MARRY ME I LOVE YOU!@#!!!!"