Friday, July 21, 2006

I didnt even have to use my A.K., I got to say was (IS) a good day

ahhh ice cube...

Anyway lots of things about today are fantastico, I will enumerate, however one is no more important than the other.

  1. Sweet sweet chiropractic goodness. Now, eventhough the shoulder is still throbbing and when I stop typing my pink sorta uh keeps moving, I feel as though I am on the road to recovery and that is a blessed thought *happy sigh*

  2. I got to wear jeans today. Sure, I have to pay $3 to wear the jeans but, so friggin what. I.GET.TO.WEAR.JEANS. If it was free, sure that'd be sweeter, but I live in reality and this is plenty sweet for me :)

  3. I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT! *giggle* Yes, alright it is with the dude I live with and YES FINE its with the dude I have spent the last decade with but HOLY CRAP! We are gonna like GET DRESSED UP! AND GO EAT AT RUTH'S CHRIS! I MIGHT EVEN WEAR A SKIRT! And, alright fine, his work is paying for it in appreciation for significant others who put up with all the BS, but hey! We are going to a place with like CLOTH NAPKINS! And it is no one's birthday! sweet.

  4. CAR.POOL. and it's not my week to drive. and it's not my week next week either! oh happy day!

  5. I dont feel overly vile and ugly today, though I am sure I do look it. I am ignorning it!


  7. Our dryer just might get fixed today! So our dryer died like 3 weeks ago. I stayed home last friday so that the repairman could come fix the silly thing (this is the second time since we purchased the sucker in 04) but, of course, he didnt have the part in the truck. Cuz, ya know, why bother carrying parts in a repair truck? That'd be silly. So the part is to be shipped to our house and then we are to call the feller on his cell and he will come over and finish the fixin'. So I call him yesterday cuz WTF NO PART YET!?!?! and left a message for him to call me back with perhaps some tracking information or maybe who I can talk to instead to find status of said part. No call, but we did get a call from GE confirming our appointment for today. Which means 1 of 2 things:

    1. He got the part and made the appointment,

    2. He made the appointment last week when he ordered the part and he is going to come over and we will have no part. We'll see how it goes but wouldnt that be cool if it was #1?

  8. I am still exhausted, but I got an actual good nights sleep last night. (Bless you sleepy time tea) and I've got 7.5 hours left in my work day. sweet.

  9. I am eating oatmeal for breakfast like a good girl, finally.




  1. You look very cute today!!! I haven't received $3 so technically you are wearing jeans for free right now ;) and I am eatting adonut, boooo-hisssss-booo, but it's so yummy and drinking my hot coffee icecream, yummmmyyyy, while reading blogs like it's sunday morning!!! :) HAAAAAAAAAA It's FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYY

  2. WHERE are you getting donuts from!?!!?!?


  3. STFU!!! You're going to Ruth's Chris too? I'm going to the one off Monument Drive in Fairfax. Which are you going to?

    Loved this post. I totally felt all the positive vibes and then some and wanted to hug you after reading it. I'm sure you're gonna rock your world's date tonight ahd leave Harms and I feeling so sad that we are not getting loving tonight (unless you're spending the night Harms, then uh, I'll hook you up ((wink, wink)) but you deserve the loving. What'cha gonna wear? Are you having Steak or Lobster or what? I'm getting lobster for sure. I'm in it to win it baby!!!


  4. HA! aint that a coinky-dink ;)

    we are goin to the one in Crystal City--dont ask me, he thinks its closer *shrug*

    I dont really have many options as far as clothes guy cuz the dryer is broked. You'd be amazed at what 3WeeksWorthOfClothes Mountain actually looks like. It's quite scary. So probably a green khaki-type-cloth skirt with my yeller flowery tank top and a white sweater (that has tea stains on it...oh yeah im high class).

    Im gettin' crab cake appetizer, filet, and some kinda dessert. I refuse to leave without dessert ;)

  5. YUM! Crab cake appetizer sounds awesome. I've never been so I may have to go w/that referral.

    Ouch, 3 weeks of laundry? I guess we know what you'll be doing all weekend, huh? Hiring a maid?

  6. No joy as far as the dryer goes. turns out it was #2: He made the appt last week when he ordered the part. Has no part.

    So now we pray for monday. *sob*

    Guess we are goin to a laundry joint this weekend! HOW FUN!!!!