Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blood Pressure a'risin...a Story of Dryer Woes


YES, thats a month now of a non-working dryer. I'm so mad I could just spit (as my mom says). Here's some background:

July 8th - Me: OH FUCLASKJOIWEOFCRAPITALLTOHELL. Boyfriendddddddddddddddddddddd the dryer isn't workinggggggggggggg againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

July 14th - First available appointment with GE repairdude. "Repair dude: Hmm ok so its your temperature thingy" ("thingy" - this is what my poor little female brain calls everything I cannot remember the name of). "Repair dude: Let me go out to the truck and see if I have the part" ....10 mins later..."Repair dude: Nope! I dont have that part! But I will order it and ship it here, here's my cell, call me when it comes in."

July 20th - 7PM(ish) - Phone rings. "Me: Hello?" "Automated Voice: This is GE Calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow between 1 and 5pm. Press 1 to confirm." Blank stare to boyfriend. "Me: hmm...ok" Presses 1 on phone, and hangs up "So ok, we don't have the part, but we have an appointment. So either he pre-made the appointment and he is gonna show up and we have no part. OR he's an idiot and didnt ship it to the right place. cool."

July 21st - "Boyfriend: So, repairdude just called to say he was on his way. I asked him if he had the part cuz we sure don't and he doesn't so he isnt coming. If the part comes before 3pm (when he stops working for the day) then he will come. Otherwise, he will come on monday." "Me: sigh, ok"

3:30PM - package arrives. effing. brilliant.

July 24th - Different repair dude figures out that the previous repair dude misdiagnosed and he will have to order another part cuz! itsnotonthef------truck!


July 28th - Repair dude comes in the morning vs. the afternoon when the appointment was supposed to be. So we have the duct guy in there sucking out whatever crap there is in the duct (which, btw THERE WASNT ANYTHING) and this repair dude idiot who spends at least 30 minutes on his walkie talkie with another dude who is walking him through how to put the machine back together (btw, W.T.F.!?!?!) ---oh and, while i was making conversation with the dear boy he tells me he is in an apprentice program and has been only doing this for 5 months.

me: outside: oh really? hmm interesting. inside: )#(*@)($*@#)$(*#@)*$)@#(*)@#(*

repairdude: starts dryer, waits a couple of seconds, sticks hand in dryer and says "see, all fixed. that'll be $149.99"

me: outside: "oh? I thought we were getting the part for free" him: "yes ma'am, this is only labor"

me: inside- "here, should I bend over this way or is there some other way you would like to do this" outside- hands over credit card

July 31st - at home. rash on hands (don't ask). Decide to finally get around to doing laundry since this is about the only thing I am capable of all drugged up.

1 hr later: check dryer. OH HELL NO! THERES NO LASKJFLSDK HEAT. omg omg omg omg.im gonna stab people.

5 minutes later: back on phone with uber polite GE people *cough* blood pressure rises, and I get all twitchy. "No earlier appts than August 7th? umm.. I.DONT.THINK.SO. *various yelling and screaming and LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR.NOW.*" "appointment on the 3rd between 1 and 5 pm? fantastic. I have to take more time off work! Yay! *seethe* inside: YOU PEOPLE F'ING SUCK!

August 3rd - Repair dude from the first appointment: "sooooo....still having problems" Me: bites tongue very hard "yup *sigh*" Repair dude on phone with tech people and customer relations blah blah blah and me getting on phone and yelling and screaming and LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR RIGHT NOW. repair dude leaves me with list of parts needed (that are backordered--OF COURSE THEY ARE!). Also? these parts? SAME SHITS THAT WERE REPLACED THE FRIDAY BEFORE. YES. Half a load in the dryer and pfffffft dead parts. excellent.

my god. if you have made it this far in this post. you have earned yourself a gold star.

let me wrap it up. Basically after yelling and screaming and twitching. We will be getting a new machine!

for the low low price of $240.

It is a $800 machine so I guess we are getting a good deal and we are going to have a year warranty on it and if the machine breaks in the first seven days (which, for the love of god it better not!) they will replace it and not try to repair--for free.

also, it will be here in five to seven business days. lasdkjflskdjflsdfkjslfdk

I was gonna also write about my dentist woes but gah. im done here.


  1. OUCH.
    All of my Appliance-God; Hopefully Good Karma... positive thoughts being sent your way...

  2. thank you :)

    seems to have worked!