Monday, August 28, 2006

The birthday fairy...

The morning of my birthday I was awoken by a kitten on kitty crack who had confused the bed for a kitty race track in which to chase invisible things and pausing momentarily for dizzying spins to chase that illusive black thing behind her that keeps following her. HER TAIL.

I watch for a few moments, willing myself awake. I notice I am alone. BF had to go to DMV--a long drawn out story that is kinda funny but not really mine to tell.

I continue to lay there thinking "hey! its my birthday! I dont have to do diddly squat today! yay!" and then my short-term memory kicked in and made me realize that this was not really the case.

I mean really, once you are past the 12 year old mark that really is never the case. ever. OK OK OK 25..whatever, same thing.

Anyway, so BF gets home and I am still in bed. He gets in bed and tells me the woes of the DMV and then he falls asleep. I decide that perhaps I should get up cuz I was having maids come and clean my house (weee! happy birthday to me! no seriously, OTHER.PEOPLE.ARE.GONNA.CLEAN.MY.HOUSE. how awesome is that?)

So I get up and start to pick up whatever I did not pick up the night before and then I start to...

...get pissed off?

an hour later I wake up the BF, seething, and start yelling about he didnt do this and he didnt do that (and god. HOW he puts up with me I will never know) and then I start to cry cuz "OMG YOU HAVENT EVEN SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY YET!"

Hi. My name is Tricia. I am a spoiled brat. Im also quitting smoking. Dont come near me.

He looks at me, bleary-eyed, and goes "im sorry, im just so tired."

it's about this time that I realize I am an uber bitch and that I should shut-up. So I go into the guest room and lay there and try to get my shit together cuz O.M.G. WHAT A BITCH I AM.

time passes, a friend of ours calls and sings me Happy birthday. I cry again. One of my brothers calls and sings to me too, again with the waterworks.

maids come, I do laundry. We have dinner with my parents.

and then I head over to my friends house, KEGOFSUNSHINE, to help her out with the slumber party for 12 12-year-olds she is hosting.

I get out of the car, walk up the sidewalk and knock on the door. I can hear the TV on. She opens the door with a GIGANTIC smile on her face (but this is normal). The lights are off, the girls are watching a movie, she leads me into the dark kitchen where there are flowers and balloons and a cake in the shape of a heart with candles on it. She and her daughters start singing to me and I start to cry. The girls giggled and Tricia, her daughter said "so this is what they mean by crying cuz you are happy?" Which made me laugh cuz wow kids are pretty perceptive.

She then leads me upstairs and hands me my birthday present with two cards. One is from the girls and one is from her. I got candles and car freshner and a cd i wanted.

She made me feel so special. I love you birthday fairy.


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I love you to Doll Baby and I am so glad I could make ya kinda feel 12 again with the cake and candles!! I hope all your wishes come true!

  2. Awww! that's so sweet! Happy birthday Tricia! And, KEGOFSUNSHINE? I Love it! Adopted new nickname!

    How's the kicking niccotine going ITSABOUTFUCKINGTIME? Well, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you got over calling yourself a bitch. pshaw.

  3. Cluss, I said the same thing

  4. about getting over calling herself that!!!

  5. claudia: i know, I love the nick too. I dunno I still feel like he was wrong for ya know. not even acknowledging my birthday. apparently the kitten 3 days prior was sufficient and fulfilled all obligations? bah. dont get me started. ima get pissy again.

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Happy beee-lated!