Monday, August 21, 2006

In recent news. . .

Tricia finally got some sleep! I know! I was cranky about it too!

It started Monday coincidentally/uncoincidentally when the bf went out of town (YET EFFING "local travel only"--my freshly waxed ass). The last time I looked at the clock that night it was 2:30 am. My alarm goes off at 5:45 am. sweet.

Tuesday, I was up til 1:30 which was an improvement, however, MY ALARM GOES OFF AT 5:45AM! heh.

Wednesday, I WAS UP TIL FOUR AM. YES FOUR. To add insult to injury, carpool was going in to work early thursday morning, so my alarm went off at FIVE AM. gah.

Thursday, aside from Chiropractor appointment, I had nothing planned and good thing too. I went to bed at 1030. sweet relief.

Friday went to bed at midnight but not cuz I wasnt tired but because it was Friday and I always feel its lame to go to bed early on Friday. *shrug*

I slept til one on saturday though *happy sigh*

No issues since. phew. My chiropractor suggested I start taking a supplement called Sumi-e or SOOMEE or some shit. To regulate my "seratonin" which will help me sleep.

Hey I will try anything at this point.


Remember this story? Well after being severly violated, I had dinner with K. And she...

...asked me to be her Maid of Honor. SQWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

omgomgomgomg I'm soooo excited about it! I felt all beauty pagaent like with the shocked face and hands covering my mouth "OMG! ME?!?!?"

haha I am a tard. yes.

Thank you K, you have made me feel very special. Whatever you need, I'm there dude.

I've already started research on maid-of-honor duties and hoooooooooooooooooooleeeee shizah! That's a lot of stuff!

I'm totally up for it though!



I'm dropping some poundage inexplicably. But hey, no complaints here! If I could only pinpoint what it is that I am doing and continue that...hmm.


In other news, I turn 29 in like *counts on fingers* 5 (no, I really did count on my fingers) days. I've decided that perhaps this is a good time to consider quitting smoking. (ah shut-up, the lot of you!) We shall see. I feel I am ready. Though, I thought was ready the last 293872938742938 times. *sigh*


I have resisted checking all weekend. *twitch* Im ok *doubletwitch*


20 days til Vacation! Is it just me or is time standing-still. TICK TOCK DAMNIT Bring on the Vacation already! *stomps foot*

Oh hah. Obviously I miscounted the first time. sheesh. I bet I didnt use my fingers that time.


  1. Did you get the shoomee shiiishoo stuf yet, I need to know if it works!!!! I am not sleeping good either, but I think mine is cuz I have two big fat dogs in the bed with me. MY FAULT, I know!!

  2. Oh, and remind me I gots some info for you.

  3. ooOOooo mysterious.

    i like it :P

  4. Hey if you have dirt, you have to share with everyone . . . or at least me :)

  5. :) Funny, cause I don't remember what I was going to share anymore. I was thinking T would call me and ask me....Hmmmmmmmm, what was it!!!!!!????????

  6. wait i was supposed to use something OTHER than a computer to communicate with you harms? Like, actual human interraction?


    i don't get it.