Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OMG I'm the Cat Lady Now!!!

The boyfriend and I went over to Petsmart after dinner last night in search of these pill pockets jibbers in which to trick Blackberry into taking her medicine. I was determined to find these suckers but I guess the bf wasn't as interested cuz..

a. 2 minutes into being in the store he goes "yeah, I don't see them, lets go."
b. 5 minutes later he goes "ill just stop by the vet tomorrow, c'mon."

I shoulda said "ok" and off we would have gone.

but umm. no. I asked several people. found myself in the doggy aisles cuz hey! that makes sense! We did actually find some but they were beef...cuz..you know... DOGS LIKE BEEF.

Defeated, we walk away and then he says "there is the cutest kitten over there. all she wants is the pets." "The pets." I know it sounds odd to me too. Maybe its cuz im new to this whole pet-owner thing *shrug*. Ya'll know "the pets?"

Nevermind im getting distracted.

Anyway, so the thought of a cute kitten turns me into this giggling little girl, so I say "well, you know we are gonna have to go over there now."

big. effing. mistake.

I go inside the cat area and start petting, or giving "the pets" (wtf? is that weird to just me?) to the babies. I "aww" and "sweet baby" them all and then decide that maybe its time to leave. As I am walking out the cute one bf was talking about earlier sticks her paw out and it touches my shoulder. She does it again and her paw touches my face. My heart melts. But still! I move forward and out of the room.

We stop and read the little info sticker on her. As I am reading, bf goes "if you want her, you can have her."

omg I got this big grin on my face and said "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!"

he goes, "yeah." Apparently mine was not the only heart that melted.

"OMG! for my birthday *high pitched voice*???" (which, hmph. now no sparkly somethin. poo)

he says "sure." I am positive he is thinking "sweet! now I dont have to get her a gift!"

anyway anyway anyway. point is.

theres a 10-monthweek old kitty in my bathroom. She is the sweetest thing ever and starts to purr the minute you pick her up.

Her name is Molly.

Welcome to the family sweet girl.

oh and PS. the other two are LIVID. ha.


  1. SUCKER!!!!! :)

    That is why I stay out of PetSmart on adoption days!

    What does she look like?

  2. duh i said 10 months.

    she's 10 weeks. sqweeeeeeeeee! so cute!

    Black and white short hair. she has white feet and a white chest and she looks like she was sniffing a freshly painted wall cuz she has a smudge of white on her nose. and her whiskers are white too. hehe. I will take pics tonight. camera was dead last night.

  3. Awww!!! Damn, now I'm passing on the reign of 'Cat Lady' to you since you've surpassed my amount of cats in house.

    I was wondering how small the 'kitten' could be at 10 months. heh. awww, 10 weeks, now that's cute!

  4. Yeah she is cute but im starting to wonder if the human to cat ratio being what it is now...is it umm a bad thing?

    Remember that Sex in the City episode...


    she is precious. pics! I will take pics!

    Or ya'll come over and see her! she is precious!

    wait i said that already


  5. CAT LADY!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    love ya!

  6. I bet BF gets you a little summtin else too