Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Make a New Plan Stan

(hop on the bus gus)

Feast your eyes on this bad boy that I like to call "MOVE-A-PALOOZA." Catchy, no?

19th - Leave 2 hours early from work to do whatever is left before packers show up tomorrow morning
20th - Get packed up
21st - Load up truck and travel to NC
22nd- Unload/Begin unpack
23rd- Unpack
24th- Fly up early AM to be in da hood in time for carpet cleaning that is scheduled for early afternoon
25th - Handyman at house to fix a varied list of things
26th- Clean house / Parents get packed up
27th - Parents move in
28th/29th - Stay in VA... no point in traveling 6 hours one-way only to have to return to be at work here for a mandatory something or other.
30th-31st Work in VA; Drive to NC after whateverTheHellMandatory @ work. Probably get to NC around midnight(ish). sweet. Did I mention MANDATORY!?! Yes? Ok. nm then.
1st - Unpack
2nd- Unpack
3rd- back to work.. at home. I know. Only so much sympathy can be surmised from that.

But COME ON. Overall. Thats a busy time dude. Also when I am back up in VA for final stuff on VA house, I'm going to try and do some work. Yes. Cuz I thrive on stress. Also, am an i.d.i.o.t. But that's been established.

Meanwhile BF is gonna be "unpacking" in NC.

uh huh.

Excuse me while I go sob quietly in the corner.

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