Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Closing

It is official man. We have a house in Charlotte. With an address and a trash can and everything!

Aside from the BULLSHIT that happened the day of the closing, of which we wont speak of lest I spit venom once again. (And really. I just got that shit under control.)

I'm just being dramatic really. It wasn't that bad. Could've been worse. Like a nuclear bomb coulda dropped or something. *blink*

ANYWAY. so Friday, when the dust settled and i packed the drama queen up in my backpack, we returned to the house. OUR house. and holy moses dude, I am soooooooo excited. The house is GORGEOUS and the neighborhood is like neighborly (I got waved at people! MULTIPLE TIMES! I! KNOW!) and the city is beautiful! and and and and! YAY TO MOVING!

also. it doesnt friggin snow much in Charlotte--so I am told! and God bless America for that cuz, hoooo boy I hate snow.

We still have far to go in our my little "Operation Clean Sweep" mission, but believe you me it will happen. oh yes. Even if I have to throw out all his crap he hasn't needed in the 3 years we have been in the townhouse while he is on travel next week.

I MEAN IT MISTER! Don't test me!

Also, yes. That's right. ON TRAVEL. A WEEK BEFORE WE MOVE. YES. jesus.

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