Monday, June 25, 2007

Ashamed of My Gender

I started watching that show on Lifetime, "Army Wives". It is a good show but it's making me realize what bitches we are. I mean, obviously, I knew this before but I think in this show it just pisses me off and now I feel the need to like. Fill a post with nonsenseTalk about it.

I dunno why this show in particular, and why not Desperate Housewives or like REAL LIFE or something. Who knows what my brain is doing.


Seriously. Ladies. What the fuck? Why do we do it? Why do we have to be so goddamn awful to each other and judge and whisper and JUDGE. How did we learn to be so nasty? WHO THE HELL TAUGHT US THAT AWFUL UP DOWN "you are so worthless" look that we do. Who?

Hey. I'm no saint. I do it too. And I wanna stop. RIGHT NOW PLZ.

I mean, we have to deal with the same bullshit. Men. Work. ... MEN. Why add to it with our own BS? Meanwhile dudes have a united front with their "bros b4 hoes" or whatever the hell.

Seriously, you ever hear a dude talking about another dude the way we do about each other? Unless he is gay, the answer is no.

Let's do this. Next time you find yourself thinking evil thoughts of another female, STOP and SMILE. Instead of thinking negative things about that person, find something positive about her instead. Be nice for once. Deal? Deal.

Fucking Bitches.

oops.. I mean.. I LOVE your shoes! Where did you get them!


  1. "Next time you find yourself thinking evil thoughts of another female, STOP and SMILE."

    Oh, I totally do this. BUT, if the bitch doesn't smile back, then I grit on the whoo'ah and threaten to sic Harms on her! Snotty bitches...

    We really are catty by nature. Why? Is it survival of the fittest? The need to procreate so if we take down more women, our eggs have better chances of getting fertilized? It's really very primitive but you gotta admit, it's an interesting instinct.

    Chicks... That's why I'm not a lesbian.

  2. I think I am rubbing off on someone!!! SMILE!!! and the world Smiles Back!!! :)

  3. Ok, so what if the world does not smile back? Fuck 'em... but not necessarily say "Fuck you" outloud, right? Yeah, I think so. Cowboy on the other hand would chase 'em down, shake 'em and... yeah, see, I'm the sweet one in our relationship. :-)

    So supposedly, down south everyone smiles back though, so you should be set, right?

  4. Harms... yes ;)

    Claudia: totally ;)

    I win for shortest responses evar. *flex*

  5. i must admit i rarely do the whisper-judge-nasty thing but that's only because i'm incredibly self-absorbed.
    also, no one to gossip with.
    so basically i would be a bitch, but i can't get away from the mirror long enough to go get me some smak talkin' friends ;)