Thursday, June 21, 2007

God knows why I do it...

I mean she/he should right? SOMEBODY should know! For the love of .... god? *blink*

I stayed up late-ish for the third day in a row, and I have no sufficient justification for it.

"Late" for this old bag is 11 because my alarm goes off at 0545 (and call me [whatever would make sense right there], but that's goddamn early), and lately we have been dragging our sorry behinds up the stairs very near this witching hour. Last night I noticed that it gets just a bit later with each passing day of the week. Then we sleep in on Saturday, up late Saturday night, sleep in Sunday, up late Sunday (due to sleeping in. like idiots). Up ass early Monday, bed relatively on time Monday night, ass early tuesday, bit laterish tuesday night--You get the idea. Vicious cycle and stuff. OK well just me on the ass early bit. Unless he has meetings or something, that fool isn't getting up until he is good and ready.

This fact makes my teeth itch with jealousy.

A conversation we repeat often:

Him: "wahhhhhhhh I have to get up early tomorrow! wahhhhh"

Me: "and what time is that?"

Him: "like 8 *pout*"

Me: "you realize I will have already been at work for a half hour by that time."

Him: "yes *pout* still. its earllllllllllyyyyy"

Me: "welcome to my world, jackass."

Now, I realize that me comparing my schedule to his is unfair and who gives a shit when I get up and when I am at work. I do it everyday. GET OVER YOURSELF PRINCESS. And I know that when he has to get up at 8? That's akin to say, me having to get up at like. I dunno. 2am? What just irritates the shit out of me is that we go to bed at the same time, every night. I get up to go to work, on average, 3-4 hours before he does. Alright, maybe it's closer to 2-3. Whatever.

So, when I complain about being tired and I see him rolling his eyes, or not quite having the exact level of sympathy for the princess that she requires at that exact moment. She I (wait, which pronoun am I in again?) get pissed! and point out how he gets more sleep than I and how come I'm not allowed to be tired!

He never said that, you understand, but I can twist and contort anything to make it sound in my favor. Also, he never actually rolls his eyes. I perceive him to be doing so, like you know, on the inside.

I realize I am a bitch. It's best if you just accept it too.


  1. It's always their fault. Always. I vote that he cooks dinner for the next uh, forever.

  2. I knew I loved you for a reason ;)

    I second that motion!