Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If only every single day could start out like this...

So I woke up this morning at 0645. Now mind you, 0645 is when I am supposed to be leaving the house. I look at the clock and yawn and stretch, about this time the hamsters awake my brain clicks on ...

"OH SHIT!!!!!"

and I leap out of bed. You'd think as a frequent run-later (whatever, you know what I mean), I would be used to this sort of thing. Not so much. Running around rushing after I just opened my eyes seconds ago is not my ideal way of rising in the morning.

hello, princess.

Anyway, so I somehow sprint out of the house at 0654, and don't even ask me how--I showered, I swear! And off to kegOfSunshine's to commence the carpool.

Now normally, this whole waking up late bs would ruin my entire day. But this is a kegOfSunshine day, and she can make your worst day seem like your best.

I pull up to her house, and she bounces out of the house with her trademark beam of sunshine smile. Which makes me smile. It's entirely impossible not to smile when you see her smile. She gets in the car and off we go. She immediately starts filling me on whatever has gone down since I dropped her off after work the day before--which is always so much! How does that woman fit all this shit into one day? It makes me tired just thinking about it.

A car ride with her contains no less than 22 billion bouts of laughter. Laughter. at 0700 in the morning. who knew?

Anyway, so we get to work and this whole time she has been stressing a little over what she was wearing, and she said in the elevator as I was getting out "Hey! How about you wear my top and I will wear yours!" and I turn around and take a look at what she is wearing and look down at my pants.

We then simultaneously lift our knee to get our pants closer to each others top to assess the matching possibilities... and die laughing.

What? It was funny!

Shit. That was way funnier when it happened. Must be one of those "had to be there" things.

Anyway, love you kegOfSunshine ;)


  1. Awww! Love KegOfSunshine too! I was reading along and nodding to what you were saying, going, "yep, Yep, uh huh, that's her alright". I dunno who she does it. 'It' being everything. Lucky you gets to have her be one of if not THE first person you see every day. Sweetness!

    See ya Saturday, oui?

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there are mornings you wuld like to push me out of the car with my happy ass though!!! :) I am still laughing about our little "kid-n-play" kickstep, OHMIGOSH!!!!!! SOOOOO funny, people watching on the camera must really thing we are NUTS!!!!

    Gonna miss u something fierce!!!!! Can everyone stop growing up and moving on????!!!! I am going to find a commune for us all to live together in! :)