Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jekyll rears her bitchy head

or was it Hyde? Which one was the monster? I forget.

ANYWAY. so yeah. the angry smoke-free driver is back *curtsey* I know! I missed you too!

I realized she/he/it/me/whatever was back this morning. On my way to work. TWO FRIGGIN HOURS LATER THAN I ORIGINALLY PLANNED. But! It's not my fault! We were watching House on the DVR and I was so immersed in the whole Will House ask Foreman to stay?! OMG WILL HE!?! Inquiring minds wanna know! I wanna know! That we watched not one, not two but THREE episodes. The second one ended and i gasped and said "is there another!?!" in this sorta high-pitched whispery weird nerdball voice. And praise be the tv gods, there was. So we watched it! Like Dummy's!

Towards the end of the last show, BF said "this show isn't ending is it? Like canceled?!" and I found my toes tingling and my chest grew tight at the thought because SURELY THEY WONT CANCEL THIS ONE TOO. Goddammit. STOP. CANCELING. MY. FAVORITE. SHOWS. Gilmore Girls, I miss you already *sniff*

But they keep stupid shows like "So you think you can dance?" "So you think you can ice skate" "So you think you can be a rockstar?" "So you think you can put your leg behind your head?" or whatever the hell. The cool thing is that they keep coming up with new ones! What's this bullshit about the inventions? Who the hell cares! GIMME GILMORE GIRLS BACK OR THE O.C. EVEN you wretched heathens.

I feel like I've gone off track here...

ah yes, so driving this morning! All irritated at myself that I'm late only not really--just a half hour late for my regular time but I decided that since there was no carpool I was gonna go in at 0600! Why! I DUNNO!

Anyway so I'm on the parkway, trying not to watch the clock that seems to be on friggin fast forward. And I change lanes. The dude in front of me apparently thought of the same thing a half second after I, and I see his signal on, he is in the intersection starting to head over to my new lane. and I think: "This dude is gonna cut me off!"

So I get all prepared to be angry about it. But he sees that I'm in the lane and that continuing to move over would cut me off, so he goes back in the left lane. Which, in all honesty, was the nicest thing another driver can do, NOT cut you off.

So what do i do?

I get pissed off anyway!


I said "go. go! GOOOOOOOOO! FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MF'errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" and I'm waving him over and being a general moron.

He gets over, and waves a thank you in the rear view mirror-- yes the five-fingered kind. not the one fingered kind.

Upon seeing him STILL BEING NICE EVENTHOUGH I WAS JUST A COMPLETE RETARD, the events start to replay in my head and I flash to that time I was taking KegOfSunshine home and had the exact same reaction.

I smiled. cuz it's still funny. in that "dear god was that really me?" kind of way.

Then went: "oh shit. she's back."

So don't piss me off bitches. I'll cut you.

Or you know, call you names behind the safety of my car windows.

P.S. ooooOOOOooooOOOO Intrigue!
But uhh.. keep your speakers off cuz while the opening riff to Bulls on Parade makes me very very happy... not so much on a continuous loop. It's actually straight up annoying (shh! who said that?)


  1. Glad to see you're back!

    Refer to that last email re: timing, as I am still sending the damn chocolate, but said reference affects this you see.

    Cryptic enough?

  2. wait. *blink* what?

    dude, don't worry about the chocolate, sillyhead. Trust me, I don't need it. *pats buddha belly* But, you know, I mean...if you've already sent it, that wouldn't be so bad either.


    Who the hell can say no to chocolate!?! I certainly haven't the willpower.