Friday, June 15, 2007

the non-smoking life... day 11

"WAIT. DAY 11 ONLY!!?!?!" you say?

Well see it's like this, 5 June was the last day I had a cigarette anywhere near my lips and even though it was surprisingly awful and gave it back after three drags, it counts according to BF. I'd rather be counting from the last day I had an entire cigarette and made the conscious decision to throw away the pack. But, whatever. Semantics. And since quitting smoking is apparently a hobby of mine for 5 years? quite some time now, I suppose it is more correct this way anyway. *cough*

Chantix is an interesting drug I must say. While effective, you really have to like follow their dosing rules *blink*. When I got my prescription from CVS and brought it home, I was very excited to get this mother started! again! for the 293801294801948084108th time! So, I tore into the bag, tossing the rules and regulations of the drug and plowed into the box, opening the first pack and popping my first pill. I did remember something about having to eat before taking it and how a major side-effect is nausea (on every single page of the brochure, nausea is mentioned, so they must be serious) so I made sure I ate something first.

I dunno like... 15-20 minutes later, I felt totally drugged. Like the room was spinning a little, my mouth was dry, I felt my food in my esophagus and the vague sense that I was about to pass out loomed. I chugged water and pee'd a lot that day. I had to cancel going to see Godsmack in concert that night because, call me crazy, but I was thinking maybe passing out at a concert was a bad idea. I could get trampled! I felt so bad for canceling and I'm still totally bummed I missed the concert. Sorry K & J :(

Stupid Chantix.

I really need to come up with some nicknames for you two....hmmm....

Oh hi! Sorry! Anyway, so days passed and my dealings with Chantix improved, sorta. The waves of nausea, passing out feeling, room spinning came and went and by the time I got back from vacation, I thought I had overcome the "getting used to the drug" part.

Not so much. And I've figured out why! Sorta!

Like I said, I never really read the rules and regulations and just basically went off what was printed on the box ("Take After Eating! Drink Water!"), and also the stuff that kegOfSunshine told me. She told me that if I miss a dose, just take it when you remember.

So I thought, "cool, just like birth control pills! This is easy!" I figured if I missed a dose, i'd take it when I remembered and then take my next scheduled dose... like catching up.

I've missed several doses because I am an idiot and can't remember jack. And so I've played my little catch up game, and took 3 doses in one day, after the second dose I always felt like shit for the rest of the day and the 3rd made it worse. So I asked kegOfSunshine if she felt the same things, and like wtf! this drug sucks! And explained to her what I was doing.

she said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! too close! too close!"

and I was all "huh!?"

so I looked it up, and by George, she was right! I bet she read the rules and regulations. Maybe I should try that next time...

"If you miss a dose, use the medication as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and wait until your next regularly scheduled dose. Do not use extra medicine to make up the missed dose."

ohhhhhhhhh. well no friggin wonder! Also, I read some shit about like how you shouldn't take this if you have kidney issues. So now, when I get all dry of the mouth and nauseous I think "OH CRAP MY KIDNEY'S ARE FAILING!!!"

hah. such a retard.

a non-smoking retard *curtsey* ;)


  1. I forgot to ask you did you try taking half pill instead? Goof ball!!!! I only read info cause I am sooooo scared of throwing up, I hate it!! ;) Just took my pill, bring ont he gas....hee heee, poor co-worker, I might have to warn her.

  2. man, that whole feeling like crap thing has me rethinking the chantix route. i hope it ends up working in the end. i'll be over here saluting you with a smoke signal ;)

  3. yeah but DOOOOOODE. I like hate the smell of it now, I hate the taste of it now. Before, I would be like taking deep breaths whenever I got near someone smoking.

    Now I hold my breath! Like a real life hypocrite! really!

    Totally worth intermittent yucky feeling. plus! PLUS! Since I've read the directions, there's hardly no yucky feeling anymore! Just drink lots of water after taking pill! So I get more water in me too!

    2 birds! 1 Stone!

    Seriously, this shit works man. totally.