Monday, April 02, 2007

Forward Motion Commences!

Before I say anything, I just have to point out this: love this.


So, after I got sick... I got better (like people do) and then sorta...


...all forward positive motion.?!

Indeed, in some instances, I even took a million steps back. Case in point: I have smoked for the past 2.5 weeks.

Yes, yes. Get the disppointed looks over with. Trust me, I am just as disappointed.

2nd case. I have yet to set foot in the gym since the Strepapolooza of '07 *sigh*

3rd case. My eating is all not healthy. Im drinking like, several sodas a day. Eating like junk (but man so tasty). It's all making me feel awful though. Which leads me to the 4th case where it is spilling over into my homelife (aka clutterathon '05-'07).

See the deal is when we moved into this house, it was stuck somewhere in the 70's where the basement was all wood paneling, and while very groovy baby yeah! we weren't down with it. So we tore it down. put up drywall. painted. put trim on the walls, painted trim, and laid down new carpet--all in like 2 years time (heh).

And by "we" I mean not really me...or the BF, for that matter. I think I painted... a little. Alright, I will admit--he did way more than I did.

But we did leave it alone for like ... I DUNNO... A YEAR give or take. We ended up paying people to finish it because. well. we succcccccccccckkkkk.

What? Why are you looking at me like that!

We like to take our time, dude. There's no need to rush the shit. Where's the fire!?!


So now, basically I've reached my breaking point. I'm tired of the stacked up boxes in the office, in the basement powder room (yes, you heard me right), in the storage space underneath the stairs. The stacks of like SHIT everywhere cuz we have nowhere to put anything cuz all the storage is being used for like... I dunno what is even IN those boxes. But we keep moving them back and forth and making stacks on the dining room table of stuff to be filed, put away "whenever the office gets done." It's been our mantra since we moved in and IM SO OVER IT.

and hey! what killer timing too! Because we just got the carpet laid in the basement--today! So now! We can move stuff from the office to the newly carpeted area! Put cabinets in the office! And then! It's operation clean-sweep minus the tv camera's!

and maybe chill out on the exclamation marks for a while.

This has done great things for my morale. Forward motion! after 2 years! Yay!

"a while" is a relative amount of time, apparently.

So as my first step, I have smoked my last cigarette. for real. this time no indiscretions. swear.


I understand how you can possibly, maybe not like...completely believe me. But I ask you to give me one more chance.

hey how about that bad sentence structure too while we are pointing out things.

P.S. JM: I mailed your stuff. don't faint ;)


  1. dude, the fact that were able to quit for as long as you had is awesome; i have no fear you'll be able to do it again. as for the clutter, I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YA- YOU SEE I'M SLOWLY MAKING PROGRESS SORTA KINDA. you'll get there, and i WILL help if'n you want, besides, we should hang out anyway.. and uh.. not smoke or something ;)

  2. dude. you are like throwing me off with this "teresa" business.

    im all. who the he... OH!

    and yah, we should hang out ;)

  3. Wow.
    Feeling guilty now.
    Why, you ask?
    I may or may not have...

    Eaten ALL of the chocolate. With help, I swear.

    Totally back on my grocery list.

    And here I thought you were my procrastinating partner in crime.

    I'll step up, I swear.

    Thanks girlie!

  4. hehe dont worry about it girl ;). It DID take me like...

    I DUNNO...

    THREE MONTHS to mail you your stuff.

    Don't worry about the chocolate. Your patience with me was payment enough. Swear it wont happen next time.

    I think.


    P.S. Holy shit int'l mail is slow as hell!

  5. I'm telling!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Love you crazy mad!!!

    Can you write in my blog now? I am so sleepy!!!!!!!!

  6. No no no that's not how it works. I am so sending you this stuff.

    You see now it's like a challenge I have to fulfill.

    Any preference? Dark, milk, almond?!?!?

    PS Also email me your address again so I don't have to sift through 18 pages of gmail? Pleeease?!?!?

    Thanks darlin'!