Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Inspiration leads to pain

One of our carpoolers pooled money with his family over the holidays and decided to do a biggest loser sort of competition in which the winner would win the money. He dropped out of carpool (bastard) so that he could modify his schedule to fit in working out.

I saw him yesterday morning, and he looks awesome. No more tummy, his face is slimming down and wow. just wow. Such progress in a month. So I talked to him for a bit and asked him some questions. I walked away from our conversation thinking "sheewwwt. I could do that!"

and then I ordered a breakfast burrito from the downstairs deli and thought about it some more.

Later that day, it occurred to me that maybe I needed something fun to keep me going. KegOfSunshine had, coincidently, asked me early that same morning if I wanted to go to a hip hop class with her and her roommate at Bally's. I would have to pay $8 since I am not a member. I got to thinking that, eventhough that sounds way fun, it seems silly to me to pay $8 to go to a gym that I am not a member of, when I pay $40/month for a Gold's membership I haven't used in a few months long ass time.

So I went to my gym's website to see what the dilly-o. I clicked on the various classes and they seemed fun enough but were just so ... I dunno...ordinary. Maybe, perhaps not fun enough to keep me going (this was probably my lazy side talking me out of it already), and then I saw "Fit Row" and I read the description:
This total body exercise will burn calories and sculpt muscle in a non-impact workout that is safe and effective for all fitness levels. . Learn the power of being in the rowing zone on our new rowing machines.

I mean that sounds like perfection. "rowing zone"--that just sounds all kinds of harcore! I can be hardcore! and also! NEW MACHINES! I like New!

So I spent the afternoon watching the minutes tick by til it was home time so I could go to the gym! I was that excited!

So I went early to get a machine in the back (heh) and I sat down next to this girl. I asked her if she had taken this class before, she said yes. To which I said "OK so, how do you do it?"

And holy mother she schooled me on ALL that is rowing. Indeed, it was extremely helpful but I had a hard time keeping my eyeballs from rolling to the back of my head. I was sitting on her right, to my right was another machine and then a mirrored wall. As she talked to me, and I was smiling and nodding, I noticed she would steal a glance of herself in the mirror. So I started to screw with her, nonchalantly moving back and forth. When I moved a little forward, she would look behind my head. and When I moved back she would look in front of my head. It took all I had in me not to crack more than a smile. About 3/4 of the way into her soliloquy on all things crew and rowing, I stopped listening and just counted the times she looked in the mirror.

22 people. TWENTY. TWO.


Anyway so class started and the instructor was nice and seemed to know her stuff (since, ya know. IM SO EDUCATED NOW) and off we went. We started with the warm-up where she showed us proper technique--Legs, Body, Arms, Arms, Body, Legs. Keeping up is gonna be hard enough, now I have to worry about technique???

Then we moved on to some drills. Beginning of drill one, I looked at the timer, 12:27

oh shit. im so screwed.

Then I thought maybe I should stop paying attention to the timer and focus on my form! my technique! must focus!


5 minutes later...

*pant*fuck.*pant* this is hard *pant*

Then we stopped for water, praise God.

and then she said "ok. when you are ready, just start paddling and that will let me know we are ready to move on."

at which point everyone grabbed their paddles and started rowing

and i thought "damnit. you fit people" and shook my fist in my head.

Then we started what she called a "Pyramid"

basically you start out paddling for 1 stroke then you do a rev up stroke, then you hit it as hard as you can for 1 stroke, then paddle for 10 seconds, then paddle for 2 strokes, rev up stroke, hit it hard for 2 strokes... til you got to 10.

Stroke 8 on Rep #10 is when the paddle...

...flew out of my hands...

... and slammed into the wheel...

heh. oopsy.

Some people looked back, most were focused on being hardcore. I love those hardcore people for not adding to my embarrassment.

Anyway. then we did like weight lifting with the paddle, some more drills, then up to do squats then down again for drills.

and then, blissful stretching.

and then it was ovah.

HA HA! Holy shit! I made it through!

Aside from my legs feeling like jello and being able to feel every single muscle in my back, I felt fabulous.

I got my shake from the juice bar and walked outta there victorious!

[cue the rocky anthem]

Man. I felt so good last night.

Today. not so much *wince*

holy crap my body hurts. Im sore in the weirdest places. But thats ok dude, I went to the gym and I worked. I worked hard. and I have the soreness to prove it.

Thank you mr. carpool man and other friends who are beginning/in their quest to get fit and healthy. You all have inspired me to follow in your footsteps.

Now, just to keep with it. hmm..


  1. Good for you! Really truly proud of you for getting motivated and going. As a matter of fact, I want to see if MY Gold's offers that class too because I'd like to tone up my back muscles and upper arm muscles/shoulders as well and I actually like rowing for that. I'm envious even! Any desire to try spinning? They have them at Gold's all the time and it'll work the hell outta ya.

    Keep on keeping on, sista soul!

  2. Claudette-- thank you :). I feel slightly better today, though my shoulders still burn so so bad.

    and I have class tonight. wonder if anyone will think its weird that I am crying whilst rowing?

    I'll have to check into that spinning business...though I dunno if I am fit enough for that ... YET ;)

  3. I almost cried while walking last night and Aimee and our neighbor just kept a walking while Tobie pulled me :) No one will care as long as you don't!!! LOL, way to inspire you huh?! You will feel better the more you do it though. I saw machines in my gym, but didn't see class, I will have to check again. As for spin, it's another one of those paid classes I think and I don't know that I can hang, maybe once I get up to 3 miles, I will try it. Aimee and I go up to three on Monday. :) I can't wait til it warms up cause the weather is ROUGH!!!

  4. Oh and I am proud of you KEEP it UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They charge for spinning??? WTF! That's why Bally's ticks me off. Tricia, it's free at Gold's. Give it a whirl for like a week or so and see how you feel. That class literally kick started my weight loss when I was getting ready for a cruise 2 years ago. Rocks you out hard!

    "wonder if anyone will think its weird that I am crying whilst rowing?" CUTEST visual ever! Awww. You'll be fine. I'm pulling for you sista!

  6. oh god, my muscles are sore from just reading this. Thanks for the workout. I'm done til next feb!